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use locktite or lock washers on the big transformers
gets a little loose itll warp the shit out of the case around the hole and open them up
well they do but you just dont want the shit moving around and shorting out 3 years later
like if its on its side a lot
yeah if you are careful you can get away with just mounting tight without the other stuff
but that shit is big
thats pretty neat
k night =)

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thats actually really well done with the baffles
its steel?
looks like it, good shielding
if the case cover it metal be sure to insulate those terminals some how
in case the case gets bent somehow
youre good

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also you usually want to orient things at right angles so the magnetics dont couple
noise and intereference issues with that
a fan can almost eliminate the heat problems
because you make ambient into ambient again
if you can get airflow between them
i would move everything down an inch
get the terminals on the big one away from that sheet metal tab
nice vise
oh it says cut
well then move the lower one as far from the upper one is possible
but what you have there is the general idea

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because kV happens
anyway, find someone who knows electrical code
in your area
because there are usually rules and if you follow those you tend to be safer
you doht mean like, house transformers?
sorry, yeah you can put lots of transformers
when you said cabinet i pictured like big steel box with lockable door and a barrel sized transformer
you should derate them, if they are close enough to affect each other
like, too close and their operating temps become the ambient

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noise isolation
and some obvious things relating to failure and system reliability, but i dont think you mean that
yeah im not an electrition
i just know you put two coils next to each other, theyre going to couple more high frequency shit than if they were as close in seperate boxes
and mostly i mean if one literally explodes it can take out the other
catches fire, whatever
the extreme heat case, mostly
same with a catostrophic overvoltage on the output side
it could arc over to the other tranformer if it melts its return path
it prob wouldnt in a seperate box
but like, were talking kV
orders of magnitude higher than what shit is rated for
like, how does that happen?
prob never in residential
commercial you have some change but not really
in industrial everything has its own little box

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then why does it need a button

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i guess that would be bad unless the rest of the thing is silicone
makes sense in this application
timecop: does it have bluetooth?
because you should sell one for $100 more with bluetooth

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how long will battery last with just the battery ic
you gotta do like 2000mAH bbc version
haha prob not a big seller in jp
timecop: how does it charge?
microusb with a silicone plug?

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also if you just want long press to turn it off, you can prob just RC filter sysoff
but you would have to hold it in to turn on
okay yeah
youre doing it right
slow it way down so its like thumpy instead of viby for a sec on short click
or just change speeds i guess
but i figure most odes would prob be variable speed up to max
how much power sleeping?
permanent battery?

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timecop: if mcu VCC is above sysoff threshold voltage (it references vbatt) i think itll work like that
pizza is rapidly cooling in freezer
right but it depends where sysoff switches
and high is high, to shut it down
youre good

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timecop: http://i.imgur.com/SWjnTac.jpg
the the high side fet is on, the switch wont do shit
but you can detect it
you turn on low side to shut system down
and switch should be able to pull system up if the fets are hiz on powerup
if you have a problem with the protection diodes in some power up/down condition, you can change the polarity of the fet bridge with a bjt or fet inverter
it pulls sysoff low through the ??k resistor
then you bypass the internal pullup with a fet
okay sure if its not a momentary thing
point is sysoff is where you put it, not where the switch is, and you can sense the switch
maybe the fet on the high side needs to go to battery voltage
not awake enough to consider what problems that introduces

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k i upload drawing
phone gone

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just one of those can prob work
wait that shit is weird
no i just mean the part
but yeah read that
because there is prob some sort of pfet solution
timecop: i thought it was a bridge ic but its just a high side switch and a gate drive
same thing
it doesnt isolate the switch

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honestly i dont give a shit so much what he was saying, he was trying to be an ass
right well the ban isnt in the bots and theres lots of other ops you can go ahead and try and convince
mine too
school shop open tomorrow
9am to noon, fuckers
timecop: you can maybe get a single channel tristate that will work
well, im sure you can, maybe expensive

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he was trolling, and he won
i know
also you need to figure out what the pullup value is
if you buffer the switch with a resistor, it wont pull all the way down
so you need to setup the resistor so that its well below threshold voltage on that sysoff input
right so 10k is prob fine but check
if its 47k it might not be
because this switch isnt supposed to be closed all the time so it might not be a huge micropower priority versus em and noise rejection
i know he was trolling
he won

