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ha thats pretty cool

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thats how fucking retarded and distilled music is, all the same, canned for mass distribution
so yeah, high bitrate files for everyone, because maybe something makes something even better out of them
technology for music shouldnt be limited by the concerns of business people
in 2014, parent pays $10/mo and their kid has almost all the studio music in the world ever
thats way better than $10 for a cd that kid has to sell 5 of to get a new cd

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ohsixi: ive bought albums on tape then on cd then on cd
because the media sucks
if youre buying a license you should be able to get a copy for the cost of the media
just goes away
one time
not like im asking for liner notes expensive cases
send me a new cd with no label in an envelope
i paid for the fucking license i own the art, right?
i dont own something physical, i own a created moment
well right you cant own a moment
whole thing is kind of bullshit
its neat but the costs involved were nuts
it shouldnt take 1000 people to release one album for one artists
all songs are 3 to 5 minutes

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but yeah, you produce music, you want to make money, go out you play your music
people will buy it if they like it even if they can get it for free with a little effort
not everyone, you wont be buying some managers wife a ferrari, but youll make enough to cover some cost
and even the good ones end up poor again a lot of the time
fuck songs about money
whole industry built around selling artificial moments created in sterile environments

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they dont want to struggle? tough thats being an artists, all the ones i know have it tough at least sometimes
anyway, media is used now, when someone licenses music, they dont exchange media, they just send a pdf of some contract some suit esigns
or they mutually agree in an email with huge copy lists consisting of both parties
everything should be 96khz because its not a problem for the hardware to support it, and mixed down the result is still high quality
i dont think bandwidth is much of a concern
if the streaming company wants to encode to lower bitrate they can
it should exist in common form in the lowest possible quality possible
sometimes you say shit and im like, youre just the least annoying troll

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192kHz considered harmful
192kHz digital music files offer no benefits. They're not quite neutral either; practical fidelity is slightly worse. The ultrasonics are a liability during playback.
if youre doing any sort of mixing, you want way more than what your final resolution is
man hes just beats on the horse
music files may be later used as source for mixed source media
because that shit happens constantly all the fucking time now
its just better if shit is at higher bitrates
i kind of think music licensing is a joke
musicians are performance artists
they want to make money, perform

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yeah thats some bullshit
44.1 is prob bare minimum, for young people and people with exceptional hearing range, to do phasing effects and sound correct
like 10k and up
accurate, like a phase effect
like, someone who is credible in critical listening says it sounds like its phasing in blind tests
oh course its frequency dependent

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someone needs to do laser bagel cutter already
less crap everywhere

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well, yeah people dont blow out their knees or fracture their shins ON THE INSIDE smoking weed
that shit will give you madman endurance but youre gonna fuck something up
biking is maybe a little better, its not as high impact normally but prob when you hit bumps and hop curbs its worse than running
biking is so much less stompy
like, why you trying to smash the earth, make circles

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blackmoon: oh i figured it was some grindy thing
zeeshan: so do research and figure out what wire is cheapest per current capacity and buy that and parallel
no bmx cruiser
neat bike, no issues really how its built now, except im fat and race parts
bottom bracket bearings are apperently consumables
we have a gym i should use it
i could read and bike or something
i wont run
running is some emergency shit
right because youre in run the fuck away from bad things mode
im not into running that shit is super high impact
its prob worse for your health than weed
for a second i had some half ration argument but i lost it

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blackmoon: yeah, so just check and crank bolts are still right
thing is ticking again
ill see about having the bearing cart seats ground when i replace these

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using wood incense holders are door shims =\

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i think sin(x-pi/2) would still work
you just cant confuse the different sins

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v=(pr)/v makes it less ambiguous
anyway, the important point is that v^2=pr
related rate
the voltage is dependent on the voltage and other shit
i dunno man thats how it works
i have to deal with this in math class all day

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thats when youre going to do in the end anyway
v=ir, i=p/v, so v=(p/v)r, v=pr/v, v^2=pr, v=sqrt(pr)
thats what i have to do everytime i have to figure this shit out with one of those ohms law pi charts
i should just get that shit tattooed on my forearm
i cant remember it because i always get sqrt(pr) and sqrt(p/r) backwards

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also remember you have to drive the output resistance
when you are figuring out the rails
im sure somehow he is right anyway because kevtris
if not in this dimension, in some other that exists explicitely for that purpose

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RC people use C for current, its like so wrong
thebarry: #a/v, talk to nyt
i hate deriving the P to R shit every time...
so sqrt(250*.1) oh this is going to be easy
sqrt(25), so 5v
so mine is like sqrt(6.4)
so who knows, more than 2 less than 3
weird maybe i was calculating 10mW or something

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thats the diff between audio people and the uneducated masses
wtf is is U!
i know its weird!

