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pretty typical first day stuff
i got super noob guy for the intro mechatronics course
might be tough but i think well get him through this

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bee gonna fuck you up then like build some bridges and shit

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rab: because naval base?
i dunno if you mean gov submarines or drug dealer submarines
ive been to an air show there, saw a harrier blows who knows how much tax money hovering for a few minutes
neat theres boats?
theres a navy construction battalion museum in oxnard i loved as a kid, no boats tho just a building full of stuff
metal sculpture of a bee gonna fuck you up with calipers and screwdriver and two other things

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100 miles north of sacramento
so like, the top part
its alright there
i dont like it really
decent school, lots of jobs
yo no understando
$300 a night just means its not a motel, honestly
holiday inn express is like almost $200 =\

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ttmustang is strong he just push it
do golf carts have frames?
you need a golf cart frame
do up some steppers for the steering, RC control your shit up the ramp
i seen this
i am still like wtf
smoker all stuck on a 2" pebble

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speakers moon, the name of the game is rigidity
you want rigid and heavy
customer hates heavy
so all you got is rigidity
fiber filled plastics
jezus mfk man
go buy a trailer and use the running gear from it
i have a fridge dolly sometimes i wish i had a barrel dolly
my friends have barrel dollys
i would just buy a trailer
and put it on the trailer
to get it on the trailer?
are you making a smoker or what
fuckin drama
can you weld?

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urmom is rated at 450 pounds
casters = phone call to penn elcom first, use info to source from someplace else
also if your caster application is not acoustic in nature, i envy you
its funny at two companies, i see a project go nuts because the casters rattle at random low frequencies
no one opened the manual for the competitive product (QSC), where it says if the casters rattle just stuff some foam in them
i dont think anyone makes silent casters
well, not for the money we were willing to pay at least

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cool, first week of manufacturing is arc welding
haha, yeah we dont need no feedback
blackmoon: ya

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sculptor: beating will damage traces

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what girl sleeps like that?

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ask for ID
i really dont like shaved, because stubble
trimmed muff ftw
`nico: DO YOU HAVE CONDOMS? ya, do you have a bill with your address or a current passport?
everyone looks stupid on their license
maybe there will be an interesting non freshman girl in my hippie civil engineering class

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100sfm is slow =\
not unless we start building bridges on the sun
dont take that literally
my horrible sunburn is finally over
race track weekends are hardcore, was like my second sunburn ever, took a week to go away
`nico: hi, im officially pro student
i didnt do anything to those practically underage girls
exgf is being all friendly
why, this is consistent sex for years
`nico: so much less drama than selling it
i would normally say if theyre fuzzy theyre good, but so many girls shave now so i dunno

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i dont know which dim is 1/2" and which is 3"
wtf does lathe have to do with square tube unicorn
oh rod
square tube is more punk, imho
doubt it
aside from machine shop hacks
because buildings dont have to deal with red heat +
haha @ sharpened truck slicing bridges
its like 1.5ft/sec

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the visual programming?
the conditions are done in dropdowns in the block frames
so like, true and false will be in dropdowns, and you select one, and the box will show the code for that block
which may contain nested conditional code
with the same dropdown bullshit
what it means to me is you cant see the code
you see boxes with dropdowns but you have no idea how layered or long or deep the code is
probably there is a way to break it out in to text but im not sure itd be human readable stuff
nico prob knows most
its not a bad idea that i learn it
some of the factories use audio industry standard test equipment
but lots are like, fuck your shit we have labview we can make for other customers audio dont pay the bills
honestly 5 years in engineering labs and not one has used labview for product dev or test

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well working with tools and parts or test equipment is what most people mean by hands on
first semester mechatronics is sensors and actuators in labview
should be pretty boring
its kinda fucked
using it directly, using software that uses it for backend
its way functional, UI is slightly crackish

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lots of people who have done it at university and at community college says the CC is better because of the way smaller class sizes
zeeshan: my CC electronics program was more theoretical than most tech programs
this uni is known for being a bit more hands on, they have pretty big manufacturing labs, big injection mold machines, few haas VMC and a haas lathe
like, first semester, you have to make a winch from cast and stamped parts

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i dont like all of them
i like the goofy ones
u r canadia?
state university
not what this school is known for
dunno, guess not how it works here
i could have taken advanced math in community college
would hae directly transfered

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blackmoon definitely used to drink
but yeah cant remember last time he mentioned
also hi
first two classes seem okay
math prof is trying to convince us hes evil
hes not really, just a bit sexist
my classes are mostly one hour a day so not so bad
yeah he told us what a function was
he said maybe my definition works and wrote his on the board
omg tiny freshman girls are tiny
manufacturing class should be fun
we make a winch

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it might be so you can power LEDs with higher voltage than your control circuit

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