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which prob means if you use foreign gas on us grills you will run out of money fast

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was like 11, thought that was the coolest shit ever
wtf are flashers?
some shit with like a cap and a diode and a bimetal switch?
haha i wasnt getting primitive enough
car tech doesnt change for a long long time
took them like 10 years to figure out white LEDs were awesome and reliable

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right but how long had you been messing with circuits?
shit is abstract, really takes time to like see it in your head somehow
most green EE ive met are fuckin idiots at electronics =(
right but you relate to it somehow
you played with logic when you were a kid?
pretty young
i found a cousings spring terminal electronics lab in my grandmas garage
and made a synth that used a thick line of pencil lead as a pot\

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seen it for some cool stuff, but the application has to be the reason the product is valuable
like, pcb on the bottom of a guitar brige that adjusts in distance from guitar body, has to be pretty
smd connectors to tall too ugly
and the whole guitar is basically about whats on the pcb
audio will use it for that, and then design it out of the next version
save money on parts but spend weeks trying to make it work
but yeah, even simple harnesses are work
decent amount of planning, and soldering and crimping connectors for reliability isnt easy
theres a diff between making a prototype work for 3 months and making something that works for a decade
ha, cool

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yeah you guys should
because right now income is prob just limited by how many you think you can build
oh fuck that must be strong
abs prob turns to dirt?
for flex or because it handles the temps?
i <3 kapton
this is my asshole tech suggestion at least once in every project
look at everyone wanting to slap me
yeah but audio can almost never afford

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cars are like hard drives, we should be able to make that many that fast that good that cheap, but people want them so we do it
er, we shouldnt be able to
i rabbed
like i want to make shit, in california, but i really dont want to run a factory
and i dont want to hire 50 people worth of overhead so i dont have to deal with it
its like running a little city =\
i dont want to be the mayor!
fab or design?

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i think its going to be almost all contract manufacturing, tho
i dont think companies are going to build up their own factories again
i think auto industry is supported because its basically our war machine
id never thought of it like that, but someone pointed it out and i was kind of like, oh ya duh

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we would call it efficient if it was a us factory
dude manufacturing engineering, i realized its laziness
thats why im pretty good at it
ive spent my whole life trying to figure out how to do everything with a few less steps
because lazy
but its what makes lines profitable
china labor aint that cheap
like, i think its about 1/4 what ours is in a lot of cases
korea is up to like half
like, i think weve reached the point where the import costs, the increased dev times, the loss of supply chain control, decreased reliability
engineering and logistics managers afraid to admit the 10 year plan aint going to work so they keep going until next job somewhere else
like, if they explained all this shit to the accountants, for real, and did all the math, they would prob just start making shit here again

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the logo looks like a crescent outline, with one end cut off to look like an elf hat
right but ive never seen it completely unbranded
another chip is blank, completely
it doesnt even look wiped, just fabbed blank
no mcu
i found it in a bom, and part number leads to a datasheet
part doesnt exist in the footprint on the pcb
customs inspection, who knows
people who open trays, check part number cost per 5000k
mcu is a .25 part, 74 series can be a .005 part
thats huge to china
blank chips are a huge red flag
so its like, fuckit put anything on it
whatever was loaded up for that last batch of chips in that package
thats maybe what it is, the shit leftover
china is lazy
or efficient

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what current?
omg neat
ha nice
just sounds superchina
im trying to figure out what these chinese chips are
two have these elf hat logos i cant match anywhere
the part for one links to a datasheet, it has no branding
no logos, no company data, if you google anything from it, you find an LT datasheet
same images, specs, but formatting changed
like, arrows for bullets, diff section seperators, things scaled diff
but descriptions and lists are letter for letter exactly the same

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blackmoon: it would take more space

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his axles are a bit sketchy

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vim ftmfw

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