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macegr: sounds appropriate
i saw them at the smell and at some little coffee house cafe bar whatever in hollywood, prob gone now
def preffered the smell
bunch of hippie punks

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yeah its neat
mfkr so evil
goin and tellin the truth like that to the whole world, gonna start wars and shit

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i cant think of another show like that
where you look around and know everyone has jumping blinking blue guy
or everyone thinking like FUCK EGGPLANT WIZARD

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macegr: can you maybe do PCB with LED lens countersinks like on top
fit your other ics on the top board, bridge with something SMD, pot for thickness
slots would be thicker but maybe not so much more than when considering the led intrusion on vision
and youre look more like a featureless sunglasses frame
kevtris: thats like my tv in the 80s after messing with screws inside the vcr
its playable!
def did that
kevtris: have you been to a minibosses show?
its weird because youre there with a bunch of other geeks, and you kind of realize everyone has the same images in their head

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macegr: haha @ shades with poweron at max
someone shakes your hand, esd pop, you flash em in the face
obviously in the example you are both standing on your heads
or i guess just you are
now it doesnt seem as out there

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i was hoping smaller with maybe built in tc

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well why would you expect mass production to be more servicable than hand picked samples
engineering samples are always better than the real deal
they will make 3000 and give you the best 50
and say they ran 55
macegr: if thats not how they started thats prob how it ended up =D
ohsixi: from where?
you have a local distro or this is chinashit
i wouldnt mind some ceramic heating element samples
also guys i need haloween costume
im thinking bunny ears

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and cool slow, but yeah heatsinking is pretty big hammer solution
well, unless preheating breaks shit
if its not just because shits to fast, its because shits moving too much
but yeah, if prob is temp co, just dont let it heat up
overstretch some tweezers and hold some shim copper or aluminum against the pins
youre heating up a nothing pin and a nothing bonding
how does that not fuck up
macegr: ive broken so many lenses off gel filled crees and similar
they run like whatever
even in open air
if they could hard pot the things i think they would
no it wouldnt
its cheaper and they say no rework
you touched that shit with an iron more than 3 seconds one time they dont care
removing one is like reworking the adjacent if you didnt keep temps low, they wont take responsibility for that either im guessing
theyll sure as fuck help you fix it because its cheap development to have you help

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heatplates are mostly useful for taking apart transducers
they say dont rework
timecop: you dont have thin copper sheet
prob wouldnt hurt to preheat

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tried shielding with copper or aluminum?
so much lag
have tyou tried shielding the other leds?
and heatsinking?
so try heatsinking
are the pads underneath or some shit?
right you need like a big copper plate against the pins
or aluminum
hehe tempered
i would try heatsinking with forceps or something

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09:20:37 < macegr> i never liked xchat
ya fuck that shit
cross platform poop
ssh + screen + irssi ftmfw
timecop: oh man its never shit qc or manufacturing
thats like saying its esd, just means you dont know
for how many units?
for boxes?
oh shit you possibly mean ics
most the high power shit i seen is squishy inside the lens
are you melting adjacent leds?

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blackmoon: looks good, lots more than last time i played

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there with the bear. hemaphrodites in pressure chambers

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so like, he seems to be showing the game has a lot of content and everything works as expected and hes figured it out rather quickly
haha he died
'which we cant because we dont have any bear meat'
theres a bear right there kill it
'haha this is just numbers the game'
he tried to grapple the spider

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blackmoon: so youre like his fallback paycheck now?
why is he picking up his underwear
man when is he gonna start blasting shit

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srsly... i have more gpu ram than system ram
only shit left to upgrade is mobo/cpu/ram

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macegr: yeah ssd upgrade was awesome
i got a seagate that wasnt fastest shit, was competitive
didnt matter, shit was so much better than system running from platter drives, was totally worth the money and dont regret not spending more

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yeah besides the colors, it just looks like a turd
b&w, itd still be a turd

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but the scary part of rage is that you prob somewhat relate to the main character, and that it kind of demonstrates the bad guys think of themselves as good guys thing
In an article on the ominous writings of Virginia Tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho for Entertainment Weekly, King said "Certainly in this sensitized day and age, my own college writing—including a short story called 'Cain Rose Up' and the novel Rage—would have raised red flags, and I'm certain someone would have tabbed me as mentally ill because of them..."
and again, dunno if thats a good thing or a bad thing

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but i can see how it would make king feel
like, that shit scared the shit out of me, but it kind of made me feel better about things and it sure as fuck didnt make me want to hit my teachers in the head with a pipe
but right, you gotta figure one kid out of how many is diff and relates completely
but yeah, that kid was fucked up anyway, and book like that helps people who claim to not understand how a person could end updoing that understand
which means they can recognize and maybe intervene
so yeah i guess i am only okay with it out of respect for the authors wishes
most readers, honestly

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i didnt like it very much either
didnt read cujo
the bachman stuff is prob the best, ive read those more recently, shit holds up
that shit in modern context is messed up scary
'The new description of The Bachman Books doesn't include Rage.'
like, i literally do not know how to feel about that
the hacker and liberal in me says fuck all that, it exists and people should have access

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done both
that king books are definitely related to another era of me
i read all my moms stephen king books, most way before i was a teen
i dont remember much
like, i read a bit of dark tower stuff
and it felt the same but kind of more out there because not trying to connect to normal relity
but yeah, theres prob a dozen king stories i wouldnt mind reading through again
besides all his short stories
but yeah the stand was prob my least favorite