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man and a msg window lights up
/window close 15 ftw
i need to cut the wires on my fuckin oven speaker
why the fuck does it beep every time i press a button
just blink or something fuck
timecop: anyway, figure out what protection diode input to the bridge would be bad and set them up the other way

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the switch through a 1k resistor wont do shit
do you need a drawing or you got it
timecop: you can prob find a logic part that will do this
right but its not as likely
we dont like implimentation nearly as much as finding the solution
moon is pretty much the same, and weve put enough effort into timecop he can figure it out on his own
fucker can learn, we have established this
are you new?
i need pizza

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whats sysoff input?
does it need to source current or what
its buffered with a 10k in that schema
which is why the mcu has overriding control
i think you do it with a bridge
you hold that shit up high
so the button doesnt do anything
and pull it low to shut down
the switches are hi z so the resistor buffer switch still works
you owe me lunch
two fets, on pulls high, one low
when mcu is powered down, they need to be hi z
then you connect the switch to sysoff through a resistor
so it still works but the bridge overrides
connect switch directly to mcu input
like, it has internal pullup, no?
prob 1k
youre making a 0R pullup

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does your mcu have a micropower sleep mode and does the battery ic use a much power?
batteries die?
maybe theyre doing it wrong
they will be if you ship them with great batteries
so how do you get the mcu to get in the way of the switch without a leray
no one likes lerays
whats the threshold voltage like
i think you solve it with resistors

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and yeah some sort of timing buffer
fuckin making me get out pencils and shit
bitch yoou owe me lunch or some shit
well, that intuitively seems correct but nothing comes to imagination
aw, sweet
i thought whole point is longpress

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okay so you want the button to turn on the system and then the mcu to take over until the system is shut down by the mcu
i knew you would say that
the clicks are so awesome!
battery life
its a dildo battery life is a big deal
battery companies care about middle aged women
well do you have answer?
i think you can maybe pfet this
timecop: put a fet switch in series with the switch, some sort of grounding resistor
sense the switch, but only let it do shit when you need it to

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okay well im still not sure what all your parts are
but i think if you made a buffer that dumped a cap on the sysoff input, you can maybe not flip it when powering down
also you can use a bjt to flip the polarity of your control pin if that helps
im not sure what you mean by disconnect
like, you have an mcu with one side connected to a user button, and an output connected to a battery ic shutdown input
and i dont really understand the order in which things power up and down
right im saying thats bad
because its just going to shutdown the mcu, no?
so you have no standby supply

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timecop: off is active low?
timecop: if you mean youre worried about some power rail fall down times pullin the pin back up after mcu shuts down, you can try buffering with some sort of RC that holds the voltage longer than the power down event

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so you need to disco the battert ic connection
and control it manually with an mcu that youre doing the longpress with
like, send the signal when youre actually shutting shit down
when is the mcu off
you think the system will burp or something?
yeah you need a schematic or something
i have no idea where your power is coming from and what this batter manager does and what does system off mean
i dont understand how your thing happens unless power on and i would think you want shit to be on
so yeah i prob dont get what you mean

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like, with aes/ebu and spdif
but the audiodata can be packed denser
so you can do 24/192 with a lower sample clock
aes3 either has too much or not enough overhead, depending what you want to do withit
oh now you are trying to make everyone friends
timecop: what?
your mcu or youre RE'ing something
can you disco it
whats on the other side of the switch
just a power rail or gnd?
what doesnt work

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ohsixi: right theres that and some other ethernet based shit thats in AES review
timecop: i told you its slightly more than 52 bits
which is a raw stream of two 24b channels and 4 data bits
aes3 is more than that
bits in the frames
but if theyre using some custom pcm shit who knows
im assuming the clock connects to their custom shit
thats how you feed aes3 chips usually
i2s or pcm
so maybe they are using a stream with 48 audio bits and 4 data bits and its clocked funny
i know but theyre prob using standard audio converters
timecop: aes/ebu and spdif
theyre both aes3
diff hardware, usually same chips
and they work in timing ranges
so you wont always have to be dead on 192khz
so if theyre using their own comm protocol, 24+24+4 per frame doesnt sound unrealistic
without all the other aes3 crap
24/192 is like 15mhz bit clock

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you are still on about this?
for what
well i dont care because you made it clear the context was diff and you didnt know what i was talking about
and i dont really care that much about the details of the system worked on
sure no miscommunications now
well i guess somehow timestamps and private messages will make this less lame and you can be right and the winner
right and i dont want to learn your thing right now
so what are you doing
youre not wrong we were talking about two diff things jezus fuck
you say it doesnt matter so much
it doesnt matter so much
timecop: thats what you figured out to solve your bitrate problem?

