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so it trips me out that there is a prince album in 2014
gonna ftl to it, feer
they prob offered and hes like fuck off, partyin'

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w00t done with homurk
time to get faded

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i wonder if theres a lot of downward angle on the gun
denkishi: i guess because visibility

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if youre a fighter jet and 20mm isnt enough you need to run away or use a missile
if you got close enough to a bomber to hit it with 20mm, world is probably already over
bomber is just flying around because nowhere left to land
A-10 isnt a fighter jet
and that cannon basically is why it exists
it is somehow uglier than everything but sexier than an F14
if i got to choose a fighter jet, i would choose an a10 instead

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its like wtf is 6.3v
(25% up from 5.0V)
but they jump right from 10 to 15v
blackmoon: so the best amp designers i know basically size the rails versus available capacitors
instead of the other way around

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got it for like $7, i <3 now
zeeshan|2: just go buy 0awg from the welding shop?
prob solved
prob not even close on most the gear
technically, a fault could draw beaker current on any of your lines, too...
so you might as well make everything 2awg
ha, ya trudat
or in stock qty = 2
with 8 week lead times
because manufacturer is like, oh its one of these 90A idiots again
they need a few dozen idiots for them to care

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yeah fuck all that, assume two simultaneous faults on both sides and a slow breaker
also possibly dead
sometimes dead happens
itll bounce
ha, actually i have cork and rubber isolators on it
so it might actually bounce
i still have to tram it
i leveled it!
the isolators arent same height and they got moved around, i get everything like same torque and shit is prob 5 degrees to one side
im like wtf
well i just wanted the table like, visually flat, heh
i bought a plane level, i didnt want to be moving isolators around just guessing

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like a house
would depend on the actual load
you still want the full rating on the N wire

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fine, overkill for mass production
12awg is 40A 90C no derating
im just looking at the chart someone pasted this aint my design
prob doesnt matter
zeeshan|2: splitting them by load would be best practice

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yeah they seem to sit pretty flush against the frame
no gap, but worth checking i guess
this is a bike town
prob way common with Al frames

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like wtf
anyway, i think i just murdered my solidworks midterm
heh, instructor pulled my test from the pile just so he could look at my drawing
its not safety derated it has a temp spec
you safety derate it
right, because aluminum and im fat
with long (180mm) cranks, so if it happens, how does it not happen to me
haha they sell 185mm cranks now
i would totally bounce the bike while turning with those
i already do it sometimes with 180 cranks
blackmoon: the frame is a taiwan model of a frame they also made here
and is an ebay buy
so yeah, wouldnt be surprised if there are issues
i dont think so
because threaded part of the frame
i think theyre just cheap bearings
i told you i found the part number, and it says a company is using them as headset bearings

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ill just see if it turns
holy fuck
i tapped the key and gravity unscrewed
im just fat
naw, theire fine
slightly worn, and just the one broke tooth from when i took the chain off without undoing the chain tensioner much
i tightened one side like 3/4 turn
first rev was way sticky but after it loosened up
which is good but bad because it means the bearings at least somewhat fucked
trip out tho, the bike makes no other noises besides this
like, chain teeth is all you hear
like, people be riding their beach cruisers, mountain bikes, hipster bikes...
all of them are creaking and rattling

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old shit used relative encoders?
thats scary considering how slow those machines were
tho there are enough stories of ovals at high feed that guess it makes sense
blackmoon: old CNC machines would outrun their encoders and do ovals instead of circles
or outrun something
but relative encoders and missed interrupts makes sense to me
oh neat
grey code = sex
if thats more than $300 you should just make it
blackmoon: my bike is ticking again
i wonder if the crank bolts are just wiggling out
they got giant splotches of thread locker on them
blackmoon: if i cant turn the crank bolts, im going to assume its just steel bearings in aluminum carts and in an aluminum frame thats the issue

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9V is a standard supply
get a wall wart for a guitar pedal
9v power is basically a whole industry unto itself

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wtf 'up to 43 minutes' okay so this industry has no kind of marketing standards...
they have a runtime table with dropdown for watts

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blackmoon: suggestions on offline PSU?
i just want portable mains for audio tests, like 200W speaker, prob doing under 10W most the time
was thinking some shit like this
best buy is neat because i have credit card there so i can be all irresponsible and impulsive about it
it doesnt say how much capacity

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nom, last of bacon

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