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i like the unclad fr4
so thats just how i do things
its basically a dead bug grid

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oh nice, did not notice

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because the engine
and $$$

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this guy says at 1600 theyre better than cas 7
hunterkll: honestly i think if your shit works, itll prob work fine forever
i just trust ram with overhead to work on more systems
this is the plan, $533
try and double the mem in a year or three
why do i want a boat

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maybe that
why no
this is higher voltage and lower cas than the lower speed shit
i dunno i sorted by crucial and mushkin so i seem to think so
ha thats the vader ram
also i dont mind heatsinks, considering how close the dims are and i want to eventually upgrade
which is other reason i want overhead
but yeah, the 1866 shit i posted has lower latency the the ddr3 1600 shit
but its 1.6v so maybe legit

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is it sandy?
i always get confused whether its my mom or my exgf
no i mean before when some didnt have gpu
there was a gen it was like, unlocked or gpu, pick
i dont think i need an unclocked proc
is xeon and ecc still a thing?

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shrug, my shit works long time
-K means overclockable, no gpu?
2011 is x99, no?
i dont want ddr4
so i guess maybe that was a sandi cpu thing?

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i figure i get a $200 proc, 2x8GB for <$150, and $150 mobo
$200 prob looks like a 3.5ghz quad i5
i current have an ancient quad 2.4ghz
i dont have today, check stuck in the bank
have a weekend to figure this out
hunterkll: i have a pair of r9 280x
it would be neat if i could get 3 channels of 16x pcie, maybe i can run a card that will render solidworks shit
and still have game cards
i do it every 5+ years
well, for myself
sometimes i can convince job to give me half a day to do a pc

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timecop: know if the procs still like, integrated gpu *or* oc'able?
i maybe wouldnt mind the integrated gpu stuff
doesnt seem like you can get very many mobo without the gpu connectors
wat @ wat
i think its about available pcie channels and whether they lock cpu speed
cool i wanted an asus board
think its like ~$150
haha yeah saw that
like, wat

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why did they comma, wtf is this europe
i think its the lunix
the server is lunix
guys i think i want a Z97, right?
because ddr4 is expensive wtf

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no rth?
it says do not exceed SOA
they made it really easy
dissipation is in mW

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if it runs, it wont long
hopefully his buffer dumps before rejoin
ultraAmps dude
its like, superheat
its the amps more than the amps you really need
you appear to be fixed
tekrad: right but current car is currently not economical
so changes are i sell it soon
but i still want a car
because <3 driving
right but this cars payment and insurance made sense when i had 4x the money
i dont need the reliability
i can just sell and buy a beater and not have payment
fly down to LA when i need to
its cheaper than gas
rent in LA if i have to

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well, that assumes i get the porsche moving safely, macegr
in a 914, thats a coin toss
a 924 is an option
but itll break and itll be scrap
i wont be able to fix it very often
but a miata is cheap to fix
and easy to work on
and fun to drive in mountains and thats mostly what i want
tekrad: boxter is lame, but the cayman is sex
hopefully they let it kill the 911
porsche needs to kill the 911, do another FR car
get into f1
take over the world
feed all the children and turn them into test drivers
porsches into space
page 6: porsches on mars
your math is wrong sir
so its not really an option
a 914 is, but it would be irresponsible

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and any z thats not finished is a money pit
and a finished z, which is an amazing value, is still almost 2x the cost of a 1st gen miata
i want a 914 so bad
but i dont have the space
i can do a miata wrong like that
oil changes in the dirt, shit parts to keep it running
a 914 is major commitment
like a $10k, 20 hours a week for months kind of relationship
and at some point, it will make sense to just buy a whole other 914 for parts
i dont
like $2k
i want to get this car paid off
well 2-3k is a beater miata or a unfinished 914
if i was going to get a real car
like, sell the tc for a down payment on something, id prob get a mazda 3
you cant really fuck with a 3, and mazdaspeed 3 are monsters
like, fwd cars shouldnt be allowed to have that much power
but you can get a running 914 to start with
finished 914 are >$5k
i think our engines are cousins
my car killed your car