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timecop: clearly these are snacks for the bedroom and the playroom to be shared with the girl you fuck
unless its like, toilet paper
then i dont totally get it

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yeah i dont think its going to be an integer number
but it would be nice if i could get wolfram to tell me that
dude how else do you figure wolfram alpha out?
yeah but you have to figure out how to feed it into wolfram as text
its trying to input multiple things in the same line
like sometimes i can setup domains sometimes it ignores me and just does the shit

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have to figure out how to limit solutions
the range is divisors of 10e6 and you only give a shit about the solutions the equal the divisors of 10e6

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not the range

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well right you have to do something with the factors
it just ignored me
you have to set divisors of 10e6 as the domain somehow
click more solutions in the integer solutions section
hmm no
its y

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timecop: so it might just be slightly overclocked AES3
within typical aes3 spec
but i dont think so
i think there is more overhead in the protocol if they are using standard comm chips
i think theres more than 4 data bits, or theres some other status bit
timecop: what are you trying to find?
besides 10mhz/192khz
you know too much you cant have more variables
so what do you mean the x/y
you want the factors?
so y is just the other x
so you want factors of 10mhz that equal 192

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im sure someones done it
what do you want?
thats what you want?
its a bit more than 52 bits
and wow
48+4 is 52 bits
how many data bits in aes3
im not sure but i think its like 4
its not enough
pisses everyone off

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ohsixi: if you can assume theyre synced close enough, you can just play audio until the buffer runs out
timecop: right but you can prob run a 192 dac at 170 or whatever
audio bits plus data bits
with a 10mhz clock
its weird but hey if it sells
timecop: its definitely high on the audiophoolish index
timecop: but the other word clock was kind of cool for a studio tool
and high precision clocks are just neat
ohsixi: not the 10mhz box
the AES3 box
i was talking about what you linked
and that timecops clock might be a good clock
and that high precision low drift clocks are going to be more useful
ohsixi: right and i talking to timecop about that
and that started the tcxo for audio are neat
well youre the one circling around again

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timecop: on that last link yeah i think it was some random shit for some custom shit?
tcxo timing is neat tho
timecop: then prob broadcast
theyre weirdos
they use unbalanced coax
point of fact, if you have two clocks synced and they are lower drift, they will stay synced longer at diff temps
that is all
it clocks samples at some division of 10mhz
10mhz divided by 48 bits is ~200khz
sounds like audio to me

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so youre saying the tempco doesnt matter for counting latency of the network in order to syncronize clocks
because i will agree with that
somewhat precise clock is fine for figuring out network latency in order to sync clocks
thats not going to keep them in sync, tho
but yeah, figuring out network latency for clock sync i dont think tempco related differences will matter
that doesnt change that for clocking the samples it does
which doesnt matter for clock syncing via network latency
this is what youre saying
then what
because chonodot
does it fit in a plane?>
timecop: yup

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next time you handshake, you see how far off you were
and thats your drift
you adjust it
yeah they count sample rate ticks to keep track of time
not cpu clock ticks
a counter at least
you would need some sort of register
so youre saying to sync the clock at a sub sample rate level to match the phase up nice
okay for that yes i think it has to do with cpu cycles
because counting network latency
different timing problem
thats what the whole convo is about if were talking about the same thing
enough to know it doesnt matter in this convo
well the tempco effect is sometimes not small

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and i believe the tendency is to slow down
thats nice, these are expensive tcxo or PLLs
it means a crystal that oscillates at 10mhz when used in its specified application
ohsixi: yes the quality depends on money
im saying they discuss who has to be the main cock
and then they go and jerk off by themselves
and after awhile, they figure out how many jerks each one did
and if one is going fast, he slows down
and then they go jerk by themselves some more
the more african they have in them, the more soul
and these the beating off is steadier
thus when they talk about how many jerks, they are closer and less effort is needed before returning to full focus on jerking it
ohsixi: right so paying more for better tempco gets you less issues
jezus fuck are we done?
theyre the same hardware or known different quantities
11:27:59 < ohsixI> renesis: but it doesn't dude, the phase is still different, the clocks aren't even remotely related in any way unless you assure some relationship
theyre related when you handshake, agree on timing, and play samples

