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i kind of want to put an extruder on the taig

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but they says they put a whole computer on a chip!
does it still turn audio sine waves into random?
yes, its a bitch to get audio aquisition and analysis packages to know what to do with it
they wont be able to key in on start points or tokens in the signal, so they output trash
lots of dsp and wireless systems like this, but mostly its just latency issues
bluetooth distorts too

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thats because they let people who are wrong edit it
The iPhone is required with Apple Watch.
i honestly would have considered the watch but i guess its just an accessory

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gonna end up with giant parts
i like mil more than thou' but thou' is def less ambiguous
y ty
right but no ones going to think thou is millimeter
because no one says thousandth of a meter

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ha, iphone6 has 1080! AMAZING PIXEL DENSITY!
how long has nexus 5 been out?
It includes IR LEDs and diodes that transmit rotary moves into digital data!
so it has mouse 3rd button technology

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20:53:00 < Rab> Haha, I remember stu going off on that.
rab: what side was he on?

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was the place full of musicians and druggies
maybe because everyone just assumes everything will be forgotten unless written down
you would think but the opposite turned out to be the case

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theres no way altium doesnt have a drc manager
i usually have kind of a generic one to work with, and then sometimes boardhouse specific ones that i would load after i was done
thats like edrawings for pcb?
yeah so eother overwrite or just import at the start
or create a new file template that uses your rules
its funny how the only place i worked at that really had their shit todether with documentation

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