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nights`: is 2 stroke or 4 stroke?
er ``nico

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okay so i get some 4 stroke motor and replace the head
with some sort of direct injection magnetic voice voil valve system
like this is as simple as motors get, no?
well except for the whole digital controller part
because shit has to come back at high rpm
not doing math homework so feeling guilty
i dont think lawnmower racers have to actually cut grass

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i guess with solenoids i dont really get cam timing
wow so that would be some advanced shit, linear feedback magnetic actuators for valve timing
fuck ur timing belt chain bullshit
that will sound awful
so at some point to you begin blowing exhaust into your case?
is that normal is that just a 2 stroke thing?
and yeah i want to do active valve control
which i dont think is very new, but if you actually controlled the exact timing like a cam, thats maybe new
because wtf reed valve in 2014 moon
no gasket, just reed against machines case?
or what

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i guess by cutting back on chamber pressure when exhaust port opens?
its in the port?
its in the port
yeah took me awhile to figure out the drawing, heh
fuck air pressure then i need another accessory

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yeah that looks sexy plus prob way easier to mod with diff fill
expansion chamber i assume kind of smooths the back pressure?
so its not so linear with chamber output
okay so you fuck up the tuning so it feeds back
2 strokes are stupid
its so not linear you reverse the phases
theyre smart like a fuckin amoeba
so i want to do something with magnetic or pneumatic valves
f1 gaves up on it 100 years ago, but i think that shit is gonna come back because wtf so easy

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you think to much
its a box with inputs and outputs and a datasheet
you dont know what they did with the io circuits and gates to hit some required spec for some manufacturing cost in like 1976
it made sense then
jack3k3: i dont know but i doubt all the transistors are the same
blackmoon: so you took what sounds like a quite muffler and gutted it
yeah, i would guess that evens out the back pressure depending on how big you do the outlet
and *hyped, moon

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blackmoon: hi

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anything IDE has the right to be dead unless its literally new in packing
i hate that
well go into your original bios and make sure evertything is enabled
and download the mobo manual if its available
errata is a bitch
ha it rained here
i would let toyotaCar break loose and spin its wheels going down the street at like 5krpm
id like to think thats how it has fun and im making car happy
haha @ my sister in the rain
'whats tha noise?' at a dead stop
'your wheels spinning, stop flooring it'
ha neat, mini brake ramp

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thats like all of my motorcycle experience
reality is bad for two strokes
lean is bad, i think is the important part
carbed, choked, modern EFI, lean is bad

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ha i so dont drink now
all summer i was staying with an irish friend
so yeah, 2 to 4 beers a night was typical
now im in my own place again, never have beer around
go to a friends who drinks mostly 10%+ craft beer
one tall glass and im good, its nice
why, im a pothead
if im going to manufacture mind altering substarnces, obviously gonna grow dankness
yeah but buying beer is simpler and easier
and prob usually better
im gonna go buy a mouse i cant afford
i loved the wired one

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do not
we have winco
its like, employee owned, almost warehouse style grocery but lots of variety, not like costco
k gl
yeah i dunno
open 24 hours
north california, between sacramento and redding

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oh, organic dirt
hell yeah that place is cheap
prob because not paying for preservative
bought sourdough bread, mold 4 days later
that plus target you dont really need to go to regular grocery store
dont like walmart, dont really like department stores
so theres like two commercial areas around here
one by the suburbs away from the school
and another way south of school by their airport
so its like, i want to get a couple things one trip always end up having to drive a bunch
they need more retail diversity or some shit

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also its nice knowing you have most of the bad shit out
tho yeah, hydro nutrients are bunch of heavy metals and random minerals, poisonous as fuck
trader joe's goddess sour dressing is like, tahini, cider vinegar, soy sauce, lemon juice, some other stuff...
tastes like its got bacon, its vegan
wot that

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fuckin zero water pitcher
i got the big one, like the britta ultra max
so theres a lot of things better about it, when you overfill the pre-filter basin it doesnt overflow into filtered area
the handles arent slippery, with nothing to gab onto it
but it has a hinged lid for the fill area, with two tiny sub mm plastic pins holding it on
obviously broke it while cleaning it
its a water filter pitcher
but yeah shit works
turned 100ppm water into 001ppm water
you could grow hydro weed with this
water here is 100ppm from the tap, better than southern cali
so i guess im happy with it but now the lid is all gimp
dunno man if you eat food youre prob getting enough important minerals
yeah totally
expensive minerals at that
well, generally you want reverse osmosis or distilled so you can be consistent when adding nutrients

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heh, hdd jumpers and 80 lead flex cable
you live in the future embrace it
that was like 80% of the pc problems i ran into
the other 20% was malware
los angeles
i blew up two psu
and yeah i guess i replaced a few

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