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anyway, they fix it or theyre gone
double they survive two blowups

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yeah hes not designing the thing
hes a jobs now
i like him a whole lot more than jobs, but honestly rocket has not so much to do with him
easily dozens of engineers very involved, and just takes a couple fuckups
theres insurance for some
anyway, it was unmanned and it has russian engines, no?
fuck the thing
no one got hurt
its just money
and it means they have to fix something
they shouldnt ever do a shuttle again
this is the right path we should just expect a lot of shit to blow up \
shuttle was straight retarded
compromised ancient turd

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thats what happens when you kill education and manufacturing
you want shit to keep working despite this?
but in general we are not as good at shit as we used to be
no one ever does everything right
i guess man, we cant even keep bridges up and roads maintained, not surprised our space program is all sorts of fucked
as far as complexity, its probably less than the shuttle
which should have been grounded at least 10 years before it did
well they prob have one more chance to do it right or yes they may go bankrupt
unless spacex fucks their shit up too
not likely but shit happens

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rab: shurter makes idc iec sockets =\

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theyre on
shes cute
i saw her for a split second looking down, does not look the same
tho would do her with her moaning through a microphone and PA
nasa = potheads
theyre not the mil

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tho its done constantly in industry
tons of door switch estops disabled
get promoted for that shit, some shops
have to move some fixture thinger
in a cycle
because prototype becase due tomorrow and its tonight
yeah im straight
ill stick to speakers and audio gear

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how the fuck does a cnc laser catch a house on fire
and he didnt have an extinguisher to put it out?
was he even there?
and becomes a cnc tech joke
went to get something to drink and the machine crashes is a cnc tech joke
thats when it happens
you can babysit for 13 hours
cycle running fine
soon as you leave for coffee machine crashes
this is basicallt how the instructors drill into you dont leave a machine cycle alone

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they dont know what happened
was way after the tower pulled away tho
was doin okay for a bit
haha that shit fell backwards so fast
$5 on material/assembly/inspection issues
its always QCs fault!

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press conf now
nevermind they changed it, 15min

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press conference 15 minutes

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they prob just have nukes on the roof

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its like the warp holes dont connect to their destinations until you walk past them or something
`nico: http://www.mariowiki.com/images/0/05/How2Get-1.gif

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`nico: 3rd in
theres prob a few youtubes of it
no idea, i think its just a weird side effect of how the level data is stored
kevtris prob knows

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00:06:03 < synth> and zelda link2past
fuck that game
as a prototype for super mario world, awesome
as a zelda game, was trash
because zelda isnt an rpg
wait link to the past was zelda three
nm that shit was amazing, confused i thought you meant zelda 2 adventures of link
`nico: you walk through the blocks in the wall immediately before the first warp holes
pretty sure that takes you into neg worlds or something
no the warp holes are shortcuts
if you walk through the bricks, the warp holes change, pretty sure

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