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thats how this works, the systems throttle clocks
well not in what im talking about
which exists in millions of units
and works most the time
exact adjustable clock solution isnt consistent on this hardware
ohsixi: like i said, adjustable clocks for strereo syncing of internet streams to different speakers exists, in millions of units
and it works
and i dont know of any other mass production hardware that does that
by agreeing on relative timing and throttling pcm clocks
i believe its a handshake thats kind of like pings
so they take their times and figure out the comm time of the timing handshake
and they throttle to match samples
well obviously theres a buffer involved

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you can extra that (5 seconds?) much longer
a constant
its just known
because hardware spec
if you know you wont drift audibly for whatever period of time, you play samples longer trying to comm with the other
11:14:26 < ohsixI> hardware spec sez don't be in a different part of the room because clocks will drift due to temperature difference
dude low drift parts drift less
thats why theyre low drift parts
and less means a longer time you can play because youre possibly out of eync enough to abort
only for 5 seconds?
somehow the streams cross after five seconds with a question mark?
um, what
now youre just trolling
well you dont know synchronization got to bad
you know that the clocks are the same within a certain drift amount from when they were last synced
right youre doing a worst case thing
most likely it sounds fine
what do you mean you dont change the clocks at all

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and they cant talk
the only thing transfered over wifi is audio data from a source and timing handshakes
to agree on timestamps
i am this time, you are this time, we play this sample at these times
well right
what if you cant calibrate it and something changes
and within the timing contraints of the source
yeah thats why low drift clocks work better
if you outrun the source
tho an algorithm to skip or repeat or smoothly blend consisteny doesnt seem like the end of the world
right im saying if you have information about absolute max drift delta between devices

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while still pulling samples from another source
how do you buffer arbitraily long its a live stream
the internet is your buffer
i dunno man all this shit gets better with lower drift clocks
you have an agreement on samples versus time
and you play samples
like, what if you can no longer agree on timing
because you cant talk to the other system
part of the system whatever
but still need to play in sync
because customers hate dropouts
and customer hate desync
what do they do
yeah but the clocks are drifting because the a/c just turned on next to one system

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which can chance every fucking handshake doesnt matter
they are tweaking your soul energy
what do you mean n pcm devices
the audio channels arent on the same device
theres one pcm device unless its an active crossover device
right but theyre not the same system
one system one channel
one pcm clock
maybe thats what you dont get
they are not the same system
when the other system goes away they have to decide what to do
right think of them as little dynamic islands
well then the internet is the system
if you want to be that general
independent power, independent processing, independent comm, and they dont rely on one another
well, that happens when they can talk
they have to keep going when they cant talk
and it would be nice if they were at the same exact fucking sample when they were talking again
how long could you lose contact?

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must be the truth
do you do this?
yeah but somehow temp drift doesnt matter
about what
youre saying low drift clocks dont matter for keeping things stable over long periods of time
well theres less correction
so less artifacts
for a given amount of desync for a given amout of comm loss
honestly the only clock sources that matter are the sample clocks in relation to each other
versus some arbitrary absolute time

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and precision low drift clocks are what it takes to sync audioreliably in hostile wifi environment
like everyones home in a city
so much fucking interference
dude system clock doesnt matter for shit
well everything is delayed
it could be an onboard shit PLL
cpu doesnt need precision timing
at all
not even close
and im not talking about standard digital audio comm clocks either
thats just what you adjust
tho if you make the sample rate clocks low drift enough, you save yourself a clock
but then you have to disable onboard shit, youre kind of wasting money, boss is like, really?
macegr: hahaha nuh uh
and wtf is a host
host is the internet
there is no host these a 2.1 and 5.1 systems

