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triac + relay, triac + opto, worth cost benefit analysis i guess

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prob way easier to source a relay that works than cheap opto triacs
high voltage but its just signal level, really
compared to the load

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tekrad: think you just have to lift the gate above the cathode side by some threshold voltage
yeah i think the opto triac makes it easy because the gate prob needs to see negative voltage to stay on during the negative swing
prob why diacs were used to turn triacs on like 1000 years ago
so yeah i think maybe you have to build a crude audio style amplifier that tracks mains voltage to do it solid state without the opto triac
or a relay would work

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opto triacs seem expensive until you realize how much solid state relays are

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tekrad: http://i.imgur.com/EneZ7ff.png

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fuck i should just draw a schematic
tekrad: almost done

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looking for schematic
heh, found a directory projects_2006, lots of stuff, not that tho
the boards say 2006
optotriac side, i have one resistor goes from the gate of the big triac to ground

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i can just find the board
found it
i didnt put the opto part on it
and the opto led is being driven by an npn in emitter follow config
i think i did that for no reason other than it was different and it worked, shrug

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do some pvc pipe shit
its like 6ft from my 'kitchen'
alternatively i can hang cables from the cieling and do shower curtain from that
that happens a lot faster
drunk girls gonna take that out
just too perfect not to happen
heh, i have to adjust the mounting screw tension to get the cnc's pitch and yaw right, heh
because floated on 1" rubber and cork dampers, top and bottom of the table

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some of them are 1/8" one on side and like 1/16" or 1/32" on the other
some of them are just the same
like if you go to sears and want cm youre prob going to end up buying their most expensive tape measure
its gonna have a reel with a hex socket and a tripod and flares and built in boombox
my cnc table finally collapsed
when i was moving, almost killed my drunk friend
or took of his fingers, the folding table legs collapsed
so i put it on a thicker folding table, this one has big square tube bracing
i need to make it a shower curtain rod

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blackmoon: its fucked up hard to get a tape measure here thats standard + metric
everything is inches and inches, wtf
my best rape measure is the one i got free at the enco booth at WESTEC years ago =\
most of the ones in hardware stores and lots at industrial supply are just inches
i feel like when i was a kid more of them here were inches/cm
but maybe my dad just bought good shit, i dunno

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dx^: i dont start until tomorrow

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dx^: bs mechatronics
its like 3/5 mechanical, 2/5 electronics, sprinkle of CS, im prob going to try and double major in EE
first day tomorrow
last week was bunch of orientation and advising

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dx^: sucks!
dx^: im back in school!

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