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not trying to get that job, just thought the desription was funny

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i dont get it
that was clumsy at best
okay thats better
heh welding engineer
bet that involves a lot of crawling

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but me and rab dont talk about it either
Social High Rise is looking for an amazing Graphic Design Intern who is secretly an Adobe Creative Suite wizard, and who has a passion for art, aesthetics, design, color, space, web design, print design, and all things creative.
how do you not read that as, we need a bitch and were not going to pay you what youre worth

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no blogging here only serious journalism
you could
im not sure what the expected result is
youre trying to turn on the lamp?
i think in a very very dark room it may work 2% of the time
ebola happens man
no we dont care about you that much
we plot rabs death
because texan
and californians
its a thing we dont talk about it
i mean texans and californians and texans

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im like, charlie dude youre a year younger than me, and he laughs
`nico: theres a logic class and one c++ class
community college was maybe deeper, but i get a minor in CS
i can prob convince them to use my CC credits, but whatever i wanna see how they teach this shit
i kind of figure i just do software in free time
android development seems like a new kind of hell
the higher level ease of java i cant stand, mixed with something like web dev
im not even at java yet, im like dick with the xms and make a UI stage
so next step is make functional dropdowns with the java stuff
and then figure out how to port dds code from c on lunix to android
kk bye

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so no magic theyre just trying to breed out the trait
whatever if theyre breaking DNA and splicing back its magic
if theyre just trying to directly or indirectly find the gene and make it happen like all the time, thats like 10k years old
stoner science even
especially if they want to try and grow them hydro
`nico: hydro nutrients are basically heavy metal soup
seawater is kind of tame in comparison, even in very high concentrations
pretty good
math is tough, im not trying hard enough, everything else is smooth
so as expected
money is not great but will survive and prob have winter job
yeah kind of but everyone says hard to guess my age
i have a grad student teacher will be like, WELL YOURE A GOOD KID BLAH BLAH IM AN OLD MAN BLAH BLAH THE OLD LADY BLAH

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so im saying gasoline put through miles of city pipe might not insulate well
yeah but dont try and run current through it
is what im saying
shit conducts electricity for the purpose of #electronics, its metal
urmom? metal.
i get to take chem next semester
i havent done chem class since freshman high school in like 1995
well the grow in dirt

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i want it to work with lemons
so youre saying lemons are risky
just squeeze it
roll it around in your hand it wont have very good partitions
prob because its usually clean?
how many liquids that dont have metal in them conduct well

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this is something production or a prototype?
if its production i would at least try the ungrounded probe, its less to source, less to fail, cheaper
okay but the intent is production if its beta

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ttmustang: yeah i guess
like a $6 solution, how much does it save you in thermocouple?
proper cable is basically twin lead, you should get the same noise on both ends, balanced amp should cancel it out

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s/mad/possibly\ not\ even\ slightly\ annoyed

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what do you mean by isolate
ttmustang: shot me this isolation ic

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get it because alaska
thats like asking a software engineer to design a power supply

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he doesnt have ref designators
the third LM324 from the left, thats the feedback amp
output voltage gets divided in half and fed into the negative input
then the right most LM324 is a voltage reference
i would make sure BC109 is 25% more voltage than your expected Vin, and capable of max current at max voltage drop
thats going to depend on heatsinking, youre going to have to do some math
and you prob want to make sure the transistor is about as fast
prob not at max current at the lowest voltage setting

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denkishi-: sorry missed link
where is the fucking output
the V box?
that one seems a bit crackish
yeah i get it now thats a panel meter

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if you use a lower input voltage than he is using, you may want to eliminate D7, D8, and or D9
p2 is going to be sensitive to input voltage, i dont like that its a pot with no series resistor
the meter circuit is pretty cool
but yeah, again not how i would do it
this is some other circuit?

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also, put a reverse bias diode across the LM317
from output to input, like D6 but to protect the LM317 from reverse voltage
important if youre going to be debugging the circuit, if you dump the caps on the input side while the output side is charged, itll pop the vreg
they survive lots of everything, except reverse voltage
no those are just to drop voltage
right so normally not passing current
just like D6

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max temp and power and tolerance percentage are ratings
.1R is what it is
so in that circuit, .1R wont do well to protect from over current, but itll split load between the two
so it wont do much in your single transistor circuit
however, i would put maybe 1R or 10R there
and possibly a switch to short that out, or switch in a 0.1R
if this is a project regulator, nothing permanent install, i definitely suggest doing that
but if you do the fuse like it says, its safe to just leave R3/R4 off, shit just might blow up
both fuses
well, just keep it isolated enough that if you want to change it later its not drama
right, not so uncommon
consider software development

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at 6A, the vreg looks like 2.5R
multiply by three, each channel is 7.5R
for the unregulated voltage?
so yeah, 27R will drop out the supply at 6A
the resistors just pull power from the transistor at the cost of dropout voltage
they also help to share load current
directly in parallel, if one opens up way quick, because who knows solar flare, your cat peed on it
it might burn up
equally divided current
so for single transistor implimentation, its not needed
if thats its only purpose
it also provides current limiting
at 27R, this is pretty effective current limiting, if one of the transistors runs away, who cares it cant pull enough current to die
at .1R, it will prob just slow the sure death of the output device
but .1R is decent for load sharing, assuming somewhat matched transistors
call it a value, not a rating

