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i like that for most repetitive cnc stuff
carbide chips but still cuts, finish will just be awful
HSS will just dull, then very bad things

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this i sboring
unless you mean on a circle and were going the short way
thats the lazy persons answer!
i am

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haha @ carbide in a cordless drill
that would be frustrating
i suggest just sending to machine shop

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yeah you can get 2.5W amps in DIP
its hard to rework
do soic if youve never done anything in SMD before
even ssop is pushing it
engineers who design with these parts probably dont even see the assembled boards half the time
they get rung if something goes wrong
who cares how they get made, that some manufacturing assholes job
we paid them to ship it to some other factory
yeah pro assemblers are nuts
just tin and silver these days

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yeah if you dont have a QC department or a QC guy or at least an engineering department budget, you shouldnt be doing BGQ
probably shouldnt be doing QFN either
soic is great for hobby projects
learn to SMD rework, easy to do without a microscope or a special iron
soic + 0805 is prob where you should start if you never done this before
try and keep traces and gaps .008 or above
that way you will be able to get it fabbed anywhere
if they only do down to .012 cheap, you prob dont want to mess with that pcb house
theyre just not good, or theyre trying to rip you off
lots of prototype houses and batch were down to like .004
havent paid attention lately
point is, be a pro and do go finer than you need to
there are functional reasons besides money, too, but money is a big one
*dont go finer

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omg ew
oh those are segmented instead of stupid font

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