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we use 1000W high pressure sodium lamps to keep out plants warm
fuck i had to use an a/c almost 24/7 to keep them cool

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well, you dont know that
that might happen too over time
test with a uv lamp

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monkeyisl: my guess is the company that makes the glass buys the coating and doesnt even know what it was developed for
especially if they dont want to tell you
also youre target demographic is dumb
unless youre selling snake oil
in which case, this is the wrong place to ask for help
go contact energy from water guy
glass indoor heater might sell
middle of the room, large surface area, but translucent
until drunk person burns their face
wtf fan
why would you want to heat the glass
you only want to heat things on one side of it
use the glass as an insulator
you want your heater off the glass
actually you want a reflector over the glass
now you dont need glass
hey trip out
you just made a heater lamp
prob not hard to do

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so macegr gets a pcba job of melted LED because monkeyisl is superfocused on heated glass tint
for farms
for farms is the mind blower, you would think hed be trying to sell this for planes and cars if hes trying to fix the sunlight effects
pc: yeah but even na greenhouse
why heat the glass
why not use it as an insulator
and heat the air
no just the saleman selling to the farmers
why not just heat metal
how is that not on purpose

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they want rollout tarps, tents, shit like that
glass is dumb unless you plan is to sell as defrosters without visible resistive paint
which is prob what this stuff was developed for
if monkey isnt just trying random shit
theyre all having parties over it
and its the bane of monkeys current existence
monkeyisl: were not saying glass isnt capable
were saying your use of it is dumb
this is some random glass?
you dont even know what the coating is?

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yeah IR heater works and doesnt need glass
for one product
you can change the focus
and resistive heaters you just blow the air where you want
you shit heats both sides of the glass
so half of your shit is a totall complete waste
also the time it takes to heat the glass is long
its a waste of power in a way
monkeyisl: you arent targeting heat
youre just making a resistive heater
who cares
your argument is you can make it hotter?
for the same effect?
thats not efficient
fragile glass on a farm is dumb

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dude if your shit is changing light profile farmers might just ignore it
he wants to make a heater
out of glass
that passes light
to sell to farmers
who need rain, and light
i think you need to think of a different target demographic
right you dont need glass for that
you said your shit was using 30A
at how many volts?
glass will block light and rain
bad for plants
why arent you selling this as a glass deicer
blackmoon: old landlady was like ONLY USE MY HEATER ITS MORE EFFICIENT
shit had a fan im like, yo that fan aint that good a heater

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its not 200R but whatever
how fast
it changes with heat
its changing as you measure it probably
and how steady is it all day
you didnt find a heater you found a light switch
no i dont think it changes opacity
the light changes the switch
no hes heating the glass
its just heater paint replacement is my guess
obviously theyre not done with it
monkeyisl: maybe the glass is expanding and makes a connection better
if you block UV that would make it like night time
and it shouldnt work
monkey you just killed your own theory
oh 8pm
you say it only works at night
well why you heating during the day
your shit works perfect
i dont think your read the directions on the can

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does it gradually change
or all at once
its you testing through
so answer the question
how fast does it happen
over hours, minutes
or all at once
i thought through a glass coating?
im thinking hes doing heater tint
10 ish what
10 seconds, 10 minutes, 10 hours
monkeyisl: if we ban you it means we want you to ask timecop to translate
10 of glass panel
now youre introducing area and volume with enough information for neither
monkeyisl: how fast does it happen

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well wtf is it supposed to do monkey
just monitor the current and voltage and maintain power
for orange?
wtf do you mean you did
in operation
youre going to paint fruit
so just put more voltage when its low r
or use something that doesnt change resistance
or do your measurements correctly
blackmoon: ikr
some painted on resistor
monkey how do you know
youre guessing or you just decided or what

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17:36:19 < monkeyisl> but when it's outside .. it becomes 1.3K non-conduction emtrail .. no eletonr flow.. at alll
how does 1.3k mean no electron flow
1.3k is quite a bit of electron flow

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the solar panel?
the solar panel should be negative resistance when its working

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ya get it now
blackmoon: ^
does it really matter?

