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im takin environmental processes in civil engineering this semester
upper div elective thing, there will prob be methane
were gonna distill some fruit moonshine

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or just light them up in sequence
like 10 sec each
just hot enough to burn the co2?
yeah but that takes heat or what
this sounds like a free air electron tube type thing
just spray this shit with some some subatomic particles coming off this metal we heat up

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thats maybe okay? =\
that sounds probably better
or massive fucking wires
youre making arcs to light your corn husk furnace?
or you just have like, white hot tungsten glow plugs
what are normal glow plugs?
i think i want to make my extruder head from them
yeah man dont have those firing at once

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blackmoon: for a second i thought timecop said 120A i was like, jezus fuck hes annoying sometimes i dont want him to die
i guess that would depend on its rating and ambient conditions
but if you mean car battery, if its not a shit one, yeah maybe thats fine
anyway, itll fail
if you do that without mad downtime between
the battery, 2 minutes is nuts theyre designed to be loaded for like 2 seconds
its just my guess
but i think itll do it multiple times, but prob not if you do it over and over, like 5 minutes or less between, dozens of cycles
yeah but at 120A?

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wtf its syncing all the apps from my phone
thats kind of lame
rly i just wanted my chrome bookmarks

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i got nexus 7
no i dont think so?
oh fuck yeah
this is way better for reading books
cool it can display a whole page and i can read small print no problem, maybe this is better than a 10 because not as heavy

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first week of school completed!
heh, 18 units is no bullshit

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shrug, i wouldnt trust unaveraged adc input in a car
i would do like 256 sample average
on adc int, you just add value to accumulator, then on 256, you ignore the low byte
unless the compiler is an asshole, should be very little proc time

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is that in kohms?
if thats not in k ohms, youre sense circuit is going to take a lot of current
but what you probably want to do it make a divider, using a known resistance for the high side, and the switched gear resistors on the low side
then you connect that to an ADC
10b is way more than enough
8b is prob way more than enough
what i would do is run the adc constantly, as fast as itll reliably sample, and oversample
and some hysteresis will prob help

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