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blackmoon: noice
ohsixi: yeah, some places are strict about that

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they grey stuff is plastic, but the cab is thick hard paint over MDF
yeah they make like 50 or 100
blackmoon: yeah but youre just standing there waiting
like, making a phone call or sending a text doesnt do it
was just random
calls wouldnt do it
blackmoon: it might be coupling all the time but only a particular thing gets demodulated into audio
the opamps doesnt react to it symmetrically
so they start clipping against a rail
might be as simple as an opamp swap, but on a product as high volume as that, they want mad proof before they stop the line and rework
but we couldnt reliably reproduce and it wasnt a huge issue, just some rich fuck producers who complained

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electronics are mostly the same, ST chipamps, woofers still fuckin up the budget in favor of the consumer
the VXT series has natsemi LM3886 chipamps, dunno if theyre still selling that, they been redesigning it for like 100 years now
vxt has fiber composite woofers, the rokits just have a kevlar weave layer on paper cones
the whites were probably the coolest ones
red and yellow with the yellow cones was kinda tacky
they have white or yellow cones?
i can never remember because there was so much weird prototype shit around
like we had blue rokits with a stanton logo
so glad that never happened, heh
thats g1, thats wood

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like 4 years ago
stanton/krk/cerwin-vega, laid of half of engineering, got bought by gibson couple years after
yeah i got g1 rokit 8s and the matching 10" sub, they were doing a warehouse sale before moving buildings
with the sub, really with i had the rokit 5, but that 8s arent bad
the tweeter seems bit slow, but they measure flat within like 1.5dB of 1khz, measured in a room where dsp genelecs are flat within 0.5db
ohsixi: the flat wood face ones?
or the plastic face ones
i dont like how those look so much

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fuck i think my KRKs just did that digital interference sound thing customers complained about that we sucked at reproducing
its the phones
i have two phones charging on top of it, one of them powered off (standby, i guess), other one on
always the fucking phones
we could get certain peoples phones to do it, but its not like we had a cell tower simulator, so shit would happen at totally random intervals

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i paid for AES =(
student discount is not cheaper than company pays

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i guess i just go to bike shop and ask them about bottom brackets
its pretty cool, school has a bike repair stand
stocks hundreds of tubes, enough tools to handle anything
heh, this week was last week to drop
i think a third of the bikes arent taking up the racks anymore
guess university isnt much diff from community college like that
first month everyone thinks theyre going to school
in my intro tech graphics class, instructor totally did the '60% of you will give up at engineering, so its not so bad if you don't do well' speech

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if i made an SM i could do two stroke, but i kinda just want to buy something its way cheaper than doing a full conversion
yes obviously
arguably a dual sport is better for i want to do
because if rough roads or suddenly gravel (happens)
but im pretty careful about only driving as fast as i can, especially on unfamiliar roads
*fast as i can see
i missed a Lemons race at thunderhill (45min away) last weekend
because studying, was looking forward to that
i guess there is just something kind of uncompromised and single purpose about super motos that i like
but yeah prob not until next year, winter and summer are going to be about paying off stupid car
stupid car just sits there doing nothing now
totally covered in sap, prob all pissed at me because of it
its like is reliability is mocking me

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i want a dirtbike to convert to a super moto
i always felt like i kill myself on a sportbike
but something lighter with more grip and less power sounds awesome, all i want to do is ride mountain roads
i might get a 250
because im heavy and hills
80 would be fun to get around town, but im 4 blocks from school
if my bike dies i can walk fine
yeah i want something can do least like 35mph up a hill
because traffic
if i wanted a dirtbike an 80 would be hella neat, but i basically want to use a dirt bike as a street bike for attacking canyons
i basically want that in 250cc
i think yamaha makes a factory super moto
its a dirtbike with lowered and stiffened suspension, upside down forks, street tires

