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ill do that sometimes if i know a search will produce a lot of random unrelated crap, but a specific channel would know exactly what im talking about
not really, i could be wrong
ha, yeah thats dumb

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and if you have real money, when you have issues you call the chip or compiler company and they walk you through it or send out a rep
pc: right, complex initialize of a whole chip when youre not using any peripherals, etc
but if youre talking about coding in general, like higher level included, then yeah chans are going to be annoying
software = jobs, money, so people who dont give a shit about the art of it are getting into it because mommy and daddy say they have to go to college
so prob a lot of code stupid people
hardware costs money, so developing skills requires more physical commitment
im sure its reflected in code out in the wild
thats normal on irc

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if they dont often they will fail, or they will compromise the original goal
pc this is ttmustang
if it takes him 5 years, he will find the answer
well right because this is a code related issue
its harder to document that that hardware, because the abstraction layer varies
but yeah, embedded documentation sucks because effectively the c libraries and assembly generated and the build scripts that are known working are considered to be documentation in many cases

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zeeshan: haha, youre assuming that the documentation that exists is complete
the issue is you have the chip company making the docs for the chips, and 3rd party compiler companies implimenting with various degrees of documentation and compatibility
the documentation either overlaps and contradicts, because different specific dev environments, or there are gaps between documentation
then you have hackers writing their own documentation, again itll overlap 1st and 3rd party documentation, and likely contradict both because itll include hacks to get it working on his specific setup, which may or may not be close enough to yours to work
so like, the specific answer is likely out there, but in my experience its a longshot, in many cases you kind of learn what you need as you understand why specific examples are failing

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unf, maths

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welcome to embedded firmware development!

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