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kevtris: pretty sure thats some ultra hipster location
because that doesnt happen in most places i eat

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timecop: noice

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fucking im getting an s4
i want the nexus or the g2, but one is shit battery and the other is retarded back side buttons, and current phone is samsung and despite battery annoyance i like it
and i cant get the case i want for the g2 or nexus, i dont want a defender
wtf at hard shell inside of the rubber case
rubber between hard shell and case is win like a mfkr

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they dont make a commuter case for the verizon g2
thats not beer
im not sure wtf it is, but its not beer
right but 18% is just fucked
well microbrew shit, 12% is pretty madman
and 10% is considered pretty high
at 12% the alc taste is pretty nasty
yeah thats not beer thats something else
done it
not made it, but had prob like a dozen diff home brews

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g2 is free upgrade at verizon
wtf buttons on the back
their ui workaround for turning it on when its flat is double tap the screen
heh, can get certified pre-owned s4 upgrade for free

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nexus 5 has best dpi, vs g2 and s4

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better, worse?
you run the samsung android or something else?
i prob cyanogen or aosp whatever i get
thats one of the reasons i like the nexus stuff, i know shit will run on it
anand says if i care about battery i should get lg g2 instead
oh wtf thats the buttons on the back by the camera phone

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galaxy nexus
i kind of want a nexus 5 because i like my galaxy nexus, but i wont do it unless the battery life is way better
because what you said once, like sometimes you need a phone and the shit is just dead

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giant yellow thing?
with the stand?
heh, and molded in ear bud holders
so my phone contract is up in a week, 2 years in an otterbox commuter (ABS outer with silicone rubber between that and phone)
prob dropped on concrete 50 times
shits still fine, screen just got minor scratches
`nico: status of replacing your gnex?
i know you hate that shit you prob already done it

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would hope so
more like eating and chewing the metal than cutting it
that must have been fun to start
why are you surprised when chinese tools are cheap
isnt ct canadian tire
i thought canadian tire was like harbor freight
`nico: i gotta check prices and double check school schedule shit, but i think i want to do whole weekend, camp saturday
its like a 3 hour drive from chico, itll be a week after i move

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yeah that sounds way safer than the steel shit that clicks into the grooves on the pilot drill carrier
can do aluminum on a drill press!
just need it to work once!
we got no time for speeds and feeds just go with speed!
yeah i seen the hole saws on the pipe cutters
i havent used those
yeah fuck that man
i think ive seen cam grinders kind of like that

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oh, yeah very high viscosity and predictable set times could be fun
anything you would make with CF and fiberglass
paper is mad available and easy to get in whatever porosity and rigidity you want
would be way cheaper than glass and CF, its basically phenolic in a 3d matrix instead of layers
yeah, i go slow and clamp
hole saws are pretty flimsy for cutting gear too, tho
cutting big circles kinda sucks without an nc mill
compared to solid metal cutting tools?
right and because theyre big flexible cylinders

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oh the stripper is something they made, prob not a wire
i think it would be cooler if it cut a pattern to turn it into pulled adhesive vinyl mesh
pulled adhesive vinyl mesh. new.
i should be in marketing
the pulled paper mesh?
my moms love that shit i dunno why
like a composite material?

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prob radiant head from a wire
ive seen nasty ass stripped like that
`nico: monterey historics?
pretty sure i am going
least sat, hopefully sat and sun

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tile floor studio, shit is like maybe 15 x 30 ft, only $25 more than the 15 x 15 one they had
only four blocks from engineering side of school
on the same side of the train tracks so i dont have to worry about cargo train making me late
heh, like half as much as in santa barbara, and i got like double the space
also electricity, gas, water and trash paid, aaaaw jeah
seems like converted commercial space, but its one of the biggest management companies in the city so i doubt there is zoning issues

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i think ours had a cobalt tool, stayed pretty sharp, tons and tons of MDF and decent amount of aluminum
i basically just use the weight of my arm on the spindle wheel and waited, clean edges on the flat side of the tool
i dont buy it
if its jobber type shit i just get HSS, most everything i just buy uncoated carbide
but yeah reg hole saws got all messy starting the cut
and we had bosche shit, so wasnt machine shop grade but it wasnt complete china trash
blackmoon: haha, SO LETS PUT IT INSIDE PEOPLE!
so i got rental application approved \o/
sucks looking for places 500 miles away, leaving not being sure if you got the place or not

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the normal saw shit would dull quick and would make a messy hole
like it would wobble little bit before diggin in so you get all sorts of scratches around the hole
hmm cant find one online, not sure what theyre called
that thing, worked great, wood, aluminum, steel
well, kinda
like, the cutter is pointing the wrong way
but its just about as retarded to use, low speed, light loading

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zeeshan|2: forstner bit? or those thin steel cylindrical saw assemblies with the pilot drill, or one of those things with an arm that holds a lathe cutting tool
forstner bits seem to work best but they dull quick in steel
but they work in a pinch! verified
im pretty sure those hole saw assemblies arent for metal either
haha @ spade bits
that sounds like an awesome experiment
drill press at 100rpm with one of those lathe cutter thingers worked best for most shit i needed
gotta feed slow, be patient, clamp well

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