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well, its hes just going for 1 bit green, he can maybe do as much res as he wants

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ha, on a breadboard

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well, could be a lot of things around a circuit like that
just be careful where you stick probes, try and keep your face away from shit
rectifier is missing

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mains side is never tied to either ground
earth or some reference ground, it pretty much always goes into an isolating transformer
then the secondary side is tied to ground somehow
maybe center tapped transformer, maybe one side of a bridge rectifier
if the secondary side on your circuit is tied to the chassis earth ground, and thats floating, could explain your 20v issue
the circuit is grounding through your meter

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you can check to see if you have plumbing that is continuous with your earth ground
but thats prob not a much better situation
your outlet boxes might be earthed
but if you still dont have earthed outlets who knows wtf is going on
the actual ground is a shit earth
you want a clean unobstructed current return to your power source
basically a parallel neutral
putting a bunch of dirt between the earth terminal and the neutral power source is a safety hazard, dirt is a shit conductor
some audiophile idiot got banned from AES for recommending that

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damn im going to miss star girls burlesque
i guess someone got offended at star whores
ground problem
there isnt, really
take a lead back to the breaker box

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in the end i had to just bend the doorframe with a giant screwdriver to unlatch
because i had taken the knob assembly apart and shit wouldnt move
this was all at 3am
well, 2-4am really
that would have sucked but i have a window
fuckin idiot thought it was his door
neighbors tell me he did same thing to them
and thats real weird because theyre like, across the path and up some stairs
leats my door looks like his he got a bit of an excuse
i dont mind so much
stuff like that means i can be loud
here my place is adjacent to like, a dozen frat and random parties a weekend
dont have to worry about sound so much

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its just rectifying and regulating?
zener or it actually has a follower
oh i figured they skipped the xformer
no es importante
fuckin bro outside drunken yell COME OUT HERE NIGGA TELL ME HOW LUCKY I AM
everyone white of course
damn, bangin on doors
macegr: were you here when drunk neighbor smashed into my door and jammed the lockset?
i had to break out

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unless i put the charging circuit in the boombox
but now the shit seems more like work than fun
LiNiMnCo is the shit that cycles better?
two of those would be perfect chipamp rails
$1200 in batteries for $40 in chips and caps
but thats literally all it would be, some chips and caps, half a dozen resistors per amp channel

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most my 18650 have little pin stomps in their base from dropping my older mechanical mod on its button
had a 1/8" contact pin
so i started putting them backwards so it would land on the tab end of the battery
macegr: maybe 18350 just for the extra voltage
rc battery would be less drama to charge than loose 18650

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too much
not really im just checking out prices
i have a bunch on my desk
i just though snap in sticks would be neat but i didnt think they were that much and nimh
i think the new packs are li-ion...
yeah my pack is 18v li-ion
yeah i guess the sticks are just nimh and nicad

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two parallel?
i want to do a boombox
dunno what for batteries yet
maybe pair of rc li-ion
maybe fuck ton of D cells
i want to run normal chipamps are like 20+ bipolar
yeah thought about it because can just use big battery
can do boost buck if i want neg rails
doesnt matter really
yeah i could do snap in makita packs or something

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kevtris: hahaha
well, since this is 1890s tolerances, i think ill go for the wider ID...
omg, 12Ah?
at 500mA for energizer
20Ah for 25mA draw
macegr: you just had series 12V?
or you did some fuckit parallel shit
they do it in cars!

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D batteries: Introduced 1898 as the first flashlight battery.
wtf srs?
so like, D batt is true steampunk

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i thought you just wanted single color on off
i think you could do 0603 with pins on the side
needs 5 pins?
if you wanted io and a latch
fuck a latch just go fast
and theyd have to be syncd somehow
so 5 pins
well, ive seen 0603 style with 3 pins on one end
pretty sure the digital guitars LEDs were like that
yeah but then it needs digital power

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when i worked at the guitar job, they brought him in to interview
he talked a lot of shit about the company product, tho most of it was pretty accurate
anyway, he told them its a mosfet application note circuit
and the supplies look like a pair of mean well open frames
i was even more impressed with the guy
but the musician types decided because he was not a wizard, he was not what he claimed to be
anyway, you give guitarists a normal amp, and they cream themselves
theyre used to crap
one you can drive?
what like, a dflop led?
that is pretty cool
why would it need to be bigger
its handful of gates
dunno could just stick one on side, do little ratbite ends
most the 0603 leds ive worked with on have full width terminals on both ends
oh you want rgb?

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i think i have boards for those someplace
but yeah, their daughterboard bullshit is horrible
they could have at least put feedback at the chip
thats normal
you put caps and feedback right on the chips and they perform amazing for size and money, reliable as fuck
but its marshall amp
traditional guitar amp design are kind of a trainwreck
mix of passive and buffered filter networks
amps with ridiculous open loop gain
thats the point
there are some exceptions but not many
and they can hum like a mfkr no one cares
and sound like X
there is a brit amp called the matrix
1U, decent wattage
guitarists using them with amp modeler preamps, and go on and on about how responsive and bright the amp is

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solid state or tube job?
chipamps on a daughter board?
that thing is fucked
dude they didnt even put the feedback resistors on the daughterboard
its just a chipamp and board to board wire connector
yeah my friend fixes those
guess they fuckup a lot
on the chipamps?
or some vregs
i think theyre ST amps, good shit
heh, nice
natsemi made insulated tab amps like that
LM3886TF, love them
almost same Rth performance

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so is there a way to tell the diff B apart?
so looks like the ones that cant drive 104 have more test pads
ha, his dad is right there

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which look like the 2812 rev
3 stacked
looks like samedie
so middle ones maybe oldest rev
didnt you have one of those?
or yours was mixed B revs
oh haha

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104 to 104 works?

