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the warts never match the number of ports
but yeah thats what i mostly use my hub for
tho now i have a power strip on my desk
because the 1A+ usb wall chargers
like, im down with samsung copying apple shit
because every other android charger i have is ugly or stupid big in comparison
my samsung one is little, shiny, black
(but besides that, its a little apple cube charger)

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i was so proud of myself
mostly for keeping the NES from resetting for like 6 hours aftyer spending like 30 minutes lining up the cart so it worked

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3d wasnt as cool until game cube
like, until they could do literally anything they wanted convincingly
shit didnt get cooler until you could see samus arans reflection in her visor when you used her canon in a dark room
i so got off on that
like, nintendo loves me
thats why i know
before we looked it up, i tried to beat game cube metroid in under 3 hours to see if it unlocked something
literally 3:01, and i had made a joke like 20min earlier IM FUCKING WITH THIS DOOR THING WATCH IM GONNA BE OVER BY A MINUTE
you dont get shit for under 3 hours, its about how much shit you scan for info, but that 3 hours was so much fun
the most fun i had before that was beating original zelda one sitting with a NES balanced on a pillow to keep it from jiggling the cart
was like 96, i think i was on acid

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and the powerup ship comes and saves you when you bounce off the other side?
i showed that to a friend on an emulator he was like WTF
nintendo didnt eliminate the exploit
they made sure it didnt kill you
sec there has to be a youtube
yeah thats gorgeous
wtf i cant find it
the port town jump in f zero
thats in game?
snes was so awesome

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theyre completely retarded if they dont
that shit was maybe even cooler than sonic
heh @ digitised 90s vocals
it was prob the whole game
never played it
star ocean was like, ultima deep rpg no?
why is that a gif
when does it do something
ha totally
snes was def the high point of pixel graphics
the 2.5D stuff was pretty cool
haha, do you remember there was a track in f-zero you could jump a section off

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anesthesiologist prob cant afford to work part time
so they prob have ultrabills
thats true, maybe they can get by part time vs normal MD

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heh @ again

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wtf im looking at part time jobs on indeed and anethesiologist is in the list
like who the fuck hires one of those part time

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might not be a compiler bug issues as much as optomization
not so predictable, asm is

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prob fixed point maths
and my guess is most game engines are handling shit like that at some level
and its in a math file, so you would expect it there

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incredibly simple issues, but you wouldnt have to know it for c code, and you would have to have been in the chip datasheet to know that
so a newb would give up, and use c, and decide c is better, because it works
but then wonder later why his encoder seems to be going backwards (code cant handle interrupts fast enough so it skips some)
anyway, assembly on an 8b micro, assembly on a 32b micro, and assembly on x86 style hardware is totally diff situations
asm doesnt make lots of sense on a 32b micro, because the asm is basically written for c compilers

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because for speed you usually want to do fixed point
ane make sure some division tricks are happening
with a compiler, youre purely hopinh
just feed the device a lookup table?
in that case, definitely feed the lookup table to the device
dealing with raw data is usually easier in asm
you dont have to deal with the compiler deciding its some other form of data and changing it
but yeah, you have to be intimate with the hardware
for example
avrfreak used to trip up because he would write high side regs and then low side regs, when it latched on high side

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i just saw es kyou ell
rab: yeah i think my use of it is usually 'yeah you need sql or some shit'
# is a number sign if you dont deal with audio
i kind of prefer b anyway
because lower is better.
C pound
C overlapping pluses
because thats what the intent is
zeeshan: for 8b micro, i mostly fall into that vategory
but i also do a lot less programming lately
i think the two are related
and i will not use c for something simple
because the performance hits are just lame
well, handling stacks and making interrupt routines that work IN ALL SITUATIONS ever tends to make shit slow
like, i service an interrupt in maybe 4 or 5 cycles?
with c code its more like 20
which if youre doing high speed shit, is huge

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you could counter rotate another mass
to cancel forces
zeeshan: see there are these things called electrons
usually they are attached to atoms
but not the way we use them
fuckers undoing undocumented functionality
oh damn i have to send email to teacher about spec'ing time in youtube links
he does it manually, he has the base URLs in his powerpoints
rab: this is a geek feature
ebay is 100% non geek oriented
zeeshan: its i2c comm protocol?
rab: do you say i2c or i-squared-c irl
no that seems pretty common
i just say i2c
im not trying to ^ when i speak i guess
it is
its a syllable less
which is why im surprised so many people say squared

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so its confusing
well the total force applied isnt much
over time
its like class D
i think its true because of the nature of the mechanism
but its related to the tool size obviously
you mean air imact drivers?
the little ones provide downward force its just tiny because all the mechanicals are lower mass
also the downward force isnt a good thing on lots of small applications
strip out plastic self tap screw holes
the little makita impact driver was a bitch to use

