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tho he kind of walks from a bad place into a worse place while doing it
least hes looking in the right direction
prob just forearms the next rider

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06:11:52 < Rucas> what's a good inexpensive vacuum desoldering station that i can pick up used
macegr: whats the name of the hakko factory's back door?
their stuff new is high value, medium quality
it holds up for a year or two in engineering labs used daily
honestly its about the same as the hakko shit
it lasts about as long as you take care of it

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AES was pretty cool
new big coax genel;ecs sound awesome, too
have dual racetrack honeycomb diaphragm woofers, some sort of mid element diffuser or grill, cant see the driver, very sexy, like a giant cast aluminum eyeball
mcdonalds monopoly is cool
this and sausage biscuit NO EGG are mcdonalds redeeming qualities

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