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life is so easy now
precision needle nose plier rework
when we asked switchcraft how they adjust tension on their spring leafs, they said they have the same guys in the factory for years and they got these special needlenose pliers

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i drove the 101 down from south oregon, omfg beautiful, so fucking gorgeous
prob took 8 hours longer =\
but yeah, winding through huge redwoods, its like a stage in every arcade style racing game ever, and when i got over the mountains, coming down it went from 102F to like 72F in 10 minutes
i slept side of a rural road in mendecino or something, cops woke me up, search car ask over and over if its just weed in the car, let me go back to sleep without taking the pipe weed or hash oil

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dont die
macegr: you should go to the monterey historics!
youre only like 800 miles away

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zeeshan: a boy and his dog

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they grow on yucca trees?
that doesnt seem safe
wtf zee these are wedding pictures and landscape shots
your porn is prob really weird
no i mean zees wedding porn
as far as playa girls pic, i see girls younger dressed in way less in hollywood clubs
thats not even obscene, gymnastics is dirtier
playa girls shit is all baggy you cant even really make out the bewbs

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like hardened clay probably
you run off a generator or what
has batteries?
prob racing links
yeah sounds like hot rod magazine
lake beds = hot rods = sluts posin

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fuck impact wrenches
i had a mechanic check my brakes and they impact wrenches my wheels back on
brakes now more warped

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lg g2 is like an n5 with bigger battery, but the buttons on the back is useless
youre working on rigs again?

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movin on up
0603 qfp type stuff?
i think im getting a nexus 5
ze german in #cars says battery performance is comparable with his s4, i found a decent PC over silicone case for the n5 (otter doesnt make a commuter for n5, and it looks like aosp and cyanogen both run with fuckups on the s4

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and you can always rework and interface with newer revision stuff
~i gotta move
and should prob sell car
new job is kinda boring
rework = slice open boxes with xacto, program thingies through lightning connector, repack with new factory seal sticker
big project: inspect production prototypes to send to reviewers
china pcb house or local?

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she in grad school or what
glad youre back on the pacific ring of fire
rest of the country is pretty useless, you should stick to the end of the world
hahaha cool
spray with iso, wave around in the air
yeah so dont let go
its bad when you let go =(
mostly for connectors =(
yeah but project life moves forward

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where you stay now?
youre not in tx?
tx is a bad place
tho south tx is very pretty
macegr: i think ive gotten it at ralphs years ago
wa or co?
oh neat, i <3 wa
was in or last week, not the same
like in the sierras or the other side
with the same girl or what?
holy shit thats way on the other side, no idea what its like there

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timecop: haha, yeah zee seems to have an idealistic fantasy lala view of things that center around kissing authoritarian ass
protip: its vons that carries 99% iso alc
went to rite aid, cvs, ralphs first, only 91%
pretty sure vons = safeway

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