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stainless screws with deep heads into hard metal at high speed, it maybe makes a diff
rab: not surprised if true
hp in those cars is an order of magnitude higher than street cars
and other race cars
heh, reliability several orders of magnitude less
heavier parts, high speed line assembly
ohsixi: in most instances, the tool would rip apart the work
it would need to be heavy duty screws in hard material for something like a torsional limiter to be effective
ohsixi: i dont think you would need impact tools for most of that stuff
the torque limited drivers arent impact
they just sound like it
you can actually buy impact drivers from makita now, no torque setting, kind of just momentum based
hard to use on small stuff
doable, but you gotta be close with the tool and have fucked up bunch of times to get the feel for it
and not enough rotation to snap shit
they make hammer drills in small format now

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synth: theres more than one phillips standard
japanese metric is pointier, and will strip some phillips heads
lots of trimmer drivers have the sharper point
also most screws are now made to order
even standard screws
and the quality just isnt there
like, there arent screw warehouses in china
theres screw factories
yeah for sure
dunno how many times ive had bits just not fit into holes
we used to by a lot of 6" skinny shaft bits
and its hard to fault a good dersign because of marketing
sales guys are idiots
you give them something awesome and theyll focus on the thing you didnt even think about
if it was way thinner, it would provide torque buffering
like impact wrench torque extentions
but it doesnt seem that thin

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i would prob consider vatzone one step below HF
i wouldnt be surprised if they were chrome plated plastic honestly
rab: its like HF with better GC
stuff like the pliers sets look literally identical in design and tooling
er, QC
or a breaker bar
if youre doing work on an engine, dont use cheap tools
cheap bits are usually okay as long as youknow when to toss them
cheap ratchet drivers are usually fine
like, they might feel like shit but if they fail its usually a lot less drama
they sell those at all electronics
i think i have two sets
and ive seen that specific set in every lab ive worked in

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what do you need them for?
if youre not trying to break loose siezed bolts the HF shit will prob be fine
heh, the whole car!?
whatever, ratchet is mechanically complicated with relatively small parts
i would expect an HF one to trip itself out or something
just spin
dont even get stuck
stuck would kind of be useful
for a ratchet i would trust lowes or home depot more than HF

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dont get cheap 12 pt
theyll just break when you want them to
i have a set of black chromed 6pt sockets i got from home depot like 10 years ago
yet to have any problems with them
the black is neat because its easy to find the sovckets that belong to that set
if you get HF shit, just get the most basic thing you can
yeah i keep all my fucked tip slotted screwdrivers
because stabbing and prying will always be useful

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china screws are talented at being stripped
anyway, china potmetal screws cant deal with typical torques more than a few times
matched drivers or not
you cant apply enough downward pressure in many situations
youll pop out Tnuts
they are usually
theyre just not made to be removed once installed
yeah theyre nice
also you cant use lots of pressure on cast aluminum threads
stripped out heads are just part of doing business with china
also, they put screw locker on the heads
not the threads
so its almost impossible to get the screw head in right without completely cleaning the head

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this is why a lot of driver bits are soft
HF are QC rejects
mostly its the same tools
like, husky and cobalt branded tools that lowes and home depot wouldnt buy
theyre at HF
literally the same tools
but its mostly finish and cismetic issues
theyre comparable to cheap tools at lowes and HD
you look at the tools youre buying
the finish and fit says more than the brand these days
yeah the tolerances on better tools help for lots of things
wihi and excelite tools are sexy
except for that 70s butt lube smell
fucking everything covered in gear oil
and ive stripped out tons of screws with wihi drivers btw

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rab: http://www.craftsman.com/cswarranty/nb-100000000227082#point2a
rab: looks like they even cover the beam torque wrenches
rab: its only ever been on the craftsman hand tools
anything more complicated than a socket wrench and i dont think its covered
the cheap stuff is craftsman tagged tho?
i know you can buy another sears brand
that sucks
and their hand tools are decent for medium duty stuff
they suck ergonomically, theyll break in seconds of abuse
the finish is usually a joke
but it will usually work a few times
well, soft cheap tools are somewhat preffered
they break before your work does

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ohsixi: just go to sears?
the shit isnt unreasonably priced, its far from low quality, and its lifetime warranty on handtools froma company you know wont go anywhere, and is located everywhere
ask in #cars
or what rab said if you dont mind used
most of it will have lifetime waranty if brand name
you dont need a receipt
with craftsman and snapon type shit
you just show up with a broken tool and leave with a non broken one
wtf at sears or at the snapon truck
thats why i said go to sears
rab: i thought they covered the china hand tools if craftsman branded
synth: they market direct to shops
direct like, they show up in a truck

