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i kinda want to to get autocad now, just to see if it still lags down like it used to
i dont remember draftsight doing that
but prob because it will crash way before you can get that far in a project

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it is in 2d cad
but 2d cad is dead
blackmoon: i imagine all the vector to scalable graphics code is ancient
too busy adding new features to change the world
eagle acts just like autocad did
im assuming autocad is better now because wtf 2014

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except like, drawing traces to pins
cad engine in eagle is hella awesome
it wasnt just pin snap
well, maybe, but it would move shit that wasnt near the pin
ohsixi: you can get finest resolution point to point measurements
also you can just look at the drill file
you dont need to go through the rs274
if you cant figure out a drill file youre a fucking retard
blackmoon: its better, not huge diff

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thats autocad
it doesnt snap
im not going to defend it
it knows how, it does it for traces
timecop: if you want dead on, you can check pin location somehow
try right clicking on it,
i like dots
god i hate autoscale
well because you set to finest
ohsixi: with some other program?
timecop: you just load a cam file
jezus fuck man load a preset and hit go
cam file is the script
you just do excellon drill and rs274x
this is much to advanced for you
im glad you got over dick trace
god that was some of the most frustrating bullshit
tho it was fast enough

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The MARK command allows you to define a point on the drawing area and display the coordinates of the mouse cursor relative to that point at the upper left corner of the screen (with a leading 'R' character). This command is useful especially when board dimensions or cutouts are to be defined. Entering MARK; turns the mark on or off.
Please choose a grid fine enough before using the MARK command.
yeah eagle only snaps to pins when youre drawing traces
in schematic mode you just draw symbol terminals on a 0.1 grid
or shit dont connect
button top left
right under open icon
just hit finest, it basically ungrids

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that does seem useful
timecop: didnt they add dimensioning tools?
there was some way to do it
like, maybe a user origin feature
you basically stick user origin at the pin location and use that to reference
well go to snaps and set to min
theres a button
i think you can select snaps somehow?
honestly i havent used eagle in awhile, ive mostly been using real CAD shit =\
looks like im a major version behind, i bet updates are not free
hmm looks like i did placement of an AB driver chip last time i eagle'd

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did my first live sound gig for an actual band (i dont think engineering DJ's is actual work)
frita kahlo was working the board most the nix
girl can mix, so many talents

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i think being thankful rather than being sad is much more appropriate in the case of a test pilot
i guess maybe we need to take this to a per capita level of usefulness, heroin addicts versus test pilots

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also i believe in many cases of ptsd, part of the issue is they miss the day to day of war, and their issues come from their soldier mindset not working in civilian life
argument could be made that they are happier on a battlefield scared out of their mind, and death in this manner may be better outcome than going home, terrorizing and eventually losing your family in some cases
right im waiting for you to site these mistakes in logic
like, youve made a point that test pilots are more useful
but considering a very small number of them work on civilian planes, because of a very small number of them exist
and heroin addicts are responsible for much of the great art and music in the world
i would have to disagree with that as well, in an absolute sense
it may be true, it may not be true, really its a very subjective statement so it can bve either depending on mood or individual
do you need me to demonstrate any other meanings?

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dying in prototypes is kind of what they do
i feel worse for the engineers and support crew than the pilot
same could be said for true soldiers
they die doing what they love, in some views that a big win
again, i said in some views, and true soldiers back in society shouldnt be expected to cope well
because like, not a fuckin war all the time
well thanks authority of wisdom and logic

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their thoughts and feelings about what they do with their time
that information
would be everything we just talked about
so you would need the information i just mentioned at least
well, if those are the metrics by which you are comparing them
i mean theyre both fucking human
iu dont see any difference between them and their daily activity at all
versus a rock
sometimes definitely
im guessing many of them are drunks by certain clinical definitions
well thats how this started ohsixi
and i also put that in my list of informations
so youre kind of just going in circles trying to sound smart
here i can make it simple
heroin addict = junkie
test pilot = junkie
in certain cases, i have love for both
that said, theyre test pilots

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you would if he was driving your bus, taxi, or airplane
well, theyre test pilot
they fly insane aircraft that are likely going to fail in some way
death is very likely, and they happily do it because they love how it makes them feel
i would bet lots of them would say they would rather die in a plane than in a bed
this is all very much like a hardcore drug addict
youre only supporting my logic
if there are only 60 test pilots death rate is prob something like 25%
logic is always based on information at hand which often need support
this aint philosophy class
well, theyre both fuckin insane
i dont see how they are nothing alike
the number of test pilots, the number of flights, the number dead
the number of heroin addicts, the rate of getting high, the number dead

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02:23:15 <@BlackMoon> its like, in other news, 100x as many people died this year while talking on their cell phone while driving.
people talking on their phone isnt a $10B effort with like 1000 engineers and scientists involved
also, crying over test pilots dying is like crying over heroin addicts dying

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i imagine it turns into a nice mist first surface it hits at 2000psi

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ha weird
diode, TVS, capacitor, switch

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fuck cold

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most of these things are going to give you indirect information about inductance and capacitance
like, slew rates, or transmitted vs received power
network analyzers are way expensive
eck0: pretty sure network analyzers are more, they can perform a fulltest instead of just analyze some other test setup
its like a curve tracer vs an oscilloscope
you can do curve tracing on an oscilloscope but youre going to have to setup some external circuits

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what do you mean by high frequency
like, HF audio or HF radio
for audio you can just use an LCR
for radio, i think you prob want a vswr meter
and i cant help much ive only done this in a school lab forever ago
for that you can maybe just use an analyzer with eye pattern modes

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no, but that happened at first job

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omg where have you been
andive never done with a dual
ejected from audio manufacturing, back in school
why sorry, was kind of the plan the whole time
mechatronic engineering

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tecan doesnt hobby, too pro
he contracts himself out to himself

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id be there but i got no money =\
sculptor: marijuana is for all the clock
sculptor: nyet
i dunno, shadows and bricks, blur only on shadiw
possibly wind

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