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yeah, i would leave it
who the fuck draws their transistors on their backs like that
my guess is theyre there as load splitting resistors
maybe to reduce ringing in the output a bit
2it wouldnt be that bad to just leave it out, honestly
instead of .1R?
2.7R or 27R?
okay 27R divided by three os 9R
oh its variable shit
okay so the input of the vreg is like 45V?
or 40V, some shit like that
so at 24V output, youre dropping like 15V

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Hello QC

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i think europe is like that\
northern europe at least
i know

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good ones just collect retainers
about the same scam as insurance
like, insurance for your insurance
haha, ya totally
blackmoon: heh
for how much?

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if the welder is solely responsible for life critical welding, i would hold his employer responsible for not providing some sort of inspection
right, so someone should be doing QC
its not trivial, it should be all on him
er, shouldnt be all on him
im sure sometimes it is, but if im the insurance company and shit goes down, the first thing im asking is well who inspected this shit
depends how desperate the insurance company is
then yeah, prob fine
if youre getting a deal on insurance, theyre going to fuck you if you file a claim
bigger companies usually know that, and insurance companies are less likely to fight a comparable team of lawyers
small companies and insurance is a fucking scary situation
small companies dont really have lots of lawyers
like, if you dont have an HR department, you prob dont have lawyers

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man thats good moneys
thats what i was making before im like FUCK A CAREER LETS FUCK OFF AT SCHOOL!
now im like, hmm i should sell car if i want to pay rent in december
pc: bullshit
auto mechs arent making $120/yr
youre an idiot
theres a thing called profit
and most places charge me $40/hr labor
just sayin
mechanics are making like $20/hr
unless theyre a mad specialized tech
guy at valvoline drive through lube is making min wage
mechanics are dumb like that
my uncle wears glass because of that
ive MIG'd without gloves and i get sunburns on my hands
no idea, i wouldnt think glasses would correct burnt out patches of retina
sounds right
skilled labor is like $20-40
engineers are like $30-50 unless managers

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before i left LA, i driving down sunset in beverly hills, and they got like 15' wide strip off grass in the center median
and like, maybe 1/4 of the sprinklers are just putting the water in the street
like, alright you guys gotta just let that die you dont need that strip of grass
yeah it has nothing to do with inflation
everyone wants the housing market to go up again, im like shit is still bubbled
like, it was in a bubble when it went cascaded bubble
and only the little bubble riding the big bubble popped
because mfkrs were getting hourses couldnt afford it
like, its not fair their money isnt worth what it was
but it is what it is, they couldnt afford a variable loan
like, sure the lenders took advantage
its thir job, theyre salesman, saleman sell things to stupid people when they cant afford it
welcome to america
right and buy the repo house
but yeah, shit was 250k in the 80s it shouldnt be 1M now
inflation isnt like 10% per year
and there isnt 1/4 the number of houses
theres prob 4x the number of houses

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motorcycles and grass are bad juju
i think you get tax credits for that in cali right now
some counties at least
neabwhile, other counties are sueing their own residents for not taking care of their lawn and dropping land values
buffy ass mfkrs

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usually if you let the bike/car whatever do what it wants in that split second everything is okay
it when you try and correct and youre too late that everything goes to shit =\
making the turn was optional?

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hows the frame and suspension holdin up?
i think im going to sell my car
i made rice

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im not sure if that counts as fixing
you also rebuilt the carb, no?
i thought you undid that, heh
kinda hot tho?
efi ftw

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zero water filters need some sort of hand pump

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humbuckers may ignore it completely
it maybe tensions the strings funny, tho that already happens
ha maybe could counteract that
i need a welder
this mean well supply prob not enough
no just to put lots of current through them

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i need more different kinds of resistors
i have that i dont want to solder together 20 resistors to make a big one!
i dunno
im trying to make a guitar strings magnetic do something to the pickups magnetics
i kind of think the orientation is all wrong, also itll take lots of current

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in this case body capacitance and resistance prob isnt negligible but i guess you can just call it tone, shrug

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well id like to think i didnt have to
like that those are just two things that happened in the last hour or so
but i was thinking of how when when i first put the LCR on a guitar pickup
it was like, henries
without a prefix and i thought the meter lcd was messed up
and im like why do they do that and i think i know why
well besides the obvious reasons
rab: because really, those shit alligators jumpers are more pro that twisting wires around one end of a resistor and pressing the other up against conductive shit with your thumb

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or bass music or some other form of modern jazz
rab: see right now i really want some of those cheap fold over cimped alligators
half chimp alligator half man

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heh @ very slow dc switcher with 1n4.. and giant magnetics
5V 2A, output inductor like your fist
i guess you could use way smaller wire
output inductor like four thumbs
let the chinese figure out the california to shenzen thumb volume conversion
rab: fuck i just has an idea
its a very, very bad idea
because i can see where the musicians will go with this, and some will indeed die for rock n roll

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