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and yeah, when i was in chico it was 10F hotter than the valley, so like 95-100F
when i was in lower oregon, it was 10F hotter, like up to 110F and way dry
heh, ive smoked weed in weed, when i greyhounded up to tacoma
your gooiest SMD wont stick to this: http://www.cannaline.com/420/concentrate-containers/7ml-non-stick-concentrate-containers.html

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she not always there, shes the smart one, minor space cadet, the rest just seem cute and prob wont know
heh, stackable with a handle, way too much $$$ but goofy
reasonable prices, and representative of what i seen on sale
this is pretty standard issue, lids stay on tight

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i know those as hash oil containers
the best ones are the ones shot in silicone
but maybe not for your application...
heh, last time i was in the dispensary open late, i bitched at girl about the glass vials with the shoulders make it a bitch to get all your shit
and she whipped out the new version, no shoulder glass, slight bulge on the outer rim, press on silicone top
no cant find, was going to say i could ask her
also my friend wheree he gets the silicone shot ones, prob get the clear plastic ones same place
yeah was about to get bagels and stop by that shop

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