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haha, do want

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not so much
no idea
prob either works if you spend enough money on the sensors
some of the cheaper stuff is incredibly non linear, less resolution away from compass points, lots of noise
they are basically screen orientation sensors for cell phones
i think if you make sure youre not getting that, and the shit isnt slow as fuck, youll be okay

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blackmoon: im going to put the texture fix and the ammo stuff
and i guess the crafting pack because i dont craft at all so far

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urmom a sandwich

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<3 bots
will they fight?

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blackmoon: this is a diff input HV gate driver for AB amps
like, 200V signal opamp
so the gap is prob more important than current handling
also if you pulled enough current to vaporize in a pin in a power amp, something went very wrong anyway
and youre probably more limited by the PCB copper current capability than the skinny chipamp pin
also parallel pins sometimes mean you cant edge mount
because you have to get at the high current pin from the back
so either its going to be a pussy little bitch trace, or youre going to have to get creative with heatsinking solutions

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naw man its huge
the natsemi packages had a thermal pad that basically went all the way to the mounting bites
in a minor catostrophic dissasembly event, shit is shorting for sure
but not on this
and they clip a bunch of pins areound the power and output pins, so you can run fat power traces to them
ALL THE WAY! you used to have to turn you massive power pours into little bitch traces to get at the right pin

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i dont remember the natsemi part number
i dont think it was that
but it lives
oh shit they clipped pins

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speaking of
i want a 10/22
k i need to go sit in a restaurant and look like im studying for awhile

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blackmoon: are tracers mixable with other rounds?
tho i guess its kind of pointless you can see most of the projectiles
but would look cool
especially with the minigun
having alt types listed in the hud sounds way useful
the non standard ammo
oh you mean it makes it so you can see the actual projectiles
not the number of projectiles, sorry misunderstodd
and yeah it sucks when you find out diff ammo works on something
because thats the point you usually run out of it
like you break stuff down into components?

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oh yeah
im playing through with all the mods, max IN and speech character
that does look way better
thats funny because i just got a sniper rifle, am all like wow the textures *all* look awful when zoomed in

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*at venice
its counting down

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and how is it a prank to get your ass kicked?
yeah that vids actually funny
thats a venice
again, he kind of deserves to be shot

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because machines are expensive
ha, you know if they shot this roman atwood asshole for that shit
i dont think i would be sympathetic

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digikey has non ROHS LM3886 for 4.90 instead of 6.60
insulated tab TF too
end of school semester also new job also failout new vegas also zeeshan pissed me off

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