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that makes sense, they never design the shit to pivot around the output shaft
that would be a design nightmare
its like 6" behind or some shit, no?
not as bad as i thought
nice 80 =)
great resale
you got a good tank and seat between them?
haha wtf @ spokes gone

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i have a stainless chain, all half links, seems to be working out well, doesnt seem stretched
i guess only a few hundred miles tho
easier to resize, looks so much cooler
also the stainless is sexy as fuck, people are like, HOW DO I GET MY CHAIN CLEAN LIKE THAT!?
im like, never
well half links seem more stretchable, was my only concern
ive never lubed my chain
and im pretty sure my crank is aluminum
the crank wheel
still toothy as fuck, tho i broke one tooth on my jeans once
well i keep my chain tight, no gears, way under 1/4" of play, have a chain tensioner on the rear spindle
that actually might be why the bearings are fucked
gets pants stuck inside and its enough to yank the crank shaft at a weird angle
its a 24" bmx cruiser
little smaller than a hybrid mountain bike, way bigger than standard BMX

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i feel like if i take the crank off the bearings will go to shit
gut feeling i guess
yeah was awesome last time
i could pedal backwards like 10 times
and get maybe 3 or four revs forward
went about a mile like that
yeah i have a spare freewheel with shorter gearing, just have to flip my wheel around
and i got beefy 4 pawl ones, sound cool and seem reliable
very little play on initial peddling
i dont think its a BMX standard
euro brackets came from other more common bikes im pretty sure
so should be able to find something, but i dunno if i can find the long cranks
i maybe just treat it as a consumable part and have spares around
no the diameter, pretty BMX uses the thickest standard
they always ship with bushings to downsize
youre bike is not a normal bike

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hardly ever, remember it only rains maybe dozen times a year here
naw theyre totally clean
the last set was fine except the bearings crushed, lots of half bearings and a few fragments
i have to get a new frame
the euro brackets thread in, why they use smaller bearings
older, 'standard' bottom brackets used much bigger bearings
yeah dunno if those are the same
thats my last set
its like, two sealed bearings, sometimes pressed onto a common ID bushing
i dont think the crank shaft diameters are the same
and im not sure the widths are the same either, or even standard in BMX
i dont even know if i want to clean them

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blackmoon: any ideas how to make overloaded sealed bearings last longer?
pretty sure im running some hemispheres in my crank bracket bearings =(
its making the noise like my last bottom bracket before it bearings shattered
its because euro style
so instead of two big bearings on either side, theres four, two on each side, smaller diameter
anyway, my fatass is loading up the end bearing too much so it doesnt matter there are four, is my theory
yeah thats all i could think off, but theyre prob a bitch to flush because the seals
naw man i have 180mm cranks and long gearing and i weigh 220lbs and these are race parts
for 120 lb riders
but im faster than everyone else at school!
significantly, im kind of like wtf guys
its $30 per set
the first was redline, matched for my cranks
these are another brand, feels the same way
mad tick once per rev
and my bike doesnt really creak, barely hear the chain over the pawls
not much

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yeah thats how series ferrites work
you design in a 0R or 100R or some shit, so i can replace that with a ferrite if esd gun blows shit up
blackmoon: series resistance usually works a lot better than ferrites, on the shit i do at least
like, 1k right after the coupling cap kill most everything if a cap before, like even just 100pf, long as other traces arent to close theyll spark gap,
but 1k is huge with like ~10k input impedances, 1dB hit to your signal, why 100R is more common, doesnt always work

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on inputs, digital and analog, you often see a ton of stuff for ESD protection
unstuffed diodes and shunt caps
lots of stuff has spark gaps, if those work no one will populate anything
i think prob most my design work in the wild in related to ESD protection, heh
its usually a trial, error, repair, repeat thing, for maybe dozens of arc disrcharge points, so usually ends up being the techs job
so like, if you dont give me the pads i need so i can have your board reworked, and i prove that my change works better or available options dont, you have to rev the PCB

