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isnt that shit glued into the hub?
if y, hammer is truth
anything hot enough to melt the glue will prob melt the hub =\

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ohsixi: i dunno man grey and green on ferrari pink is kinda hot

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answer is yes
do you have badass optical recognition programming skills available and a lot of dev resrouces to burn?

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why you link more disco

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i have those pads on them so theyre over ear instead of on ear
very light, and theyre open back so you dont get isolated feeling
i traded a cheap dj controller i dont use for them, and <$20 on the 1st party pads

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ohsixi: its what holds cars together
not a joke
used to be tar and asbestos
not a joke
unrelated: love my cheap used grados
can wear these things for hours, no fatique

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two semesters before anything major hits
besides physics and chem shit
thats natsemi stuff
simple switcher were more because of the config tools
sure you could
solder jumpers to big pads
pin headers
blue wires and vhb, there are ways

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have you ever done any rework before?
if you want to use it, you prob want hot air
if you want to remove with a hot iron, best way is usually flor the pins with solder so both sides stay hot
chip might work, but youve basically put it way beyond its assembly temp spec
its not gauranteed to do anything except maybe die
honestly if you done this a lot you can have very good yields
but usually at first you melt a lot of parts
well rework gear is expensive
and its not fun without a microscope
its like actual work, its hard
maybe three because shit happens
yeah fuck that i dont have time
spend too much time in here already i should start living in the library
hate irc on android

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deadbug through unclad (no copper) perf
cut single side boards on small cnc mill
and yeah
if you mess up completely you need to slow the fuck down and get a breadboard or some perfboard
if you mess up a little, congradulations youre normal, rework the shit and fix it
and by fix it, i mean buy new redesigned PCBs
anything less than soic is drama
buy adapter boards
and plug into your through hole solution
its like half the pin spacing of dip
and the pins are like little feet sit on the pcb
stick out, sit flat
very easy to work with
you can just solder little wires to them and hot glue them and thatll last awhile for prototyping

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right i did that about a month in
well, right i have it in my dropbox
i want to make cue cards like a nerd
because writing shit helps me remember
and i got these cool grid cards
well right but i am getting better at shit that i needed to be good at at the beginning
anyway, no way im doing chem, physics, bio, and calc2 in a semester
wrong instructors and i have negative free hours in the day
like, yeah i would be awesome, quite possible i could pull it off, but yeah fuck all that i dont need to prove shit to myself and its not even in the flowchart in parallel like that

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tekrad: ha, so next step if i just try and move forward and current pace
would be taking physics, chem, calc 2, a life science elective (time consuming, tons of new vocab), digital logic (easy), me graphics 2 (easy)
physics, chem, math, and bio at once is kinda nuts
honestly not as much as just trig and factoring stuff but im better now
like, the calc shit is pretty easy
but having to remember like inverse trig identities on exams fucks me up

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also by then its possible backlash against brown has set in
if a company gave me their logo on that i would prob ruin my boxers
anyway, bbl

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i have 3x the space for 1/2 the price, vs santa barbara, and not paying utils, 4 blocks from school
going to csun or pomona would have been expensive, and cost of living (determines financial aid cap) is the same
but yeah, if i can get live sound stuff to do, and interships on break, figure jobs wont be hard after
by the time i get out manufacturing prob a bit less sad in california
anyway, i set a limit on the last exam, c+ or i retake calc, and i got a c
tekrad: itll never go away and itll be better than it is now

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anyway, the classes i got are what i could get
freshman transfer get second lowest priority in registration
38, 39, fuckit man
im still act like an 8 year old half the time
mechatronic, its hybrid but bit closer to ME
programs been around least 15 years
theyre the only school has their program ABET acreddited and not a specialization of the other
i kind of want to dual major in EE but not like i have to decide anytime soon
well if i want to do grad stuff i would EE
but yeah if its just about getting the fuck out, i just get the BS
yeah well see
trying to get live sound work at night and on weekends, too
no, chico
like it
pomona would have been to close
too expensive

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actuallt i could make arguments either way for why thats for or against
anyway, i talk to my advisor tomorrow
reg on wednesday
all my other classes going well
intro graphics (killin it in lecture and lab), intro meca project (gonna be a struggle but well pull the grad instructor through this)
us history, teachers pretty cool, thinks ill do well but im lagging on the reading because right, fuck america
he seems sympathetic to that, tho (wont help me grade)
and a manufacturing class, which is like, AS CNC review
well, if i want to do exactly 8 semesters theres not much wiggle rooom
i honestly dont care a ton if it takes me 9 or 10

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tekrad: those are nice but i really like the side clicky
because the tip is *always* same orientation
so you can get flat edge or pointy tip pretty consistent
i write slower than i type and i only type like 60wpm =\
everything fine except calc, ill pass but im going to retake
like, im way better at factoring and the log and trig stuff than at the beginning of the semester so dont feel like semester was a waste
dunno, can still take a full schedule next semester
or i get totally stuck in nextmath
because integration is that much diff?