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im just saying clock rates that stable have applications in streaming audio
but all of it is about sample rate clock timing
figure out if its going to fast and slowing the sample rate down
if the clocks are very high precision, they have to do this much much less
meaning less artifacts if they desync because out of comm for a long time
again, im not tlaking about external clocks
im talking about high end hot rod low drift timing
i dont give a shit how its marketed, this shit has very real applications in moving and syncing audio
its a problem, and not so many decent solutions
what audio systems
of course they have independent clocks
theyre fucking wireless
like, from system clocks?
thats pretty standard for any dsp system
macegr: right, even done well, once you key in on ethe artifact you hear it in everything
external word clocks in studio have been fixed for device comm for prob 30 years now

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they dont make zipper phases
and people can hear it
and its not like comb filtering when you move
because its consistent, and not stantic
it doesnt change if you move your head
because its happening wideband, sliding up and down
prob within a couple cycles at max sampling rate
and they cant throttle rapidly
because thats whats heard usually
and how would you know how much the systems are allowed to change their clocks
you just know all the tings
theyre not fixed clocks
thats how they stay in sync,and how fast they change affects audibility
if the clocks for sample rate are exactly the same, it wouldnt happen
if you cant find the other one because youre blocked wirelessly?
i think really difficult
dude if you walk in between it
its wifi
if you put it to close to w fifi router or an SMPS
ir you put it near a wall with steel in it
if you have it on a metal table
how do you think they communicate in order to know relationship in time
so they can throttle their clocks?
thats why precision timing makes sense
im not talking about external clocks

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right you have two devices and one cant recover a clock
prob because both devices suck
but you *have* to use them
a word clock can usually fix that
and high precision clocks have applications in synced streaming audio
wireless stereo is not trivial at all
especially if your listeners have critical ears
the best ive heard it done still has artifacts if you know what to listen for
acoustic distance?
ohsixi radiowaves go at the speed of light
and sound waves go at the speed of sound
its a clock sync issue once you know absolute timing
and they can do handshake shit to figure out timing relative to each other
acoustic latency?
it doesnt matter thats another issue
no im talking about zipper effects in the upper midrange
wtf did you just say
they desync and it fucks up phase relationship at certain frequencies and they comb filter
youre on some crack, man

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like, you can make a PLL work with a wide range of frequencies without changing much
but its jitter will be shit compared to comething just made to work at 96khz
right but im saying AES3 is something like 10mhz
well it wont be as good as if you tune it to lock onto that freq
yeah but you can change their timing elements
which affects the jitter reduction and acceptable input bandwidth
yeah that just looks like a normal AES3 clock
well, pretty neat one actually
like, its not something you just buy to have in a studio
its something you buy because you have problem with things talking
and for some crackheaded reason, you need them to talk
shit is prob an ADC on a tube preamp from 1993
well thats what theyre for
either that or you know you have a fuckton of devices
and the way you connect them will be random
and you have a pc involved
then yeah a clock might be helpful

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its the whole point of a PLL as an audio clock
long distance AES three with signal piggybacked common mode, in an SMPS power system pulling up to 10A from the wall
so yeah
shit can get dirty
500W class D amps literally within an inch
because gear wont have the circuit
it has valid uses
the tech can obviously be marketed to idiots
that doesnt invalidate it
you can tune a pll to completely kill jitter
who cares
if you bring them up more ill ban you
you wanted a valid studio application, i gave you one
well he does that
its just an AES clock
if you need it, its because other gear sucks

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timecop: i believe syncing digital gear
timecop: figure out 196khz * (24 + 4(?)) bits * 2 channels
pretty sure its like 10-20mhz
whats the problem
it has a jitter spec
well, in a studio it makes sense
if its proven to clean up clocks
which is just some fancy filtering, but its legit
clocks come in, come out cleaner
at some point the frequency is a voltage level
you filter it there, kill the jitter

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their ipa arent bad but they have a red that is pretty good
i should have got the red
whatever i has arizona green tea w/ apple

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i dunno why youre celebrating
isnt hydraulic stuff expensive?
steal a motor from your grandmas dryer
i has ninkasi vanilla oatmeal stout
the only part i am unsure about is the vanilla
yeah took a sip
def unsure about the vanilla
like a half liter of beer?
i dont really drink
usually not a bad idea to keep tolerances a bit
but i like this brewery for 7-8% beer

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also i burn some casting sand into my screen protector