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essentially youre trying to create low pass filters with knees above your operating frequency
so because the capacitance is a huge variable, exact resistance needs to be calculated with estimates parasitic capacitance
or you start high and tweak until it affects your signal, then back off
also, pulldowns are loading the outputs of the transmitter(s)
which can be good or bad depending on its spec
increased load could slow the system down
however that may decrease overshoot through your transmission lines, so making the thing slower might not be bad
yeah man add anything you think might be useful
on digital stuff, lots of boards i seen have RC on *every* input
almost never stuffed, but there are usually pads for it there and around board to board connectors

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readerror: it maybe depends on whats connected to it, like if someone else powers up first and is hard wired to the inputs, you can get away with out them usually
but in general its a good practice, if the logic gates connect to something critical or fragile, you def want the pulldowns/ups in the design
even if you dont stuff on the PCB, you want the pulldowns there, for example to debug the system in parts and not worry so much if an output goes hi-z
yeah it doesnt matter so much if its just serial com
adding resistors at the end that pull a decent amount of current may make the system more immune to noise or a ringing issue
series resistance can accomplish the same, you mostly want to think in terms of partasitic capacitance in your system
like, youre going to have capacitance between shield and center, or between twisted pairs
youre going to have capacitance between the traces and surrounding ground elements

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zeeshan: hi, fuck off!
anyway, AES club has maybe 40 members, prob two dozen show up
im one of two engineering majors, and the other guy is a softy
this AES = knob twisters =)
should be fun than hanging out with the eng geeks

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yeah lots of RF shit i seen, just a PCB with a pill transistor on the bottom, bolted to giant heatsink
wtf @ flux and paste sandwich
clearly this is not a production oriented process
haha, do not use the delrin because itll melt

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they only shot it running for about 10 seconds each time
and the copper on that board is effectively a heatsink, tons of surface area
also i think its just a test fixture, usually those tabs are soldered on RF transistors
well, if its AB theres two of them
so 600W at zero efficiency
so about 300W in the chip
300W is nuts but for 10 seconds on a thick copper PCB, giant substrate tabs, huge ceramic block to minimize thermal shock
like, it doesnt seem totally unreasonable
its very likely its extremely underrated for voltage just so they can pump other specs
also i dont think their gear measured distortion in any way, for their normal use control test
also we dont know how the power source reacts to being shorted, it could drop the fuck out

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sustained shorting then doing 120W output like whatever is pretty nice
i love how they call an open load very transistor unfriendly
then short it out, with no mention of unfriendliness
er, 1200W output
gpf: heh, non-stock at digikey, $290/ea

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ha, im on the same server as the bot
and im always bitching about how my shell is intermittently laggy
like, i never made the connection, thats prob why tenjitsu sucks hes like 2-100 seconds behind

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heh, tomorrow school is doing a welcome event for us old fuck students tomorrow

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gpf: !
how are all the things
slippery things

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yeah im not really trying to be a welder
i like my eyes, and my hair
and my skin, and my lungs
rab: and shouldnt he already be able to school me on welding?
i prob have under 40 hours of experience
and hes already proclaimed his expertise

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i guess i should take this opportunity to point out that zee sucks at electronics, and that im good at electronics, and clearly this makes zee a lesser human being who now has no credibility or experience in anything
gotta hold up appearances
this aint dalnet

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nice, we do
like, were graded partially on how straight our bead, and i cant even see the gaps and seams im welding
its a butt weld too so its not like i have a vert section to reflect the arc for reference
i kind of assume theyre the same thing
anyway, continuity test solves that questions in a couple seconds

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its an isolated unregulated supply
ground it where you connect ground on the secondary side
blackmoon: wiring description is for a dual primary transformer
if its not isolated someone got hella creative, heh
welding in class is annoying, all the masks are fucked up dirty and were only going to weld for a few weeks, not worth buying my own gear
i totally had a mask gloves and jacket but i forgot them in my locker at exschool
i dont even know if we have one actually

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