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rab: how is bernie fuckin up your life?

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hes one of the reasons i dont want kids

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my name is objectively more rock n roll
not as rock n roll as rick, tho
his is only more rock n roll because he made so much of it
but i think the alternate meaning of my first name kinda puts me on top

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macegr: his name?
i got over this long time ago.

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dont you has it on your dropbox or something
you only need that one file and a .dat or something

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macegr: yeah had to be done

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i put an ssd in urmom
super size d
how many moneys
mine is only like 200gb =(
efexx: mom jokes have no era
they likely predate mankind
yeah hes lame in all times
mfkr can dominate all things
but gets his ass handed to him by chuck norris in film and irl
er by bruce lee

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eat too much but its almost all real food
i dont like fake lemon flavor

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macegr: for like 1 liter
anyway gatorade is <3, i wont buy it anymore unless starting road trip
at 2am
time for laundry and wingstop
i just stop and pretend to inspect my tires while peeing next to them
monster rehab is nuts
i like the red
but yeah, uncarbonated, kill it under a minute, has all of the diff energy particles
well its tea
i dont really drink calories
coffee water tea
ha if i drank soda id prob be huge

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the salt just kind of makes it instantly part of you
if caffeine does a thing to you, gatorade is good
has lots of sodium, no?
i dont get headaches ever, so caffeine withdrawal kind of scares me
green apple gatorade is fucking candy tho
i guess thats why gatorade scares me
its more sugar than a lot of candy
and you can drink a bottle in a few seconds like whatever, not carbonated
maybe a pussy sample bottle ive never seen
i think the smallest is like 120cal?
its a soda
sec i check
80 per serving, 200 per bottle

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prob kool-aid is better
that shit is so fucking good
glad i killed that habit
dunno so much sugar in gatorade prob not a huge diff

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man coffee is getting expensive
maybe $40 a month?
hmm maybe i bought this bag two weeks ago
unless they do a light roast that doesnt suck

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by business partner im guessing he means guy with the money

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he doesnt need help with basic electronics so likely he has me on ignore
yeah youll have to explain that statement as i dont have your daily agenda in front of me i have no idea what youre doing
with avrfreak is was the lower 16 registers
with you its machine space versus work space

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when i was a kill i was like WTF IS HAWALL
so yeah, hawaii

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