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also, i think its pretty amusing the movie would be very different if you completely removed dr strangelove
wouldnt be very different
i rabbed
i got 29/30 on my last paper because i forgot to italicize a movie title, so im prob fine
freshman/transfer class, so i imagine instructor sees a lot of crackish shit
i dont even know if their is a school wide one
probably english department has one
i dont have to take english, heh
i should email lesbian english teacher and tell her i havent dropped out yet
i <3 her, she bitched at me about going back to school the whole time i was working
i just wouldnt tell her that joke because it sucks
and im pretty sure she wouldnt be offended

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i have to make 10 words in the history paper go away
hingston: cool
500 words max, im at 510
hingston: pick a movie from a list of 100 relating to 50s and 60s historical issues
i picked dr strangelove, then you have to do synopsys, historical significance, how to use in a history class, personal opinion
1000 words would have been nice
pc: more words is usually easier for me than less
hingston: not enough words to get that deep

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baxandal tone controls are neat
i used that for my little altoids hp amp
well thats good
and that just makes him a normal engineer
i just know thiele like thiele-small
AES conference was in LA last time! got to go, volunteered for a day and got all access

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heh, theres like 4 types of 'audio' taper
8 if you count antilog shit
almost nothing is log or antilog, everything is approximated with two different linear sections
theres like 3 common split linear audio tapers
can get decent log pots with a parallel resistor if the output is buffered
only on fri nights or sat mornings

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lift transistor leg, diode test sometimes works
all about boxes
fuck zags

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high corn fructose, obviously
pc: why not
if you dont fix it youll run out of emitter resistors
so you just send the pcba to the REO fixer specialist

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this is mostly a problem with the middle of the country
green is just a progression of survival instinct
its not going away
chain rule is not so bad
when you find problems youre supposed to get engineering to fix the problem
not make an acronym for it

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the arguments are pretty pointless
who the fuck cares why
its prob human and natural in cause, you prob cant completely stop it, so might as well see how bad itll be
and figure out how to survive it
well those people run shit

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11:33:42 < ohsixI> plus politicians are for some reason judged as a body or process and not the person
this is true of any public personality
its prob not a bad thing
if MLK beat the shit out of hookers, it doesnt really take away from what he did in public
those good things dont go away
im not a fan of michael jacksons music
and im glad the wicked witch is dead, but its hard to argue with his music doing good things for people
politicians fuck people over to help their constituents
to get shit done, you have to play the game
playing the game to be your contituents good politicians makes you someone elses bad politician
burny: music is probably one of the most positive things humans do
both the poetry and the actual sequenced patterns of sound

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youre thinking much to delicately

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why get all complicated with a step z
just hold that shit in your hand
some welding gloves
that shit prob smells so bad
cleaned EDM'd parts still look like ozone death

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heh @ EDMing taps
better than doing circles around the tap i guess

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i wonder if lateral forces affect flow much

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monkeyisl your water pipe?

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I am reaching out to see if you are interested in exploring an opportunity we have for an Electroacoustic Lab Manager position in Northridge, CA.
i guess that means harmann is turning on the northridge campus again
actually you know
that is specifically the exact reason i moved 500 miles away

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whats ratio?
thats a lot of lbs
easy fix
least it didnt explode gas everywhere

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not even to look at spark?
haha i wonder if the coils are diff because diff length wires
or maybe they are tuned cables haha
i dunno this is boats, its prob even more electronically wtf than cars
giant lawnmower?
it doesnt even have teeth?
prob makes the flywheel 1/3 the cost

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i guess 1 or 2 its still big giant thumper
are the pistons offset or on the same crank section
does not respond to ethers, sad
4 stroke have issues because lubricating under high g forces
2 stroke run upside down like whatever
doesnt even have a concept of upside down
stupid 2strokes might as well be amobas
so prob not fucked with
what happens if you pull the plug that sparks or swap cables

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shorted coils happen
less than shorted coils
but i work on speakers, shrug
takes a lot to burn up that enamel, the changes it burns all at once in less than catostrophic cirumstances is low
their tech just knows of your set of things, specific thing always breaks all the time
were useless compared to their tech
$60 is coils for everything?
how many pistons does this thing have

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just get another and compare!
new solution is the old solution
so youre saying you dont have book of all motorboat coil specs?
what kind of a motor boat technician are you!?
are there cables?
there are prob cables involved too
maybe they use cabon doped rubber like the car guys
thatll never fail!
sounds neat
theyre split?
tf is that

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body melts crazy fast?

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i would want to beat the shit out of them to make sure they still dont go intermittent

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denkishi: led panels, the leds are red/green/blue with integrated serial drive IC
the silicone is between the lens and case with leds, die, and bonding wires between
but in use the panels will see a ton of flex
denkishi: they were damaged in reflow
i believe following the manufacturer profile but im not sure if monkey has come thru with this info
macegr: how long are they baking?
still seems like a wonky solution

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that seems pretty extreme, moisture affecting the hard parts enough to make the soft filler rip the bonding wires
thats maybe not a bad thing, you would prob be able to find some evidence
gaps or something
macegr: overheat slightly or overheat with an iron?
yeah so thats a starting point
you have an oven?
maybe take a few and ramp quick, then very slowly ramp some others to same temp
and look for gaps under a scope
tho i mean, i think at this point its kind of clear what results of testing will be

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maybe baking allows them to cut into the lens fillter slowly
which kind of goes back to the baking is relieving mechanical tension thing
if you just throw into reflow, something expends too quick before the fillter is hot enough to cut
yeah but i dont think it uncures if you remove moisture
im also not sure it gets softer with extra heat in this range
the heat might just be softening the plastic enough to let the leadframe slide a bit, shrug

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does pressing on them change intermittent ones?
man fuck these leds
i wonder if baking settles tension on the bonding wires
yeah because cold solder joints would be too easy
and now we know why everyone uses jelly lenses
like set silicone gasket sealer?
fuck, maybe thats breaking them
normally shit is literally jello, bonding wires prob just slice through

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what is smaller than reg surface mount
0201 is reg surface mount
i think those are 0402
its just a smaller needle head?

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yeah videos of mfkrs on workers comp doing construction doesnt go down well in court

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11:22:51 < macegr> i'm seeing a lot of LEDs fail after/during flexing the PCB too
macegr: theyre intermittent? or they start to die once you flex the board

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chinapcb still hitting me up
jessie just calls me sir
i wonder if they still mail holiday cards to my old address

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