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one more summer of fixing problems, then im on a path to making problems!

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like, modern gear and tools when i ask for them, lots of talented engineers to learn from in a relatively super casual environment, and an endless stream of problems from outsourcing manufacturing
also mechanicals from industrial design thats always on the corner of the envelope of reality
this was the tradeoff for working in stupid corporate office buildings and dealing with stupid corporate management
small company would be cool, but in places like that its always a struggle because not enough money, not the right tools, sometimes not really a market to grow into
like, if im going to deal with that kind of gamble, its going to be making my own retarded shit

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guys i got newjob!
at like only big pro audio company in this area i havent worked at yet, heh
i guess if you dont include beats, but theyre apple now so fuckem
and im not sure they ever made the move to 'this area'
heard rumor they were going to move engineering to the valley
and yeah im prob better off not working at a home audio company ever again
well, for work
is kind of an academic thing for me at this point, and the bigger names have the money to fund functional engineering labs
and really, in audio, barely

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