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whatever that is, its scary

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man i got like perfect stoned last night
decent amount of sleep, early enough to nom bacon eggs and hash browns, still time for long shower
oh shit i forgot coffee
im gonna be ultra prepared
history and math class, heh

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stonin to calc

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macegr: ha, coool
needs 2nd alternator for the other battery

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i wouldnt mind a 90s tacoma
with a bed cover, the ones before they got fat
fun to drive around unloaded

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you keep fat women under your hood?
doesnt he have a blazer or something?
some coupe SUV
no i think thats just a hobby
because it doesnt go straight

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find a datasheet gor the motors
theres a connector key
also theyre labeled
on the pin inulation block
also if you have an idea of what theyre connected to, you can start probing
there might be a brake control, a temperature sensor, parallel power lines

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anyway, if you want to reverse it, do it with photoshop or gimp like synth says, mirror bottom layer and line em up, make the netlists on other layers
its 3 phase, maybe can work as single phase, but theyre saying its fine to just bypass and use DC
via transformer to AC mains, being made at terminals U V W
what it says in the link

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most of those circuits are probably going to be identical channels
fuck off go ask someone for logs
take photos, put on diff layer, mirror bottom, set transparency
connect the dots
i dont know what the means thats a controls company?
its going to be a sane design then, itll help you to try and understand what they are doing
the layout looks well done, 80s/90s sex
well whatever thats not very relevant to the channel

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yeah tell him to be careful about vias
when he flips
hes got me on ignore, but as long as he doesnt mix up vias thats prob pretty easy to reverse
the analog sections look sexy
no idea if the layout is good but placement is neat
they got the caps at right angles at least
but yeah the vias would prob fuck me up, keeping track of them when i flip
yeah long as you are consistent and keep track of what youre looking at
copy layer, flip, mirror, align
would make things pretty easy
tell him im calling him a pussy

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05:18:47 < ohsixI> find ground, then probe all over for it
that kind of works but caps and sense resistors will be an issue
but yeah, its just connect the dots
write shit down
IC pin numbers, passives with U/D/L/R pin labels if bipolar
its a documentation problem
you just go slow, write everything down, double check what you wrote down
eventually you will have a netlist you can turn into a schematic
it gets fun, this is how you learn how big companies route PCB
my guess is industrial control so prob not super dense
sounds like big parts, double layers
i didnt see pic, sec

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