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blackmoon: also msdn access

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neat school perk, i get lynda.com access

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friction, ultrasonic, something called explosion welding wtf

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they covered that before soldering
i guess the difference is brazing is above 450C, soldering is below, and thats it
whole chapter on non fusion welding

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actually hot glue is some pretty advanced engineering lab tech
small board needs a case? make a masking tape mold, fill with hot glue, bonus strain relief included
but yeah glue happens way more than it should in manufacturing, imho

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ha, at some point reading about welding turned into reading about glue, and i think its about to transition into bolts and rivets
it covered all of soldering in like 5 pages =\

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blackmoon: yeah im kind of afraid of ftl now
like, i started playing at night, next thing i know i look out the window its all bright and sunny out

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blackmoon: holy fuck FTL is ridiculous addictive

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