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flood, duh

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no it never worked
im eating a payday, life is awesome

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but yeah you cant see it so much in my mustache and goatee
also fabric is all dark
so one dropor two wont be end of the world
but i think is fine
i go check
my tshirt not okay
is like, venice beach tee with day of the dead looking skull with surfboard in his mouth
all bloody now

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and that one was not like the others, is where the cable was mounted, to it got pulled up and caught in the next roller, and made the door hop
door was already fucked up
no up
my head was above where the steel panel is rolled inward, caught an edge
i didnt know at the time
until i came home and cleaned up all the blood and saw what was left
right, because i didnt understand until i saw it again
i thought the assembly hit me in the face
which i didnt understand because i usually dont work in the axis or plane of bad things
haha yeah totally
they would ask me DID YOU GET KNOWS OUT and my honest answer was i dont think so!
because like, one moment i was brought bolt was undone, next ime like ow my tooth
i dont think because i was holding paper towel on it
the steering wheel prob a little blood but easy to clean up
haha blood all over the brick and concrete between the garage and kitchen
leaving that
naw tooth is fine
jaw sore when i bite down but i can bit down now, think im just sore

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mikah: i did a thing and it made the whole door jump nd my face was next to an inside edge
like, the parts that stick out on the inside, along the hinged edges
one of those got my in the face
actually no, not much pain at all
just that frantic, oh damn thats blood, better go find some paper towells, wash this off, find local hospital on phone situation
blood all over the kitchen floor, i just mopped that shit
yeah, drove myself to the emergency room
haha, stick shift, one hand on a towell on my face
naw was cool
like, eyeballs fine, nose fine
because i was lying on a bed with the side of my head practically against the door
and i loosed a bent stuck roller bolted to the door

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my tooth hurts, stupid garage door

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want to do a mosfet AB amp
ti still selling the natsemi 200v output drivers
have most of single sided layout figured out in my head
think im going to do double sided with a sexy cut up ground pour for my star ground
but yeah kind of seems like it would star ground okay single sided
amp and analog processing designs seem so much more organic than digital stuff
like the way shit kind of loops back around and kind of random densities

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its just what they had before figuring mosfets out
pretty sure jfets are older?
yeah because you dont see a lot of jfet stuff until the 70s
and by the 80s its all mosfet stuff
jfet input opamps are more ideal than bjt in terms of input impedance
pretty sure you bias them like tubes and mosfets
so basically, you figure out where on the curve you get the most swing given a supply voltage
its not just base follower and feedback divider magic

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they dont like being upside down
thats mostly whats complicated about jfets, compared to mosfets
believe there is a diode junction thing happened when rev biased
you burn them out if nothing in series with them
but theyll work normally as a high impedance input
normal fets are always high impedance
well, mosfets, what i mean by normal fets
biased a cartain way they dont have bias current
so theyre like mosfets like that
but at some point they kind of act like bjt

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theres bunch of good dsp books
free pdf shit
so yeah thats where school and just jumping into shit differ
on your own you usually start in the middle, work your way back to basics, get back to the middle, get good
if youre doing school right, you start at basics and build on that
but it still teaching yourself, people i know who went home and did the shit arent even comparable to people that just went to school and fucked around in labs
im spotty
mostly im going back to learn how to deal with teachers i dont like
and teacher girl tells me today also to deal with peers i dont like, she says there will be more than i expect
shes super happy im going back to school, been nagging me for like 5 years

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if you want to do something new, that it wasnt really made for, well youre fucked
the workaround will usually be far more complicated than a traditional solution
yeah thats helpful
there is an aquisition and analysis program in audio hardware, was design for line qc and is being brought into development
which is backwards, most audio packages
anyway, its UI is horrible, but you can do anything
the UI is much, much better than how it was before
before, edition certain values in a script subfunction dialog would change global variables
fucking every script that used that dialog ever
they fixed that
and its still horrible
but it can do anything
but kevtris has been doing this prob since diapers
school help you learn quick, you still pretty much gotta learn on your own
but it gives you time, direction
get a book

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see i dont think so
better to learn on ancient shit on asm
because modern shit will be easier
arduino you can pickup in a few days if you know how to do processor shit
in any case, id teach on avr
because docs arte good, idea is free, chips are available
and obvious arduino tie in
right, languages are semantic
programmers have capabilities and get the shit done with them
like, some people just think about how to do things
and other people, i dont know how they live, yet they do
well thats the nature of simplification, apple shit is notorious
like, if you want to do what they thought you wanted to do, how they want you to do it, itll work awesome