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seems like survival rate is pretty high, modern treatment of healthy people
half the population and housing is free
detroit everywhere

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im pretty sure at this point, the fix for energy problems is partial extinction
just kill demand
ebola fixes itself when it kills enough people that the numnber left are manageable to treat

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isnt quebec like 99% unpopulated?
versus area
shit is beautiful
they wont even notice if you keep it off their island
if you get international cooperation
you put huge solar farms at the poles
enough that energy transport becomes a non issue
if you make it significant versus land area, you kind of help with the poles melting
but it basically means panel factories at the poles running 24/7 for decades
i mean, if there is no global warming problems, who cares
fixing energy problems prob eliminates 80% of wars
then all you gotta do is get rid of religion, and youre looking at world peace

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and to say solar is a waste is very short sighted
all energy is solar origin
we need to cut on conversion losses
hingston: we wont have a choice
china has most the dumps now
they know whats up
im pretty sure production energy use for a solar panel is way down compared to a decade ago
and its going to get better
once production costs are low enough you open lots of little local factories and you put solar an every horizontal surface it doesnt get smashed
itll cause other problems eventually, problably
like, id laugh if it significantly raised air temps and dropped ground temps and changed weather in a consistent way
but its something we can prob deal with
how does it not?
think about every roof and every walkway and parking lot cover
they would be fine with it as long as you put some french on the labels, too

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but we have to be realistic about what our chances are
prevention and survival are diff things and we prob dont have enough resources to do either completely
hingston: yeah bullshit man, humans can remove mountain ranges if we want
we can make clouds happen or go away
we can operate on other energy, including nuclear
republican talking points are from an era where people had no concept of limited resources
you look at how machines were built 40 years ago, and things were done with tons of waste
more metal and power than necessary
and yes they were great machines, but it speaks to the mindset of engineering and science
we cant built things like that anymore
and we have to stop throwing things away
we made the plastics out of oil, they still have energy when we throw the plastic away
were going to end up digging up all undeveloped landfills
hingston: first gen tech is usually not enough
you keep developing it

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10-15 years to get this model of business working, and now that they have the bugs ironed out and found the engineers that will put up with the travel...
it doesnt make money anymore
but theyre not small enough to move fast, and they dont have unlimited resources like megacorps
theyre all going to get eaten
environmentalists have made manufacuring efficiency go up
they want more production for less energy
long term, that means more profit
like, transportation, storage, process waste
environmentalists want to eliminate these costs
its a good thing, we should be much more local
also we need to take a realistic look at warming and drop the human versus nature thing
its obviously both
and we need to figure out if we have to switch from prevention to survival
at some point we cross that line
and if humans are not the cause
then there is no line and we need to focus on survival
either way, doing nothing means peoples grandkids are superfucked
living in vaults shit

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long lead times, usually more than any other component, so speeding things up costs $$$
you dont have many proto spins to work with
china is china?
theyre going through an industrial revolution
theyre doing okay at it, too
we cut up kids in machines in ours
theyre not so bad
hingston: china is no diff than any other shop these days
you get what you pay for
people think china is cheap, so they wont accept anything except cheap quotes
so they get cheap work
they own all our toolroom machines now
they can pull precision on mass production outside of automotive
we cant
no idea
CTS the connector company ?
i dunno
anyway, manufacturing will be back within 10 years
but were going to suck at it
and america will have to accept were not the best at everything anymore
itll be pretty fuckin obvious at that point i imagine
hingston: it doesnt make sense to manufacture in china anymore
accountants will bring back manufacvturing
just like they pushed it away
small companies will make the change fast because they have no choice and theyre capable
big companies can do whatever they want, make the change in 3-5 years
medium companies are fucked

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the solder will wick into the tinsel too far, keep it from bending near the terminal, and creat a local stress point where it is allowed to bend
well, normally the tinsel is positioned so that if the solder does melt, the tinself wont come loose
better terminals have little hooks for the tinsel, and the coil wire is usually placed around the tinsel in a way that its held mechanically
you dont want the tinsel to come loose or break during a failure because theres a change you might get the frame
big speaker manufacturers make speakers on assembly lines where staff changes every few months
so they deal with the same problems over and over
also with wide formers and compact designs, you dont have as much tinsel as on older big open designs
also, 80s years ago the linear throw on a speaker wasnt shit compared to long throw woofers now
you want to believe tinsel problems were solved 80 years ago, thats cool
but it drives every transducer engneer i know nuts
also transducer budgets are by nature never enough

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its just solder
tinsel to coil wire, and tinsel to terminals
tinsel will catch fire on its own
usually has a plastic or fabric thread core
and the constant movement can break up the tinsel if the bend is localised due to poor strain relief and positioning
no but what flys around and catches shit on fire
no itll burn without a shorted coil
tinsel leads are by far the hardest part of speaker design
like, every driver has its own issues, but they *all* have tinsel issues during development
it just breaks because of mechanical problems and then goes resistive
it doesnt need any other failures to cause it
too much solder on the terminal joint does it a lot

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speaker coild short turns when they crash, get local hot spots, will burn kapton, can start cones on fire

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big greasy thing capable of red heat on a shorted coil without tripping a breaker?
no way!
pretty much anything built around a coil is a fire hazard

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ha @ electricians
could be a complete idiot but if he follows the rules, he prob end up doing better than a scientist or engineer

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sounds like a random product name

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i think the motors have thermal switches on bigger stuff
you think your shit it dead, than bam comes alive, eats the baby

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