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man FTL gets me angry like NES and 2600
good shit
like i want to throw my keyboard at the monitor

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they sell 10x what their competition sells
so if they had a 10x better failure rate, youd still see as many failures as competition
the solution is to copy the mackies even closer =)
i <3 mackie VLZ mixers, tho
and i used to feel really sticky nasty using behringer shit
but you know what? shit works, and i seen tons of good shows done with behringer gear
shitty mass produced gear is better than no gear
AND the mackie VLZ are copies of small yamaha mixers
i think the details are done better
but they werent the first to do compact mixers
i would buy the mackie even if i couldnt afford it
even if it was irresponsible
but lots of people dont care
they buy the behringer, it buzzes a lot less than their guitar amp, fuckit its rock n roll
break shit, black out, move on
macegr: are you wearing a hoodie?
hoodies seem worse for statis

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everyone is behringer traditional quality
literally, everyone is using their former CM
and they have their own factory, very little worker turnover
theyre doing it right
catbyte: yes, kwan asia, couple others i forgot
the factories that got behringer their bad name
other companies use those factories now
and behringer has a manufacturing model that other wish they had
the ada were nice
well, yeah but if they say thats per ules prime directive, im kind of down
also you dont know behringer was knowledgable
they may have thought the UI was a copy
they may not have known that the CM stole the tooling
its shady, but again
if its legal, and its per ules prime directive, fuckit
them and eminence
past aside
those are the only companies i know of doing it right
floyd rose
everyone else contracts
they own
no they mostly license
but they have their own factory where they will make licensed floyd rose for other ocmpanies
which is weird
so yeah, behringer is shady
but its for the poor customers who want to engineer sound
and right now, theyre one of the few doing it right
as far as their shit being on repair benches a lot...

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rab: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/UMC1820
they dont even put their logo or name on the front
midas name is repeated like 8 times, heh
but yeah, that literally has every feature i want
its like, more than id dare ask
the headphones can be switched ch 1-2 or 3-4 independently, has enough outputs to do stereo 4 way plus dry monitor out, more mic pres than you can shake a wobbly sausage at
oh they snuck it in around the combos
well, thats the thing

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honestly something that could brew coffee using leftover grounds
look at the resulting coffee, and decide how much new coffee to put in
would be super efficient

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so i keep my water filter pitcher in the fridge
and use most of it for coffee and tea
so i have to heat it up again
this is not green at all

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blackmoon: is this the second one this week?
or this is the one from before

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you know why they die?
they just break at the probe or what

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