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its cloudy as fuck here

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i used hardware PWM
worked fine dunno why you wouldnt
rab: dunno this is just a lot of work in excel and maybe pushing some bits manually
i would prob add some chunky noise
thats what sine looks like pretty much
thatd be neat
but yeah, lookup table to pwm was 30 minutes of code
part of that 30minutes was learning to write to flash
this was prob 2 years into his project
so 30min was a big jump in efficiency
blackmoon: was what i was telling him
he could have cut and pasted my code and changed the costants at the bottom

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whats spinhome?
and lilo was a bitch op
he should have banned me so many times
he never finished that
thats was *my* beacon simulator
no it just went through a lookup table
you could make it do anything
was a DDS synth
no he wanted some custom wave table to mimick rotation
i used... a sine table
turns out when you use a sine table, it looks like spinny shit
who knew
he was arguing a sine table wouldnt not work
so i did his project for him
and i thought the LED looked pretty spinny
ohsixi: probably 2007
well then i literally did his project

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thats not the driver tho
if it was open source, it would be forked within 15min
but it wouldnt matter because thats not the source that gets into windows update
the windows update part of it is fucked up
its pushed on people, which i think is messed up
well if hes dead it means hes not coming back
how is that bad?

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stupid business decisions?
youre saying they made a stupid business decision
thats like asking how does natsemi go under
anyway, most my pl2303 cables dont work anymore
it sucked, but they were $10 cables
first line says its for genuine chips only
its not an open driver and i think thats the biggest issue here
its not a driver meant to be used with any hardware
open source would make it open
by nature
its not meant to be used on other devices freely

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we throw away so much in resources
rab: you would be okay with it if they changed the PID back?
well prob their internal PR guys
usuallt you dont roll back for bugs
you fix them and roll forward
even if it means reverting to old code
i think they were within their legal rights
if they think this is what keeps them from going under, i think its a respectable attempt at survival

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rab: so this actually helps the fake chip ecosystem in obvious ways
now they know more about the chip they can make better workalikes
and this is how things turn
you guys are assholes
my kettled boiled and i ignored it
coffee furhter delayed
i dont believe in evil
can we get into a convo about that?
who cares
absolutely nothing compared to average daily ewaste

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the distributor is
thats what supply chain management is
kevtris: if it was the case, my guess is digikey would bend over backwards to help you out
kevtris: if you explain to them the driver issue, i bet they would
if youre a paying customer, its definitely in their interest
mouser and arrow would prob do the same
if you involve lawyers, wanna bet?
life sucks
running a business sucks
but thats supply chain management

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and that company is maybe not doing great financially?
i can see why they did this
the people complaining right now are not their customers
if youre a small company sourcing chips for cheaper than you should be getting them, you made a risk decision
if they only wrote low regs on high side latched regs, it was on purpose
im not defending that
im defending their right to make the decision
its not an open driver
it might hurt their business, but doing nothing or a warning prob would not have changed much
the regs dont latch the same
that seems like a big deal
kevtris: its not an open driver
theyre not liable

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and with a non open driver, i think it within their right to check hardware validity
i kind of think so too, but i think its within their right
yeah but what if they had to write to check
in this case it seems so
i dont totally agree
the end users should be pissed and stop using the company
or pressure the company to clean up their supply chain
thats capitalism
jero32: honestly, if its within your right, sometimes you do shit thats fucked up to survive
im sure this wasnt an easy decision for them
hell both
moral rights, theyre a business
they have families
they need to survive as a company
and i dont think this was legaly wrong
so morally right for who?
fuckers who have been taking advantage of them
or their own
rab: maybe
rab: their business is prob high qty sales
which prob wont be affected
and which might go up now
because companies who thought they had real ftdi now know they dont
and may want to fix it
7805 is a lot diff from an ftdi chip
and im not saying digikey will be perfect
im saying they will be a lot better than almost every other source
rab: right and theyre all riding the backs of one driver?