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kevtris: not really, not many
im done with most of my gen ed and elective stuff
so all engineering and science
some upper div electives
chemistry is useful for manufacturing
741 is great to teach the limitations of opamps
if you can make shit work with a 741, you can prob make a modern opamp work super easy
same goes for programming 8051 and modern uc
thats college yo, its proof you can get through mostly. all that shit is useful in some context
like, someone writes like an idiot, even in emails, especially in reports, you tend to think the guy is an idiot
ccfl_man_: it teaches you how to learn a microcontroller and program it
right but say you never knew shit about microcontrollers

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and the inside edges of one of the door panels kind of punches my in the mouth, cut on chin and upper lip, feels like i got punched in the tooth
hahaha, yeah because i locked myself out, so i had to lift up the already broken door to slide under
and when i put it down i decided to fix the floppy corner, i thought the cable attached to something else, not the roller assembly
oh well, no more fucking with garage doors
i found one, was awesome
i paid for the online book, their reader was so trashy
they wont let you have a pdf
and you have to pay for online access sometimes, so if you get the paper book, its like buying two books
but the windows readers are so, so bad
and they only let you print 10 pages at a time
so you cant export a book to pdf easily
yeah im about to check in for years of it
im going to have 2x that in loans probably

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timecop: its a pretty conservative looking sedan?
what do you think is sexy
and fuck walmart
putting ice on my stiteches and wondering how long until my upper lip is symmetrical again?
pretty sure are going to be expensive stiches
i unbolbted a part of the garage door, bent up roller thing, that i didnt know what hooked onto the tension cable
so it pulled up and got caught in the next roller up, lifted the door up

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theyre fine if you got the money to run them
but were stupid at money
austronauts must be so pissed
no money, no balls
shuttle tech is ultra comprosmised
the definition of
its sad we never spent money on rocket programs
so simple, cheap, we just had to decide the shuttle wasnt going to work forever
like, i guess they thought that shit would just keep working
the roadster was sex
and you drive a minivan
and think the delorean is the end all of design
and prob think pininfarina is a manga porn star

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its expensive to run 50 migs tho
like, we could do it
not many of our enemies could
like, pretty sure iran and iraq had f14s
pretty sure they let them go to shit
anyway its prob not 50 mig29 or su37 or whatever the ultra maneuverable shit is
you could fight wars with f16s and a10s if you had to
and thats it
anyway, we cant afford our own designs
congress always buys less than initials orders, f22 and f35

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With a single onboard charger plugged into a standard 110-volt outlet, Tesla says you will get 5 miles of range for every hour of charging. From zero to 300 miles would take about 52 hours at that rate.
its 1st gen luxury branded tech
80k isnt that much
maybe more than you can afford, but not more than what its worth
tesla wants to be successful so theyre making passionate cars
big companies wouldnt do it
an electric vette would have kicked of electric economy car sales
but big companies dont want it to happen
tesla is doing it how i though it should have been done like 10 years ago, so hats off to them
they charge that much because theyre selling for that much
yeah totally odd
its lobbyists for sure, but its crazy that shit actually happened
but its the same as congress buying tanks the army says they cant use
they claim jobs are the reason
which is the exact opposite of a freee market society
if the business cant support its workers its needs to die
not to be subsidized
blackmoon: ya srs
in a real war, theyd prob just start makinmg f16 agains
because they can prob make 10 for every f35

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kevtris: that happened a block away from coworkers place, he heard it
fuckin half a tesla stuck in a buikding
battery changing gonna change EV
push em in one side, grab out the other
maybe later
Tesla says the 60-kwh battery provides a range of up to 232 miles (the EPA pegs it at 208 miles), and the 85-kwh battery (a $10,000 option) provides up to 300 miles (the EPA puts it at 265 miles).
thats about what my car does
filling at 1/8 to 1/4 tank

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sounds reasonable
so buy more shit
get some perfboard
no offense dude but you cant afford to do electronics
its kind of like weed
you dont need much money, but you need some
and if you dont have enough, you should probably be spending your time fixing your life
why did they steal your computer because of suspected kiddie pr0n?
so you need to figure out all the things you need
because youll probably need more than just an ic
do you need a pot? some combination of caps and resistors?
so buy those

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