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so is just timing? everything else fine?
you can just retime the mcu to fix existing shades?
or those are baked into the dirt, seperate issue
cant retime, or cant because baked
all of them or enough to make rework silly
or this is reworkable

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do you know its not all one factory?
would explain the mixed batches
because mixed bins at a distro is just weird
like, they opened up multiple tapes?
and then put them back?
you have B revs
everyone does looks like
who sourced the leds?
monkey got them or you had them sent
maybe got a go-bin-these-urself deal

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both the datasheets i saw use that exact image
ya thats new

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bottom pair look like revs
timecop: haha lordpil.com is still up
timecop: youre seriously going to bring up abuse or trolling?
turned 7 years old last months!
well if im abusing bring it up with the other ops

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one guy spams me out of nowhere every year or so, other we used a bunch at the guitar shop, my friend still use them for pee machine sustaining
why isnt timecop doing it just because we let him stay here
timecop: ^
pcba or bant.
well im making a joke
and this facilitates less annoying convo
well if theyre all gonna be like him, im okay with that
yes horrible

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not like hes shipping on water
prob the most annoying part of china manufacturing
go nuts hit the deadline get it on the boat
prob shows up week early
maybe shows up two weeks late
for initial production review or some shit?
bought from your pcba?
how many of those?
i know of two guys in socal maybe need work

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because that almost sounds like comedy
knocked over bins and some poor china worker girl on her knees for hours
crying all over the LEDs
did that happen a lot?
because that happened like 6 years ago
get chinabugs much?
some speaker cabs sometimes had chinabugs
and i always used to trip a little on how the sealed speakers had sealed shenzen air inside

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so possibly the other two are fake?
jiwoo is china distro?
korea distro
did you tell him not to get equiv
ohsixi: yeah i usually call persons hims
well if theyre being sold as ws2812 theyre fake
not very good ones if they dont always work =(
jiwoo is monkey?
he never hangs out anymore
ohsixi: well it all depends on intentions and application i guess
well neither is good
and a lot of times both is happening at the same time
often within the same company
okay so were defending monkey
well, i just want to know where the random part packing is happening

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so like, youre getting these direct from factory, or your pcba is sourcing them for you?
because all this sounds like you are getting competitive products from your factory source
well right, the i love lucy theory
so like, youre getting engineering samples
or youre literally getting the stock off the floor
or they are all interchangable to the distributors
so you just have to keep trying different series combinations and protocols and timing until your shit randomly works

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that shit looks really bad until 4sec in
of course not
it was set to auto and i guess it couldnt decide for 4 sec
i set to 1080 and it looked fine first time
at 4k shit gets jumpy
no idea where the prob is dont care rly

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want two
4 way voicing rack, 2 spare outputs, under $250 voicing system
no its a rack dsp, audio
you make block diagrams and upload and turn it into whatever you want
these guys are a bit older but ive used the software its okay, and they got decent processing umf plus ill have two to split that up
really as long as you dont use graphic EQ its got cpu to spare
minidsp is more $$$ plus i dont like the application specific modules
one of symmetrix series is like that, jupiter i think
you dont make block diagrams, you just turn it into some preset mixer thing or effects unit or whatever

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because yeah 72% seems super fucked even for PP
timecop: ive paid off my shit over 3 or 4 months on my best buy account and they never charged me shit
and they push sales the same way
is this your first 60fps youtube?

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well dont buy shit from terrorists
timecop: every retailer has that
because lots of people dont pay in time
and at worst, they get as much money as they charge for it
well, you usually have to open a credit account with them
so thats the catch
youre not their credit customer, shrug
if they change terms and notify you i suppose they could fuck you, but prob not really if you dont carry a balance
it used to be bill me later
they renamed it paypal credit and theyre advertising like its some new shit
after 6mo?

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show me schematic
did you try output low and output hiz
to shut down
er input hiz, but with outward intention
yeah i dunno man its your mcu
stays off?
with hiz?

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did you flip your pin yet
its random china mcu or an st?
the wiki said theyre for 'appcessories'
i think your shit qualifies
you psu is prob in mA?
not super surprising

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ha do you still hammer on config registers for emi?
anti tesla coil code

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why dont you just pour some benches
i dont think you are the target customer
this has something to keep power from leaking into io and power now, right?
is that bad
so they did an i love lucy at the led factory

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not for all walls, and yes in building and roads usually wired or welded
ohsixi: point it doing it faster with less people
like everything else, prob not so awesome the first 20 or 40 years
thats what i said
you do it yourself if you dont want to build it into the machine
no just disagreeing over it
okay well lets say were making lots of buildings
and go from there

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yeah thats kinda old news, they been talking about that shit prob 5 years
i dunno whatever engineering company is the one building the shit in asia
like a homebrew thing
printing buildings
you just have workers throw rebar in
if you dont want to build that into the machine
timecop: you will post the schematic either way, or you will only report if it works or doesnt work and will not post the schematic
you can rebar vertically no problem
horizontally, you can leave cavities and throw em in later and fill

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and drop the platform down a level into the concrete powder?
haha, itd be a mess management project
yeah but that done in a metal slurry, no?
the liquid kind of deals with the mess
concrete thing maybe works on a massive scale where the machines arent so succeptible to fucking up
printing basements or something
use some sort of air or water springs to raise platform to initial state
ive seen that shit at westec

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do you know the ipm it moves at?
my thing goes like 45ipm wondering if too slow

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yeah thats not a safety oriented video for sure

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they dont ever light up
clearly is a big trouble in little tokyo reference
little china
same thing

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rab: i dont think so unless you doing inversions
maybe in super high G

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