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they dont even spec sensitivity
Nominal SPL 96dB
like, yeah we know
what the fuck does that have to do with your headphones
one could maybe guess thats what they do their specs at
you just want headroom to handle transients
and headroom just because things behave better
250R headphones?
sounds about right, i think my 64 ohm ones are like 300mv or something
some shit under 500mV
tho its not like ive ever set my headphone volume looking at a DMM
youre not going to turn them up loud enough to hurt them unless you cant hear
when they start distortion, back off

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just like a big amp in the old style
ive built a variation of that, test on an audio precision box, got like ~.005% thd
i would make it specific for your headphones, prob not so hard to do
yeah and theyre prob screaming
remember thats prob an average voltage and not peak
so you would need like 7v output, which means prob 10V rails
yeah i hate that
absolute max means you dont set it at 20mA, idiots
like half the chan regs have said that
i think theyre spec'd at 1mW

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ha, cool i would like to see that
it maybe even runs them within spec
not really but a lot closer than one amp no real output resistance
its a michel doidic special
i dont think that guy liked me, but he was awesome, would have done anything for him
opamps are usually spec'd at 1k
theyll work drive less, but they wont be within THD spec for sure, and theyll distort bad if they get into current limiting
which is prob just how cmoy amps operate
so while the quad opamp circuit is better, its prob still not within rated spec with most headphones
opamps arent headphone amps
normally theyre dealing with 10K loads
i would consider 1K very low unless a specialized opamp
yeah an opamp with a discrtete transistor output stage works well

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and the three follow amps are in parallel
but the gain amp and follower amp group are in series
when you see it youre like, oh huh duh
and if youre doing unity gain, you can just do all four in parallel
because cmoy style amps are just abusive
they usually state theyre awesome by pointing to datasheet specs
and no one on the thread that at best those specs are at 600R
and only because 600R is an ancient standard audio impedance
when shit was transformer couples
right so you can maybe reduce the 100R output
honestly you can try whatever you want
the opamps prob wont die
prob wont even get hurt unless you short them
a lot
yeah ive seen it with the feedback from the ganged output, and as the followrs just running dumb
the output resistors kind of make it a non issue
but its basically (c) with a resistor between G output and circuit output

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want protip? indirectly from a mad audio genius cto
two 4 channel opamps
and like, you do your chain with one channel, and you chain the other three to its output as a voltage follower
er, do your gain
and then you tie the outputs through like 100R
so its a 25R source impedance
and you have tons of headroom still
youre going to get better noiseand THD performance
jero32: honestly, asking a standard opamp to drive headphones is excessive
when i saw it on a production schematic is blew me away
because its mind blowing obvious, its cheap, high performance
and i dont think its standard practice
no you do all four
you use the gain amp in parallel with the outputs
you need somewhat fast amps if you want it to be super awesome but wven with slow amps you prob wont hear much diff
the outputs are all in parallel

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sometimes you see a pair of half used opamps because single amp per channel and better crosstalk
yeah but youre low to medium qty orders and specialized
real instrumentation amps cost $$$, arent used in audio except as hotrod diff stages
like, my guess is TL072 are .40 on most boms
.25 wouldnt surprise me
factory has a TL072 truck parked in the corner
you want to use this like a cmoy?

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2134 has some THD value i wouldnt even try and test, but those errors stack up so its actually useful to be that clean
i think opa134 is the single channel device, if it exists
no one uses single channel amps in audio, they will sooner ground out an unused channel
yeah, in audio typically you want to use 2 and 4 channel amps
is pascal still a thing?
anyway, if your design with single opamps gets mass produced, youre fucked because theyre impossible to source consistently
maybe save .02 one day, pay .05 for not enough next time
like, $8 opamps or diff amps are the only thing you see in singles, because they suck to source anyway
kevtris: i think in lots of .cn factories single opamps just dont exists
like, they will give your design back and ask you to change it

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input/output buffers, cheap low noise, NE5532
more accuracy, cheap hiz input, general purpose, TL072
you got money, OPA2134
the most debated will be the you got money category, but those are widely available and general purpose
NE5532 are very low noise but they are BJT input, not JFET, so high input current, not as great for analog processing
well opa2134 are like $4 or something stupid in low qty
probably lower
i would compare noise on the NE5532 and opa2134, i dont remember which was better

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for down to 0V?
i dunno i thought that was the design intent
fuck if i care
because im bored
k gotta go

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buffered 0.7V ref into a BJT V follower
that would work
i has jorb interview
part time easy stuff for slave pay
shrug, fuck PSU
microcontroller with DAC to BJT and ADC for feedback, let some softgeek figure it out

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heh, yeah youd prob need some sort of negative vground to reference
more shit to fail, less accuracy even with expensive parts

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delet0r the registry and kill all processes
google is a thing now
i hear it works pretty well '

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Theoretically, this means that the vehicles could reach the speed of sound underwater (around 5,800km/h or 3,694 MPH while submerged), reducing the travel time between the aforementioned cities to under two hours.
damn sounds goes fast underwater
that shit is almost mach4 at sea level

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ha, thats looks a tad scary
psu designer by a tube amp guy

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