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if youre a customer of one of these companies, you have a legitimate complaint to file with this company
if you are a company who accidentally got fake chips, well now you know
and again, you are having problems because you have problems in your supply chain
not uncommon these days, so fix them
rab: then make a driver that doesnt brick them that latches onto them first before the ftdi one does
or make an FTDI chip (or have it made) that acts similar
if they workalike enough, they dont brick
by all means, i support that
hrell, i support piracy
just because i support poor people
but i will not try and blacklist a company for doing well to deal with the piracy
eagles anti piracy was more effective than anything else ive ever dealt with
totally fucked
morally wrong
probl put lots of engineers in a tough one
but eagle is good shit
well business is usually unethical rab
but using cracked software is a risk
and sometimes risks dont work out
i am all down for piracy
i am just as down for companies fighting back
best argument for hacking and piracy is it makes companies we love stronger
lots of parties acted unethically
ftdi is just throwing some back
rab: but what if the only way to vcheck for piracted hardware is writing the hardware
like, no one has mentioned if there are other ways to check for this

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rab: anyway, people are buying cables
companies are buying chips
so its the companies who should be agreeing to the driver licensing agreement
if youre a company, you use a fake chip and a driver that specifically states that you cant use it
well, company fucked its customers
lots of them
mostly in china too
who dont care
and thats what i think people are missing
the people affected are mad but they avoided buying ftdi in the first place
or they dont even know what ftdi is
they just bought a cable from a shady company because cheap
no one will sue because they cant sue because they dont have a case
cmon, really?
the risk they are taking is the backlash will cause reduction in use of FTDI parts
because the real things latch on the high side of the reg
if its good enough for ftdi!
anyway, this is a sourcing issue, and a software licensing issue
the sourcing part is not grey at all
if youre a company and youre getting fucked, you took a risk and it isnt working out for you now
and you have customer support work on your hands

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rab: you use the driver youre agreeing to it
im pretty sure thats how it works
you bought the cable, the cable company is using a driver they didnt develop
that they have no right to use
assuming a non ftdi chip
its not free software
but the practice of modifying other chips, nowingly, is kind of a grey area i think
those chips mimicked another device to use a driver not intended for it
they driver didnt knowingly connect to a bad chip
rab: all eula can prob be defated in a court of law given enough money
rab: and you could take that to court and be like this is ridiculous
and you would prob win
but this case is much much less clear
because you didnt buy a ford
you bought the china ford with the glass window sticking out of the roof at a right angle
and then put a ford manual inside the glove box
and now you are complaining to ford their manual doesnt work for their chinaford
(because china ford is a diesel)
well i was bringing yours back to the convo at hand
namely muystags from china with roof windows
so i wonder how many fake chips latch the regs the same and dont have this problem
i want some of those chips

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if its not an open driver, there might not be any sort of case against them
they only have to win once moon
then every case after that they just reference the one win
The licence only allows use of the Software with, and the Software will only work with Genuine FTDI Components (as defined in the Licence Terms).
blackmoon: right, you dont need a huge team of lawyers to process continuances
also they can make a class action that effectively nullifies all the other cases
rab: sculpturs link kind of kills the workalike thing
even if theyre legal, ftdi says their driver isnt for those chips
the legality of modifying other chips is up in the air
if you make a workalike chip, youre only getting fucked because it doesnt work alike
register latching details are pretty simple
and could be related to edge case functionality
its not a public driver
its not open

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dude if they wrote low side regs when it latches on hi side, they did it on purpose
its actually pretty cool
if they changed it so it changed the PID back, would you guys be happy?
its still going out and messing with other peoples hardware
if thats the only way to detect counterfeits, and its not specifically an open driver, im def kind of on the edge
thats why i dont like them
this actually kind of makes me like them more
eagle actually has software licensing protection that works
and i hate it but i respect the company more for it
01:37:29 < Sculptor> are you supossed to audit manufacturer's supply chain before you buy a product
truth ^^
ripoff fake TDI chips made millionaires out of makers
and now theyre pissed
thats a bit of an exageration, but thats basically it
they paid less for cables they needed, paid less for chips they needed
and now theres problems
01:38:47 <@Rab> ohsixI, because auditing supply chains is hard, and the safe choice is simply to avoid FTDI.
that is an option
and thats what theyre risking
my guess is ftdi lawyers have already been all over this

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well yeah thats obviously fine
ftdi offers a tool that can fix this?
right which is all they do
so nothing is bricked
and you dont need to linux
yeah unless its specifically an open driver, im still kind of on the edge here
its fucked up, but if its the diff between going out of business or not, this is the kind of decisions that are made
rab: i know why it exists, but it means that these arent bricked
and there is inconvenience because of a windows bug
or feature or whatever
because no one would care
and this has an impact
were talking about it
also, a driver that doesnt work is permanent?
while this is fixable it seems

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unless its pl2303
they make shit that works
bit pricey
rab:how can they kill their own chips
if their own chips wont latch the data
blackmoon: ^
yeah but thats not going to kill their chips
you mean kill chip sales?
im surprised by how much shit hasnt broken lately with it left on
yeah that doesnt do anything and its easy to defeat
i have to uninstall the update every other year on my moms box

