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yeah its not called warm fuzzy nature
last time i played i just gapple hooked all over the island
spiderman shit
yeah thats what i was mostly figuring out

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timecop: stop playing at 4k?
ha wtf
the apple patent nico linked, first page references cited, only thing online is a wikipedia article

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orcad is shit
it feels like 1992
its capable i just couldnt stand the ui
and id prob pick it up faster than the times i was fucking with it

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sup timedork
you using altium lately?
is it heavy/glitchy?
ive used it to search shematics and it felt like a tank on zanax, but pretty sure those computers were fucked so really no idea
oh no shit
imagine actually using graphics acceleration in a graphics heavy app

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always in my friedge, rarely ever have tobasco
ha, thats like franks cholula, tobasco and sriracha for the uninformed or weak
i dont like it much, it just makes everything taste like sriracha
same reason i dont like jalapenos in food

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places will usually have tobasco and either chalula or tapatio
i think chalula has vinegar in the ingredients but it doesnt taste like it, tapatio doesnt
its good on eggs or chicken things
ha nice
ive had buffalo sauce pizza, fuckin awesome
naw just add it on top
at persona you can get a buffalo chicken pizza, you can barely taste the marinara or white sauce its on top of
basically tastes like tobasco pizza
but like, for mexican, or general purpose, im a chalula/tapatio person

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get ground steaks, go nuts with italian bread crumbs, eggs, hot sauce, A1, garlic onions shallots sometimes ginger
do them like two inches thick, cook them super well outside
and the inside is always like, perfect juice
yeah im pretty particular about mustand
too much or wrong spices and i dont taste much else
thats why eggs and crumbs
its basically how i do meatloaf, worked out well on the grill
not really a burger but its fuckin good
no lots of tapatio or chalula and A1
they should just bottle 1:1 chalula and A1
it doesnt have vinegar
chalula doesnt have vinegar
its basically the same as tapatio, thing the preservative is diff
its like, cayenne pepper and water, far as i can tell
tobasco and one of the mexican hot sauces has mad vinegar

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timecop: which chinatrash company?
my rosewill psu worked great, my rosewill cardreader stopped cardreading after like 6mo
now i dont know what random pc chinatrash to buy
<3 the red onions, too
yeah i like tomatoes just not on my burgers and sandwiches
same with lettuce and pickles
right its a structural thing too
im not big on sauces either
like, if your shit is good shouldnt even need ketchup
right im okay with ketchup, but mustand and thousand island can just fuck everything up, just a little too much
and too much ketchup is like, why
doesnt taste bad but why dont you just make tomato soup and have it before
i want to make some mini meatloaf burgers soon

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3-a on both sides?
synth: thats exactly how i order my burgers
no fucking salad on my burger except raw onions
pussies getting grilled onions, killin all the flavor
and bacon and mushrooms when i can get it

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dont breath on the usb jack
expensive like $50?
so you prob melted the jack plastic =D
micro or usb-b?
micro is like the opposite of mini, ive never had a jack fuck up, but like 2/3 of my cables breaks or just wont transfer data

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or i could be nice to exgf when im am in chico for orientation
worked last time
whatever in 3 years thatll seem like mole asses
what you expected actual usb3 transfer rates?
i would be happy anything usb actually sustained 100mb/s
yeah that kind of seems right
thats about what my fujitsu thing did
in a few years prob most everything ships with usb3 on thre same die as the arm procs that intel sells as pentium 8

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they should acually impliment the idea with 4 and 6 sides
you dont already have dx11?
so you have dx11 its just broken =(
bsd homosexual i think
which basically makes him prince
winex isnt still a thing?
i played morrowind on a lunix
explosions and guns
and maybe someone makes a smoothed voxel cock
guys little lesbian sent me of a picture with her doggie that also included green latern logo stretched across her bewb
i miss her
and bed hair

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napkin would be all bumpy
and they patented fuzed glass enclosures
snap together is just to servicable
they need something that breaks for sure, that can't be repaired, but is so sexy that people need to get another one at a rupoff discounted price
anyway, they patented a five sided box
too specific, they fucked up
whoever newjobs is, hes gonna say this sucks i can see plastic on the bottom edge
and then theyre gonna say glass boxes of n sides didnt get approved
and 5 side napkin guy gets fired
and glass iphone never happens

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ha, yeah i didnt have any fun until i F1'd
and then i pretty much stopped because it just seemed to likely to eat all the times
`nico: patent is scam to sell more overpriced insurance and collect on more deductibles
heh, avoided the fuck out of minecraft after a friend showed me it
`nico: fig 1?
naw its great
i just dont have the time =\
right which is same as fig 1, what about it?
no, thats printer paper for sure

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