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blackmoon: its just so much faster that way
you need good erasers
pentel hipoly ftw
best pencil since the 80s

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to a farm in the country

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haha guys
remenber when stu made fun of me because i spent all those time making my diagram looking like hand drawings
and they were actually hand drawings
heheh, i thought that was pretty funny

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i wont circle parking lots
in LA you would have to tho
usually best bet was to just park in the beginning of a lane and wait

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guy is 20 px tall but not abstract at all, and all curves, so filtering works
yeah sometimes its fucked and no filters is never really bad
well, it is what it is
mostly its always playable unless little fonts
those dont do well

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like, simple things with lots of corners i guess
like blocks just look stupid in filtered mario games
one of the filters does better at that
that might have been why super eagle was awesome for awhile
right on NES sometimes it just turns shit into different blocks
different blobs
like, both are abstract but the new thing doesnt have anything to do with the old thing, or what the artist was trying to symbolize
but megaman looks okay because hes all curves
that shit looks cool

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what like on an old crt
and nintendo doesnt look as good filtered as SNES
the res and colors on snes make the filtering a lot less abstract
sometimes its amazeballs on snes
the stuff that looks trasncribed from anime drawings does really well filtered
i liked super metroid filtered
very blocky cartoony things its kinda meh
i dont like it on mario games so much
fzero its nice
faster games with more organic shapes
if it was simple and cartoony to begin with, it changes corners too much

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05:12:21 < ohsixI> i don't know why anyone accepts any filtering on that stuff
because it makes blocky snes stuff look less blocky and sometimes mind blowing?

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one is for 240, other is for 120
and according to the panel meter they fucked up got .jp inverters
yeah that was my next guess but i thought it meant 100% voltage
you are prob less wrong

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and i need to clean my desk to my keyboard is at a usable angle
you are just now seeing this?
this is why the load resistors are funny
if theyre connected, they only shorten the scam

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maybe thats where the water tubes were supposed to connect
ohsixi: to look technical
my guess was they plugged some water tubes into the zerks and they fell off
so they were like fuckit and pulled them
Yes you are correct however with the setup of many coils and magnets make up for the amount of energy required for each application.
oh duh guys., he is using magnets to move the water over a hideen turbine

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prob aint shit anymore
wtf is up with the huge load resistors
wtf is that cage actually protecting?
press here to short disconnected loads
why mushrooms are tasty
i dunno man, assuming that cage is actually grounded is a bit of a stretch
i wonder why the capacitor needs *multiple* grease zerks

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the estop?
haha are both sides connected to the same terminal?
because that would be awesome

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well my take is that the float guage and the check valve were the only parts of the system the presenter understood
and besides that, he was pretty clueless
'we went with an estop'
you know something is up when the first thing he mentions is how to turn the fucking thing off in an emergency
i want to see what its stopping
macegr: only if you left it in a continuous body of water i imagine
haha, maybe its just squeezes the water feed tube
but yeah, safely assuming bullshit, its maybe just in series with a coil for an output relay
00:23:00 < synth> it deploys a dinosaur sponge capsule
hahaha, nice

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at best he was the product design and his bullet points consisted of, floats for check valves (?) and water levels, panel meters
i think the check valve is maybe because his hose faucet is an input and not an output
man i got problems
there is a GD&T section referencing rule 1 (rule 1 and rule 2 are basis for calculating tolerances and shit)
search text for 'rule' and cannot find the acual rules

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some page mentioned guy put up a site, which was posted to forums, generating tons of orders for which he could not fill, which he has or will refund
i kind of wonder if the guys been duper by some engineers
or if hes really an ass
well he seems a bit confused by the shit

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why is music so tragic
this is not good advertising music
he has demo music over his tragedy music
why does it say 100
is he in jp?

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