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try and find some non hardware specific libs and just throw the data where it needs to be
yeah what tc said

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thats what made AVR fun
ide with sim specific to the product, good docs, and shit always worked
because i wanted to know i could get the shit to spin and do what i want before dropping money on programmers and chips
i already knew how to avrasm when the chips and programmer arrived
so use something else

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yeah but its not on a dev board, thats neat
they wont kill it, dumb to get out of arm
replace engineer monkeys, rebrand
timecop: bottom of hey u board is sexy
some $10k/seat shit he juarezed
i need to figure out a non openocd thing
no shit?
solidworkds edu is the same, im legit until end of the month or something
but by then im enrolled in a solidworks ME class, so i prob get same deal

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dowa hauyu mean something or thats just how the spell hey you
you use that $13 thing?
i think i have some olimex jtagger somewhere
usb-b thing i think
i only used it with the same 7 stuff, pretty sure
openjtag is the olimex thing, no?
timecop: the $13 thing works?

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