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which seems fun but is 3x more plus blows like two days in travel and naps

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i got a trailer for the car
instead of car dolly because wtf who invented car dolly what an ass
i was going to like, shuttle van 90 miles ($60) fly 500 miles ($120) shuttle bus like 30 miles ($20 with parking) drive car 600 miles ($100)

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people do snakey hippie axl dances to that
but yeah, house would be #1 dance music
because its disco beat, between 120 and 140 bpm, drunk ass fallin over girls can still get down to house
house is still the #1 draw
like, progressive house is a kind of new thing
and its just like, normal non boring drum beats mixed with the boomtsss disco beat
so yeah, normal house music, 30 years of EDM domination
shit i listen to is like, bunch of people off in the dark in the corner of the massive
too fast, too dark, not enough glow sticks for the average rave goer

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so styles consist of a group of producers, over their career they will most likely make work in multiple sub genres
catbyte: depends what you mean by 'dance'
to some people disco is wallflower music, but theyd be shaking their ass at a punk show

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guys tell me what kind of music you like so i can be like WHATEVER DNB IS BETTER!
ive decided its the jazz of EDM, so my elitist attitude is totally appropriate
synth: i havent tea'd much past couple weeks
theres like 3 or 5 major style, and each prob has like a dozen or so commonly accepted subgenres
but it all kind of overlaps
typically subgenres will describe whats popular in terms of rythems and sound pallets
and styles describe the producers and djs
in most style, a dj isnt widely known outside their local area unless theyre a producer

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