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timecop: did you get non-commercial ($150) or edu ($300)?

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you been using it it works?
whatever im at school

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timecop: how did it do instal preview?
how do i make all browser do this like gfycat
so on the upload page its all fetching url!
but instantly it had a preview, smaller size
how do i just make browser do previews like it did
no man it did a preview at low res before it finished uploading
i did
wait youre saying its a tiny version cached
wait youre saying that it downloads the url i paste to my pc while it makes a gfycat
you cant be saying that because thats retarded
timecop: while youre here, how did you get keil edu?
i didnt scroll up to see i was at school when you says

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06:00:38 < timecop> did you miss the part wehre its criminal to link .gif files over 300kiloytes on internet?
srsly wtf
30s of high res vid, YEAH LETS MAKE A 60FPS GIF
shit still hasnt loaded
you can feed it urls?
that doesnt has faults
no u!
ok i try

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no like 2007 or something
who knows
ha yeah my proc was released january 2007

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wow new solidworks is pretty fast for simple shit, UI got even better
blackmoon: the shitty thing is that my current core system isnt bad enough to motivate me to upgrade like right now
its pretty neat, when i upgrade i have all the parts i can totally rebuild the original pc
dude cmon
you know i live my life on minimum short term memory
obviously i hope
whatever, my shit works its not that bad
my cache is on an ssd
yeah compared to mem but not to platter drive cache
im not dave stop being a schizo robot

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solidworks just told me i am critically low on memory and executing the command can cause solidworks to crash
i hit the New... button =\
naw im not buying ddr2
so i need new mobo, cpu too
i upgraded everything else
psu, gpu, ssd, case
so now i need like $500-600 to build some monster core for it
i should apply for newegg credit, they wouldnt do it before because my billing addy was a po box

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ya, is why i need to upgrade my system core finally
i can max settings fo4 and it runs pretty well
er, fo3
the ssd and crossfire gpu helped a ton
right im just saying on a 4gb machine, upgrading other things helped
i wanted to play with your mod stuff but somehow it broke fallout i dont think i installed right
but yeah i read nothing, and it was existing game, and i only tried for like 30min before going fuckit
rebooting issue?
well something didnt work
ino i says that

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w00t last paycheck finally showed up
i has mpre gpu mem than system mem right naow =\
6gb vs 4gb
because i can upgrade gpu and move to new system
i cant upgrade mem and move to a new system
i have an 850W corsair platinum, too
gpu and psu are pretty much only things i could upgrade
and an ssd
what will you do without hints
ssd system drive is nice

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timecop: keil edu #1 for stm32?
they dont have a clicker on their site, like i gotta go through a sales rep or some shit

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wtf, all of the west coast is basically financing butane factories in asia
maybe the whole country, but blasting weed with butane for concentrates, and gas for the torch lighters to charge up dabbing rigs is prob increased butane sales by orders or magnitude
like, i bought a can of butane called BHO (which means butane honey oil, type of concentrate)
was from korea, heh
but yeah, the can of butane just said BHO real big on it, guy at the shop says it makes everyone laugh and its cheap so they buy it

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also cheapo ($20) butane can single burner camping stoves are win

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i want eggs
no like chicken eggs, basted

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rab: crazy
wonder if they figured this shit out by fucking up parts with work tooling
*worn tooling

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