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timecop: a) rhett was wrong about jussie so what are the chances he 2 for 2
b) this one doesnt know a ton about cars, also girl indicator
c) i have confirmed vagina on efnet exists
sometimes the vagina will steal your best friend

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no shes danish
and nothing like jussie (#cars former resident he-she)

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15:46:37 < meow-purr> eck0 i got a touch screen dell
15:47:31 < meow-purr> good when kitteh decides to lay on keyboard

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readerror: i wonder how much it radiates
i dunno mfkr dont like clicky noises

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i could be a total ass in my intro controls class
and replace the $900 controller line in the BOM with $20 in microcontrollers and power transistors
also, bosche-rexroth extrusion is cheap as fuck, $65 for 6m
i thought 2 or 3x that at least

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macegr: i has volume down and was skeptical
especially as the eagle was about to penetrate the water
but the techno viking reassured me
im on board

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