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denkishi: most big companies, if they care, its just about shipping
i think it was nat semi or ti, you couldnt use an isp or webmail account
had to be a company domain
but like, i just setup a dns and mail server for the confirm emails, and got free chips
ti is quick they ship from digikey

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most places will ship free
some places you have to pretend to be a company

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ohsixi can do all the things

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how is it wrong?
its kinda of like if it doesnt kill you, it makes you stronger
its just about not staying down, getting up and fighting
nothing about it says its about all mexicans either

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dont zip tie tight
im a big fan of velcro strips
even electrical tape
zipties on something that flexes alot creates a pinch point
its nasty and sticky but it doesnt pinch
velcro is the best
its cheap as fuck too
zip tied loom conduits are sex

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i dont even know wtf i am looking at

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The older version, ossobuco in bianco, is flavoured with cinnamon, bay leaf and gremolata.
sounds good

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wat that

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i slice it up and put it in tacos and burritos and fried rice and shit
squirrels dont have enough meat
i dont like bone-in meat
i like geometric slabs of wobbly protein

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