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asian CM, its like you have clear evidence they fucked up, intentionally to save money, and its like YA UM NO, YOU PAY TO FIX WE SHIP THURDAY?
literally no choice but to say yes and do whatever to maintain the business relationship
fuckin suicide
and i kind of love them for it because in 10 year they will have a for real middle class, but yeah sucks for local business
not trying to be that sympathetic to local companies that sold out local manufacturing tho, fuck em

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and there goes your companies rep...
right but your CMs are more local, no?
local vs china PCB is huge with big numbers
in china youre just another client, in the US your like the big deal this month
right how long did it take to fix?
with a china CM, if you blow a window your fucked because they redo theline for someone else with their shit just a bit more together than you
if they dont have a client in line, they will bend over backwards
if they do, theyre like fuck you, and that changes every week
you cant go to china and just yell anymore
theyre real mfkrs now, they dont take bullshit, theres too much business
you wont even get to the point of wanting to yell with american CM because theyre usually the one to tell you they fucked up

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actually in lots of QC they have these little thin cotton gloves
and yeah, you cal feel visual defects but thsats about it =\
(you can see a little butter than you can feel, in my experience you can only feel to about .0005, you can see tool mark patterns finer than that)
like, there are limits on lighting and inpection time in most big corp QC documents
because when you get good at inspecting a product, given a minute, you find *everything*
things a consumer wouldnt see for years
things they wouldnt care about
sucks, i always end up doing this at product intro before manufacturing knows wtf is going on
they dont care until you make drama
it sucks
quality is totally per client and dependent on very acute schedules
contact manufacturing sucks
all i ever think is 'fuck we should be a CM..."

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mikah: haha, no which grados
im really impress by the ones i just got, and theyre low end and used,
ha, im even impressed by how unimpressive some of the part finishes are, clearly functionality is what got these through QC
the plastic has lots of visible stuff from the casting process, lots of companies would go nuts avoiding shipping that
like, i can feel it with my fingers blind its so bad

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neat how comofy they are long stretched, i forgot im listening to the headphones and not my desktop monitors
mikah: which do you have?

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kind of dont have time anymore
butt secks is like whatever with her
anyway girl who i known forever, who ive boinked, diff girl
mutual friend, exgf has as much of a crush on her as i do
thats how we met
we even <3 the same women
but yeah im not trying to get in her way and i know she doesnt want to be in mine, so its as unlikely as likely, mostly its nice to have a friend in a new place
i just ordered new pads for mine
traded a numark dj2go or whatever for some re-60

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in her position, she could say the same about me
well it feels awesome, we got good comm and were both ridiculous horny
and irresponsible enough to be like, OKAY WITHOUT THE CONDOM, JUST A LITTLE BIT, RIGHT?
sure thats pretty whatever
thats like first 30 seconds i guess
well we dated and broke up because she moved 500 mi away and then we fucked around after
with various degrees of success
shes pretty much down for anything
at least what id be into
well whatever, if she takes off it wasnt supposed to be, been there done that already dealt with feeling crap over it
like, if were not making each other feel good, having fun, neither of us is into it
that much is pretty clear

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shes like that, doesnt want kids, doesnt care if she doesnt end up with a family because hers is pretty awesome
im surrounded by 18-24 years olds, im like araid for my life
i hung out with her bro tonight, hes up visiting
awesome guy, really her whole family
was actually a problem, im really uncomfortable around family groups, almost more so when they arent dysfunctional
so when theyre nice people i feel guilty for feeling that way,so its not like a positive feeling for me, which causes problems, because im retarded at people
well, kinda, but hopefully that means we can score hot chicks together out whole life
right and we both dont want that
but i fuck her because if it happened i wouldnt care if she wanted to keep it
shhh, secret
it would suck, being the irresponsible do what i want fuck all yall type of person i am
but she could keep my kid safe
and she could teach him how to be awesome, by herself if she had to
so yeah, if it happened, whatever she wanted to do im down
right, but shes perfect because we mutually dont want that
but we both hate condoms....
like, everything i could tlak shit about her

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i dont remember the song, but i remember tham 1000%, one of the best moments in live music for me
because theyre real punk rock n roll
they didnt give up
kurt and robin williams can go fuck themselves
i <3 them, truly, as much as anyone
but yeah they gave up
yeah i didnt really have money for shows then
my neighbor was older, i used to babysit for her, she took me to a bunch of punk shows in hollywood
kind of the cloest i got, and was prob more real than a stadium nirvana show
5ft from the bands and shit
yeah real hard
not always the best production but the performance was tight and way aggressive
omg my exgf was playing so hard! sorry just never seen her play, older band does covers and jam shit, whole spectrum of rock
were not dating sometimes we fuck
like, she said we couldnt date mostly because she has a crush on this coworker girlshe hooked up with recently
naw we were friends long time, dated for like a year, she knows me well enough to know that wont work
same goes with her, were kinda boy girl version of the same thing
like, she prob TIG welds better than me