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this is a sourcing issue, and shipping non-free drivers with windows
the part about the drivers being live updated is problematic
besides that, i still kind of see this as within their right by current intellectual property laws
which i dont totally agree with, but thats the framework under which we all agree to make money
morality is, use cheap chips that use other peoples drivers, and youre gonna have a tought time
hope you made money while it was good
and hope you can get your new fake chips online
rab: thats fine but workalike chips are using someone elses driver
jero32: than i would be annoyed the seller used a fake chip
and annoyed at myself for buying a cheaper arduino
but sometimes you fuck up, this is the nature of risk buys
rab: its legal but its asking for problems
they auto update

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because of some word length issue or what?
ha, so the other chips dont latch in data the same way
blackmoon: so youre saying its like if ford walked up to a mustang with glass windows sticking out to right angles at its roof
sculptor: ftdi for doing the hack?
i kind of think its legit
if gov shit stops working, gov has bigger problems
theyll lose
because its not FTDI's liability
its the company who made the cable

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other ones still exist?
fuck my water kettle wasnt plugged in
coffee is delayed

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not their bios
again bad analogy
if windows just locked you out of bad windows, it would be hard to criticise
if it does that without damaging hardware, i would think the stockholders should demand it

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ftdi drivers are free with windows?
okay yeah thats diff i guess

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blackmoon: if the fake fords had shit windows that used ford window breaker drivers, sure
your analogy makes sense
this is about if you have real chips and use the drivers youre fine
and ftdi is not in the business of making drivers for fake chips
if they have clear evidence fake chips are hurting sales, why do you not do this?
most of the people you piss off arent really your customers
ftdi isnt a software charity
yeah fine but saying this is horrible is pretty lame
again, you use reputable distros, or you make a risk buy, or you use something else
welcome to modern manufacturing
if you make a risk buy and it fucks you, well theres a reason they call it a risk buy
no diff than buying 1000 of something before you have tested to see if it works, because if you wait for results youre too late
dude, the cable you bought has to do with a company
that company has to do with ftdi or a supplier

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you used a business model known to cause issues like this
and you got issues like this
if you buy a new ford at 1/3 retail, and it turns out to be fake, and when you tried to scan codes with the ford tool it burnt the ecu
do you think ford gives a shit?

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for letting them know they have sourcing issues
and they make have other counterfeit chips
if they dont want to know this, i have no sympathy
blackmoon: if they brakes say ford on them and dont work as good, and ford can figure out how to do it, and it immobilizes the car
sure do it
your analogy sucks
its not like if you replaced the brakes
its as if you sold a car as a ford when it isnt
okay now continue your analogy
at some point it was sold as a tdi chip
if its a generic rs232 chip using ftdi drivers, well that shit was never gaunranteed to work forever anyway
because thats what making comm chips is?
again, if youre a generic chip using another companies driver, you were never gaunranteed 100% support
as far as i know probably
but its within their right
and if you get fucked its on you
its not ftdis fault

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if youre using fake chips, youre already at risk
if anything, people should thank TDI for helping them find out theyre using fake chips
if theyre using fake chips on purpose, well who cares about if theyre fucked
thats the cost of being shady
jero32: they can if they want to
walk down to the floor and try the new driver
if your end user finds out instead of you, again thats the cost of being shady
you saved some money, you got fucked
welcome to professional manufacturing
it depends
whoever is handling supply, a good company engineering needs to sign off
i rejected tons of factory part swap requests
if they didnt have a reason, i would reject it
they hated it
this is the warning
how does that help ftdi
um, right now theyre doing something
and legit customers with fake chips should be grateful

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23:31:12 < jero32> renesis: so fuck the people who bought a random rs232 to usb cable then to?
jero32: it happened to me, and it sucks, but thats what happens with $10 accessories
yeah thats gonna be a waste of money
they can sue their distributor

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thats not going to happen if you get the shit from digikey or mouser, or if you contact ftdi and ask them for a distributor

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22:06:14 < Macgyver0> Didn't prolific do something to thier drivers on the pl2303 a while back as well? course it didn't break them if they worked very well to begin with
that explains a lot
like, at one point all my pl2303 cables worked
this was after they didnt work well
and then at some point, same driver same source, lots of them stopped
i think i got all those cables from newegg\
jero32: thats a sourcing issue
if youre not big enough to deal with the fallback of fake chips, you shouldnt be sourcing from random china factry suppliers or 3rd parties
if you get fucked, i have little sympathy, thats the cost of saving on parts

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it just changes the ID, no?
'they have the right to do that shit

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