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`nico: im going to open a way oil bottling factory
for the makerdorks
i dunno
because it somewhat seems like a not bad idea
and like, you can start a bottle factory off small
you cant tether?
with what? =(
that isnt in normal android?
yes my stock nexus i can portable hotspot, not just cyanogenmod
verizon is mean
im kind of annoyed that i put the google nexus image back onto my galaxy nexus, and it has two preloaded verizon apps, dont seem to have uninstall buttons

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how much is 5gal anyway?
prob like $100
gal is more than $20, no?
i think mine was 30ish shipped
but wtf are you going to do with 5gal of vactra no2
i wouldnt trust that shit after a couple years
resell it
seriously, in 100ml squirt bottles
im on that
can you resell someone elses chemicals?
fuck you know i have no idea
im in

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can you just go to vatozone and get some lucas?
i was joking about the lucas but yeah thats a good idea
do you have lots?
i kind of wanted to buy a jug from enco or mcmaster
not hard to get
cheaper online
my mill floats on that shit its goofy
they sell gallons fuck a pail
gallon last me forever on this machine
gallon prob last you couple years
at least
yeah but gallon is prob the low qty
no one buys this shit except cnc shops
manual shops prob using something nasty like lithium
its not vantra tho
its thicker and doesnt stick
its just like, really nice normal oil
vactra sticks to vert ways
its a fuckin trip
i watch chips like roll down it, but the cavtra on the ways stays same thickness

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hopefully thats it because otherwise its bearings, so prob new motor
or a project
inside your project, inside your project
i thought hydrailuc shit is usually pretty hardcore
would trust that to survive bad weather more than a motor, if its at all open
prob bugs in it
prob bugs all over your machine
they just bite hard, right?
the hydraulic system was dumped?
was it stored empty
yeah then i got 5 on the motor
how does shit get inside the hydraulic system?
isnt everything exposed stainless and gapless?
right but you can clean that and i doubt it will fuck the bearings
but that maybe means you have a leak

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maybe motor bearing is fucked
not a brush motor is it?
prob not
so yeah its a bearing or some shit stuck in the fan
and it doesnt sound a lot like shit stuck in fan unless its wrapped around the shaft
overcurrent just means its going to slow
yeah but if it cant go that fast the load pull to much current
moments of not so much inductance
so right now your problem is the motor isnt spinning fast enough
theyre fixed speed motors
when they cant go that speed they pull more current, the inductance is low
just remove the fan cover?
no but if it is youll feel dumb when it isnt something else
of the hydraulic system?
no idea, but those systems are usually clean as fuck, no?
yeah good luck man
could be anything but its possible you just need to cleanit out

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zelda was cool, im very happy they waited on metroid tho
right it was kind of like zelda ii
that shit two player w/ konami code was mad fun
maybe 45 min to beat?
double dragon was hard!
hey you know who the minibosses are? the band?
the bass player is an abobo
totally an abobo
thats not even SNES

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i think i only got like 2/3 through
sec looking up
phantasy star
one of them
only shit i played on that POS system besides sonic
eck0: are you named after the dolphin game?
because that game looked cool but i dont remember it being great to play
i remember like zero game play
you liked it?
i didnt get far
i was prob just at running away from starfish or something
ha @ altered beast
that shit was mostly cool because it was an arcade game in your living
but everyones little sister could be that in two player in like a couple hours
yeah but it was too short for a title that ships with the system
mario games take like a month
was kind of minf blowing

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he never did one, heh
my sister, not a gamer
played like hundreds of hours of FF7
reset the timer and shit
she was actually okay at it
there was a genesis rpg i played a lot of

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just dip the top in blackif sharpie is too hax
fuck drilling into cheap LEDs
sounds like a great path to another idea

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he could have bitbanged the rs232 as was his style
oh right it was to be an 8dip dead bugged?
which was a cool idea but then he didnt want to do it for some reason
and i think thats about when he got stupid focused on the angle of the drill for the reflector in the LED
funny because LEDs of that type are notoriously reliable
thats gonna be high yield with him working the drill...
to put silver paint for a reflector
no to reflect out and not up
they usually dont come in out
im sure they exist but prob not in low qty
drill down
just the tipof the drill
like a counterink without a hole