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i kind of want a miata, dunno if i want to sell the tc
if i sell the tc its for a truck
i dont need a reliable car for the next 4 or 5 years
why not
not as a daily
its reference handling, its easy to wrench on, its cheap on gas
its not fair to compare =\
also the miata is first step towards an exocet
which just looks like mad fun
and is priced pretty fair
also there are lots of spec racing series for miata
thunderhill is 45min away
so things are so abused
i mean, how do you not
they go so much sticky go power tho
tekrad: i want cheap parts and reliability too
honestly a z wouldnt be much faster unmodified

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honda f1 fails -> honda remnants turned into braun gp -> braun gp dominates
i guess timeline is missing that part
im not really fan of mercedes factory team
braun gp was cool because it was like, redo of braun and barichello during schumacher era
this time braun did good
rubens deserved more wins
guy prob has most podiums
would be interesting to see how fast honda can roll the electric turbo into something production
haha, another excuse to delay the nsx
new nsx prob wont happen until 2022 so who knows

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well, i kind of like the braun gp effort
that was the last year i really got into it
and honda was somewhat responseible for that, heh
their last failure, at least
honda f1 fails -> brain gp dominates -> braun gp becomes mercedes f1 -> mclaren isnt cool with being a customer engine team -> mclaren-honda f1 in 2015
braun gp
its like some honda master plan

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im gonna buy the hat, yo
its mercedes, mclaren is a customer engine
mclaren doesnt think it can win with a mercedes engine is mercedes is a competing team
which i think is valid
i think its cool honda is back, and in the back of a mclaren is fantasy lala shit

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normal paper is like .004, .005
and squishier
actually i just broke cheap dab rig
so i am indeed using a light saber
is like 7.5"
ohsixi: the question wasnt why is 255 the max
the question is why would you know that
you die like in SMB

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you need to send them some sort of fuck you
dont be responsible
feed ur dark side
whats your positive feedback %?
ya, that sucks, what asses
thats one of the reasons i was selling those clear rolling papers at bit more than cost
got lots of feedback
no one in machine shop has rolling papers
and im afraid to ask instructor even tho i know he prob does
macegr: for setting Z offset on a mill
use like feeler gage
rice paper is awesome because .001"

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well, it says abs max 18V
so 12V is probably okay
looks like it kind of turns on around 4V
heh, and yeah every other plot is spec'd at 12V
so 12V is ideal
macegr: note the parts that matter in responses
is over or what
do you mean you sold the supply again after
and this is a macetech acct or personal?
they asked for it, wow
you have their address, no?

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macegr: do you have the emails where you said you would be gone?
paypal is pretty good when convos are documented

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yeah i cant find that
heh, dialectric 'slip'
this is what the mud artists call the soupy clay

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would be interested in how they make those
they gotta be growing them
denkishi: in acoustics theres pretty much just mass and rigidity
so like, stick things onto buzzy panel, put tension on stuff, move on
macegr: the slicing part seems nuts
how do you slice and gaurantee no shorts
too much loss, too dirty
maybe something like laser, and its about controllering the ceramic versus foil reaction to the heat
foil might pull back into the ceramic layers or something

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i would drill the middle of the footprint, too
prob end up having to call the PCB house, like, yes rly do it
yes, special cap, do it, ty
i donder if they always stack in the same orientation
right, as tall as wide
i bet whatever is most expensive works best
this could easily be an AES paper
so like, 5 x 20 or 10 x 40 array of them, drilled footprints
and a mic pre

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touch all the sides, see if it goes away
add mass or tension to the side
if not, open up, find the buzzy thing, itll be a coil
yeah if problem is bad, advise touching with penis
so like, see if leaning finger on coil changes
if yes, stick piece or foam
well thats just some quantum acoustics shit
that has no basis in normal reality
yeah they do that
someone should make a ceramic cap mic
prob only when hes angry
what did you load it with?
i was thinking do a ribbon mic size board out of 10uF
what is several
a dozen

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