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damn gonna miss goldie
newhome is far from drum n bass

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yeah see like i like playing with DAW software, but really have absolutely no arranging skills
poor creative flow, just like playing with the gear figuring it out how it works
id prob make a good studio engineer

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not really, im an audio person, thats why i was interested and learned electronics
i know acoustics better than most musicians, know how the gear should be used better than most
i play with my bass guitar sometimes, im just not a musician

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thats basically how product design and engineering go, but a lot of time the technology enables the product design
im like the other way around =\

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mesical needs based on electronic needs?
yeah im saying what is the other way around
like, im probably the closest thing to the other way around and i dont consider it the way you stated
my sucial tastes arent based on my electronic needs
hmmm i guess
i cant say i know anyone like this
copying designs seems much more common
ha, truth
but yeah i guess i am used to both being considered simultaneously
you consider the music and the end user when you are figuring out a design

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