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pretty sure that detail has a lot to do with my table lengths
yeah, my tables have to be 256 divisable
right all my asm i have on a system tick
so that was the sample rate in this, i prob did 100hz
thing was mad overkill
avrfreak didnt like it, it was bad code for some reason
yeah pretty much
i had vid of the stk500 throbbing away
im like, well just adjust the wave table
thing was like under 5% cpu use, too

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no man just write an equation once and drag series in excel
i prob did out to 1024
it was way more than it needed to be
i did the whole thing
so it was dark when it faced away
mine was DDS so i have no idea how much of the table it used
well, the whole thing prob on wraparound
so being overkill doesnt hurt anything, you just skip a lot of values
also it looks awesome on a scope because it kind of antialiases
yeah thats fine, because you can adjust timer compare or whatever
dds code in operation is basically add to accumulator, check for overflow, shovel data from mem
so pretty light for exact frequencies, overkill for beacon sim but i have few versions of the code for it
right i dont do a division, i just ignore the low bye

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did he ever get that far?
pretty i used excel, pasted into a text editor with macros, and held down some keys to turn it all avr asm compatible
that also happened in the 30 minutes of beacon madness
just write some code to spit it out?
this seems more like the kevtris way
i think i even remembering you mention when i originally did the excel thing

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thats a hydraulic capacitor?
wiki says yes

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no prob
the NAD thing wont be useful for your DJ friends is about the only downside if you dont need the inputs

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do you do headphone stuff?
if yes, i would get the 6i6
if no, and money isnt a prob, that NAD box looks neat
its 24/96 converters?
oh nice
yeah its worth it
you honestly wont ever need 192 for anything, but it means the hardware is prob decent

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NAD is usually pretty good stuff
it has toslink and coax spdif, thats cool
6i6 doesnt have that
and you prob dont need the mic preamps in the 6i6
that has no inputs, tho?
well, if you dont need to record analog, thats prob a better box
how much is it?
yeah id prob go with the 6i6i think theyre under $250?
on the dot
also two headphone outs with independent level controls
one hp linked to each set of output channels
so you can do a DJ setup or A/B test headphones effectively
70% dark is prob mad tasty

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3.5mm works but theyre generally considered low reliability
because small contact area
also the 6i6 has SPDIF in and out
besides the MIDI
so if you have a stereo or another pc or something, you can move audio noiseless, lossless
because the contact area is so low, the contacts tend to become intermittent after awhile
prob do to corrosion and low spring force
you cant have heavt springs on a 1/8" jack because itll just pull the miniplug apart when you pull it from the jack
1/4" are much better, more contact area and heavier springs
and XLR are awesome
also if you can go balanced, you always want to go balanced
pretty much without exception

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an asio dac is prob higher performance
and i usually run asio4all for my onboard audio if i have it enabled
usually makes accessing in audio apps bit more seemless (or possible, in some cases)
sculptor: sounds like indian house music
yeah and the vocals a bit

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if i had money, i would be listening to Genelecs versus ADAM to purchase for a studio
scarlett 6i6 and some KRK Rokit 8
rokits measure pretty flat, more than i would have guessed
cefxxx: also by my bed i have a Sonos setup, two PLAY:1 and a SUB
everything except the scarlett related to exjobs
i actually paid money for that and i am quite happy with it
the control software is a bit non=-intuitive
the channel names in the app arent the same as the labels on the box
like, the names in the software assume application, which is a bit dumb, but once you figure it out its very useful
like, you can enable inputs and route them to output without going through windows or 3rd party audio apps
but you have to remember to mute them when actually using them with audio apps
jack in linux worked like 7 years ago, prob better now
i dont remember the name of the windows one
almost anything pro will be asio

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so 2i2 only includes adjustable gain preamps
pretty sure, and no digital stuff
double checking
i would suggest getting something with at least a pair of fixed analog inputs
and having two sets of outs is useful if you do DJ stuff or if you want to record people and have a spare channel for their monitors or for diff speakers or whatever
yeah if youre recording stuff i would get a 6i6
if dc nerds come over, theyre going to have to use onboard sound to get a headphone out
DJ setup needs a main out and a headphone out on independent channels, 6i6 can do that, 2i2 and 2i4 cant
actually 2i4 might be setup for that
theyre ADAM
lots of studio engineers love them

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sculptor: ping
i have a scarlett 6i6
love it

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