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but he was going to do it with or without her
because thats basically what allhis music was about
like we thought he was kidding?
he wasnt kidding
but the album he wrote for her
true classic
yeah she was a name dropping attention whore, scenester, those types are usually pretty selfish, heh
sociable, but selfish
because shes friendly, in a malleable sort of way
because she wanted to be his and she has a vagina
well he was a normal rock star
dissatisfaction is kind of part of the role, i think
not enough of the red m&m anbd the whore butt crack to eat them from is all wrong
the dimple at the end of the crack, the way the skin folds into the lower back, all wrong
it would be slightly lamer than pearl jam tho
so probably best this way, in terms of impact
last job, they got us side stage tickets to sound city band at jimmy kimmel on hollywood blvd
this is mostly dave groels thing
pat smear, then chris noveseliv, on stage with groel, same time, few songs

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her friends sister used to test hot pockets at the factory in LA county that just shut down
we used to make a joke like, id like to test her hot pocket
her friend is actually my oldest friend
who i have a forever into the next sort of crush on
sometimes this causes problems
yeah but vaginas are awesome
and thats what we means when we were saying we wanted to test her hot pocket
what we meant really was i want to put my penis in her vagina
no i put it in her siste4r
who is cuter
naw i never tried with the sister
arguably i am still trying with the friend
but thats wont go away, not this life, not into the next, pretty sure that damage is permanent
yeah im sure this is my last trial before nirvana
nirvana will not be had
other will be hurt
shrug, all is fair, amirite
i love her non voice
i love it so much
i hate her but the art other produced while exploiting her, omg
naw, he killed himself
i love the dude, but i was a naive teenager of that era

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holy shit guys
exgf can really rock a mfkrs ass off on the drums
(never seen her play live with a band, just by herself)
that plus five guiness and im posititvely blown away for the night, time to smoke some weed and jerk off or some even more week or something
smoke even more weed or something
i just texted her she is sexier than john bonham
probably not the smartest thing to say to a girl

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no like prob 10 of them
yeah i dunno i watched them awhile
5:50 to 6:30
i listened to a lot
tiem for coffee
im not clicking anymore

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heh, measuring polar plaots is like that, you have to be able to look at like 100 measurements in some sort of graphic, and find the bullshit measurement, redo them if you could
trucks, trains, and fighter jets
this is what fucks up our automated measurements
kinda cool, JBL northridge is in the van nuys airport flight path
so during the air shows, they would have plots saved as "freq_resp_f-16"
omg fuck you blackmoon ive had that playlist on the whole time my brain is prob ruined
im listening to other music now but i still have fast forward anime vocals ringing in my head

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thats doable, then if you need way more, figure out how to automate, verify the script with your fake min/max/avg test data
haha yeah youre going to need to automate that or just have a lab test it
anyway, if youre not sure about how to draw the line in manual processing, youre going to have a hard time deciding if your script shit is correct
because yeah i think this is going to take a lot of pixels, heh
write, but curves and any irregulaties in the edge
if you find yourself kind of splitting the differences of curves and weird jagged edges, thats stuff that computers suck at
so you have to babysit the results

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yeah thats towards 10,000
yeah i do work, when i work
seriously tho, 100 frames, takes 20 seconds to draw a line, thats 20 minutes
pretty sure my maths fucked but its in that ballpark
anyway, versus learning how to script the shit, for one experiement, do it manually
but do you want to present just data or just a script
get some data first, then get a script, then you have something to compare against
when debuggin script
youre prob going to be doing it manually at some point at least for a sample set anyway
like, if youre not careful, you spawn a second project which needs to be completed before moving forward
like, 80 experiments you def want to automate, 10 im not so sure
under 10, its a trap
so come up with some expected min max and average, test those do manually, that like 9 conditions?

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friends doing a lot of image processing stuff in his spare time
seems to be going to slow, i feel like just drawing lines on slides and having matlab deal with lines would be faster
like, it would be slow, but it would be much much faster than trying to learn how to teach a pc to figure it out
but like, it seems to be a lot of tweaking to get algorithms to work with a specific batch of images
might affect aero a bit
def something you could sell to competition shooters
zeeshan: right if you can get it to find the edge you want, its pretty straight forward after that
right so it depends if you are dealing with 100 frames or 10,000
100, just do it manual, 10,000, figure out how to get the image processor to work
50 or 100, itd be way faster to draw lines
were talking 20 minutes

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the best time to do work
efficiency way up during lunch, after hours and on weekends
is it heavy?
so not very
yeah weird to try and test its resonance without direct driving it
maybe treating it as a passive radiator
anyway, i would guess it would do something to do the reaction times

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yeah, you only test that if you want to stall a project out
well, of course the rubber surrounds deteriorate if you leave them out in the sun for 10 years

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just for surface scratches
yeah so stainless it would work but could be evil for standard steel
would depend on how far the adhesive could sretch
yeah but you can change that
how they make the film
it looks sprayed
just kinda blobby, globular

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omg obscene stereo panning
least it returns to center, creative panning makes me feel like im going deaf =\

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yeah i dunno i thought it was going to go away after a day

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wtf tenjitsu

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05:09:45 < zeeshan> most of your silly ops are in another channel i'm in
05:09:49 < zeeshan> and we talk there
for the record, you ops are silly

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