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i saw 4.4 didnt think uA
what are the fixes?
im not even sure which is which, sysoff and sysoff_ctrl

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DRC is usually low enough it doesnt matter much
yeah thats diff
impedance is usually like 50 to 500R
the DCR is going to be way under an ohm, most ferrites
timecop: usually higher z is better
but it has to be at your expected problem bandwidth
like, it might have high z at 100mhz but nothing at ghz
right if it has 100R z at 100MHz, and your loading it with 100R
youll get a 6db drop in signal
but if youre loaded by 10k, you wont lose shit
timecop: right but most of the time theyll have a plot of the same data
thats somewhat bad, no?
oh nice

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i think someone did that
like, in a family of fuckit hot cpu, 3200+ was the hottest

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my atom did jitter like that
ha, cook on that thing
i had one of those literally 10 years ago
i dont think youre doing much better than a multicore atom
if at all

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04:40:18 < zeeshan|2> my motherboard doesnt have a SATA conector
no way youre getting anything close to 500mb/s
should have just bought the cheapest shit they had
also consider replacing with an atom mobo
well least you have pci
honestly you prob pay less for an atom mobo with parport than spending on random cards to make shit work
your shit doesnt have sata
its a slow ass computer
the atom boards have badass latency
well what are you running?
no what processing speed

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wtf did you buy it at office max or something?

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i think weight is usually dictated by regs
like, theres ballast involved, they could make the cars lighter if they wanted
suspension is mostly in the tires, its all very rigid
the tracks are very well kept
its formula racing
point is to figure out the rules, and hack them
it gets stupid tho
bot just banned himself

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also people in the 80s hadnt heard 18krpm v12 and v10 yet
v10 era was amazing, been kinda stupid since
dunno, thats not racing
its a team sport for sure
but in the end, its about the maniac in the seat
no i dont think so
in f1, driver has his feet above his butt
hes literally wedged in
i dont think it changes as much as you think
because its still primarily about power to weight
and the drivers usually arent a huge part of that equation
with a motor does like 900hp or something, with boost

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having ferrari drivetrain means you actually might win
so much drama
i like button
yeah they been saying that for like a month
and hes kind of like fuckit whatever in interviews
i like him a lot
i hope he goes into endurance racing
bernie wants third cars so prob happens
blackmoon: theyre coupled to generators now
besides regen they use them to spool up the turbos
twin turbos for lag is pretty typical
techtopia: they need to kill a lot of the reliability rules and stick to one formula longer
v8 turbo hybrid could work for a long time
people dont like how v6 sounds
its not like the 80s theyre not 1100hp turbo motors

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f1 broke
marussia was a weird team anyway
isnt it a vapor exotic car company?
Haas-Ferrari and Mclaren-Honda next year
turbo hondas in mclaren chassis is some legend shit
oh i thought haas was next year with ferrari motors and consulting
okay well at least i dont have to be conflicted
but they maybe have a lot of fan enthusiasm
lots of people know what a haas is
like, maybe brings in a lot of people who would have only been into nascar otherwise

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then your shit can have a knob instead of a switch
switches are so 60s

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man things just got complicated
maybe he just means the motor
pair of fat diodes
switch shorts them out

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bolts siezed or what
techtopia: 3V + dropout voltage
and it wont be a regulator anymore
its just like, a really shitty diode at that point
better to use the 5V reg with like 9V input and use 2 diodes to drop the voltage to 3.4
and really, why not just get a 7803
theyre just aluminum gaskets?

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3m sticky stuff
they hold cars together with it
and if you have the right tool you can pop the rivets without damaging
no interior and exterior trim stuff
they use some other glue for chassis, eheheh
pretty sure thats how some of the prototype race things go together
composites to random alloys
all the castings and chrome on china dirtbikes and scooters goes to shit after a year
chrome peeling, rust spots and voids in the castings
all the trim thats glues fallin off

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`nico: neat they won, but ya fuck gnome, xfce 4 lyfe
blackmoon: dunno, thats kind of what you do with current solution
rip of panel, peel off old vhb, reapply vhb, restick
$65k raised
rab why would anyone want their money back

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google has no idea what im talking about

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blackmoon: an eck0 head turbo
haha @ < eck0> oh
eck0: do you has turbohead pics?

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you should prob see a dr!

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rpm26v is rs232 and win95 software, isnt running on win 7
explains why theyre so much cheaper than rpm26z

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