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i might have the someplace
i had to get acoustic DSP nerd matlab scripts going for the acoustic voicing nerd
fuckers suck at documentation across the board

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hopefully learn that shit soon
if not i just start figuring it out myself
kind of the same as gnuplot i think
why lol
i thought you meant gnuplot
right which is why i used gnuplot to gen graphical data of my audio shits
so i figure if i can drive gnuplot, matlab prob easier

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the grad instructor is so lost
spent i dunno how long trying to explain pwm for the stepper motor chopper drives
never explained the whole quadrature part and handing off from one magnet to another
ends half his lecture topics with 'yeah i dunno where i was going with this... anyway...'
i dont think hes a stoner, either, i just think he doesn't prepare at all for the class
lately another instructor has been checking in, helping out, hes pretty cool

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`nico: inorite
`nico: i guess its neat i could spam shit to the display about as fast as i could get the shit connected to a com port
yeah this weekend i have to go nuts making flash cards for calc class
i was kind of like fuckit and regged for calc 2, along with physics, chem and logic shit
because mechanical engineers
like, they dont even use DMMs for anything
im like fuck all this, pulled an analog tek off the shelf
hey those this thing had a negative test square
is that normal?
i dont think thats normal i think i would have been like wtf every single time i hooked a prob to a test terminal

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neat you can clock the counters at 4mhz or 31khz and thing sets a status bit on overflow

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mind is blown
well for $900 least its non volatile
maybe i can hook this event counter shit to internal clock

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guys i have to program a plc in ladder logic
so its kinda wtf
you can program it in c but instructor wont let us =(
rtc has 1 second resolution

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thats just sounds like a very very bad idea moon

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looks normal
thats pretty much how i remembered it
kinda depends how far you had your color knob on your crt, tho
lots of tvs would blur with high color
and towards the end i just kind of like the washed out look
yeah, subtle

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fat px
oh damn, secret white block

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stupid shop class
i got blood blister on my thumb dunno why

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thick as fuck, so like car amp wire splices
and in high vibration, i would prob consider them comparable to quick connects

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do not like

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zeeshan|2: he has my monitors!
not agreat monitors

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