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blackmoon: what about i just replace the bearings
hammer out the old ones and fit new ones, get something spendy from mcmaster
the smallest ones have a 2ton+ load max

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man fuck that
cant even get it to inport

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i just need to import shit and do textures and lighting
i dont need to do any animation shit
i used it years ago
UI was kinda wtf

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k im gonna learn blender tonight
so i can make my solidworks modeks FOR FREE BITCHES
so i can make my solidworks models pretty FOR FREE BITCHES

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ugly drawing
not only are dims and notes inside the parts, theyre overlapping lines
tolerances are in the titleblock?
is that internal or external documentation

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the garbage ones are good for like .001
ohsixi: ha
well fine, 0.25mm
so i was right that rounds to 0.25
youre ridiculous if you thing .001mm exists on affordable tools
even .01" is kind of pushing it for affordable tools, i wouldnt trust the last digit of a x.xx mm caliper
er, even .01 mm is
thats huge no way

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synth: 10g of the silver needles white tea i got, french pressed and into a gallon pitcher of chilled water
omg so tasty
steeped for like 20min

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we figured out that the smaller ones were less immune just because the preamp distance to the external surfaces was closer
and this shit only happened when you put the phones leaning against or on top of the speakers
like, guys just tell the rich fucks to keep the phones off the desk and console

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you mean a pot after the output of the amp?
thats not going to work for so many reasons
if you mean the speaker output, dont do that
put a pot on the input, CW pin on your signal source output, wiper (middle) pin to your amp input, CCW pin to ground
ohsixi: yeah, ~200Hz squares sound right, it chirps it
but this isnt so bad, its mostly little pops and clicks
this is the bigger speaker tho

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