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but yeah bar stock turning centers are nuts

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and setups with live fixturing that can grab a part and machine the bottom

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thats just normal CNC machining
you can do 3d parts raster style
thats how i did all those tiny little wood speakers
mine was vertical cuts with a conical cutter
they have 5 axis cnc

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but i dont know if i want to sell toyotaCar to get it, or get a small loan and keep the stupid tC
or maybe just get a tacoma, fit in with the locals

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and its been easier to take the redline downtown than driving down during the day for like 14 years now
its a waste of resources
eventually i hope it will be like music
personal transportation will just be considered anunspoken human right
transcends politics
because yeah, gas is gonna be really, really expensive, and cars that dont autodrive on designated roads will prob be $$$ too
i want a miata
since i dont need a car, i think its a good time for a somewhat useless car with reference handling

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nice, burny and zee, tacklin the analol world
hope there is insurance and a fire extinguisher involved
dead truck was dead
yeah i dont really need a car, honestly
in LA it was almost to that point
actually, i got over the hill to calabasas from the north valley without a car for weeks when the volvo died

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us history test
late 40s to early 70s

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like, one zero
the monster fast shit is only $30 more
than the super cheapo team vulcan stuff

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if pc and civlization exist in 5 years
what in terms of %
its %10
and it means they tested at 1600 and it worked like every fuckin time
but we are thru with sandy bridges arent we
i thought in 2014 ivy is almost ald
macegr: what
thebarry: overclocked says faster shit is better
which is my in 5 years argument
its $10 more

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yeah but its like $10 cheaper!
rice up your dims
gotta like, weave the fins and install the dims in sync
wtf is team
also noradiation symbols
so is rosewill
im more comfortable with behringer
bad experience with geil
bad dims after a year, some below surface smd bullshit
rma took forever and they said they tested they were fine
its like, bitches i am a customer you have dimms dont be bitches
but they were bitches
i prob get crucial or mushkin
i prob just get 1866 because ill want to get another pair eventually
smt = surface mount technology, smd = surface mount device
yeah but it might be on mobo 5 years from now, no?

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macegr: crucial w/ heatsink, way lower latency, $5 more
heatsink at 1866 for $6 more than bare
yeah its like, every couple dollars, performance jump
i want those because they look cool
says theyre from taiwann
so its prob an oem factory
yeah my mushkin is fine

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crucial still sells mem without chunks of aluminum glued to the side
macegr: in that price range its all over the place
1333 vs 1600, bare vs heatsink
but on that last link ,the electrons dont have to go as far
which impresses me
surplus from vaders tie fighter
wtf is avexir

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urmom knows the words

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$20 but its panel mount
their enclosed DIN stuff is slide on, need ends, like $100+
3 fuse holders like $50

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guess TDI are pulling renesis 13B levels of failure
least it only seems to happen to canadians
zeeshan|2: no i mean that screws onto a din rail
so you dont have a janky broken clip issue
or at least something with a much less shitty looking clip

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the multi fuse thing was only to 30A?
you cant get almost the same thing with a screwdown clamp?

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clip looks a bit cheap
on the back
i was excited until that
and i was even excited at that for a half sec before i realized, wait this is no time for convenience
zeeshan|2: have you used one of those?
if the blue clip thing didnt feel janky id be down
well they seem to work by stabbing with a flat head screw driver
default method usually qualifies as abuse
like i imagine if they stick at all, within a few tries clip breaks
do you just like, break them off the rail or the fuse holder breaks before the clip?
right so you needlenose it? break the clip off?
after it breaks?
thise fuseholder sounds like drama zee
it is sexy tho

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you shit is 3 phase how many amps?
wtf does that mean
okay well, my take on this, 60A in a max rating, like the voltage on a cap or the rating on a fuse, and all the other numbers are test spec for diff test labs
like, you prob dont want to run it at 60A forever
the UL section says hp, so theyre talking about inductive loads, so calc your current from that
because wtf is JEM
theyre kind of the same number anyway
10hp and 7.5kw

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see whats JEM AC#.1.0-0
says 7.5kW
then for 3ph in the UL section
it says 10hp, which is like 7kW
well that may be an absolute max rating
braking the motor or breaking power to the drive
nothing is actually broken, right
yeah man your primary side of the vfd is on the secondary side of all the psu
stop exclamating

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fuckin german
well, if it can do 47A sustained
i imagine it can prob do quite a bit more for short periods before burning up
its a giant contactor, shit takes time to heat up
oh it says continuous current 60A at the bottom
ha, can be on a circuit breakered for 5000A fuuuu
zeeshan|2: okay well safest assumption is it shouldnt do 60A at 230V
for your example one
but it might have to do with how its tested

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receiver is another plc, or a pc/router thing

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its bi directional?
or they just spray all status
yeah i like the status update thing, quick way to see if offline

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oh hey its asshole
is early

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