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blackmoon: bottom bracket, totally fine for maybe a couple weeks
no ticks, creaks
and yeah, bike is totally quite except freewheel clicks
all the other kids bikes, its like theyre riding temporary scaffolding to school
especially the beach cruisers
my bike is basically bmx style beach cruiser, heh
so yeah, i guess the bike is just a living thing
like guitar bodies
because racebike

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i should really start math homework earlier in the day

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california uber deutschland

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piss on it with gasoline
yeah wtf, saturn made the last american sports car that wasnt a vette

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im totally getting a gen1 miata
cheap, easy to fix, legendary handling
interested in getting to know the mountain roads around here
yeah but NA sports cars werent, really
the corvette is the most uncomprimised thing we have
and its only handled well since like, option version of the C3
er, C4
80s vette
the fiero, heh

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i really liked mine
ill always <3 honda because of it
im still the same way about cars are 25 years ago, heh
i would almost be afraid to have fun in an M3 unless i had mad extra cash
i was thinking about getting an e35 iX
and someone who owned one, loved it, talked me out of it
i guess most of the front end is custom to fit the 4wd drivetrain

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id prob get a 1st gen =\
unless i could find a totally untouched 2nd gen
but those dont exist anymore
and would be more than a miata

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its prob not too bad on your car
im guessing 5 or 6 connectors and 20 bolts
the crx was awesome, like 2 connectors and 5 bolts and the shit came out, i did it in the dark
fuck i should buy a crx
thats is like the most awesome bad idea this year
prob 1/3 the cost of a miata
that shit was expensive!
thats a hoopty

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did you replace youreself with jackstands?
you cant just like, fish it through a guide tube?
hsops wanted $800 or something?
its prob 10 hours or some shit like that
because dash is prob 3 hours out, 3 hours in
pulled dash images of luxury cars is like some HR giger shit

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i doubt it would fuck your rear as much
well, right because its eating your tires and slowly wearing down bushings and mechanical joints
you shits prob not fucked, but yeah inside edges makes sense, and you prob need an alignment
just one?
it was already clicking?
thats not super abnormal your car isnt new
like, dukes of hazarding into the dirt prob didnt help it
prob could have just cleaned that
replced duh bewt
yeah i get remanufactured parts, just saying because axles usually get noisy before they go

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you need an alignment
or not an idiot
and yeah fuck im down to look like my dork if it saves me $1000 in front end work
or just not trusting my car
youre supposed to use CA
macegr: so you prob bent mounting points a bit, i totally want to see the before alignment report heheheh

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its a mom jeep not a soldier jeep
and even a soldier jeep prob need some love after that
my volvo on the other hand
yeah thats when i call a towtruck with a winch
did you jump with her in the car?
towtruck, winch
heh, was $100 when i got my volvo stuck sideways on the road all hung up on a driveway

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that seems unsafe to drive with knee
macegr: that just sounds like a loose steering assembly
or really fucked busings =(
how much play does the wheel have?
whats 80kph
thats normal for big american cars
some will practically idle in OD at 60mph
my car is 3krpm at 60mph
like, it doesnt have electronic limiting
it redlines at about 125mph

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how many moneys
did you get an alignment?
wtf get an alignment
oh you said happens monday, sry
tracking well maybe means you shit is fucked equally on both sides
macegr: how were they worn?
macegr stanced his jeep
wow your tires were that bad?

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i dunno i dont usually like at a bunch of wires and go OH NO A BEAR

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heh, brown = death
thats a lot harder to remember
that works

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pin 6 might be an enable
or a voltage good indicator
is that sensor still hooked up
i dont know if you mean irl or drawn in your schematic
does that go to pin 6?

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so what does this board do
why dont you just replace the shit
encoders that throw out a signal when the motors are where you want them?
this thing doesnt drive the motors, its just sends out a signal when the motors are in a certain spot, no?
which you will have to figure out anyway in order to be able to use the signals
so why not just make an encoder wheel that lights up when the motors are in the correct spot
or just use hall sensors
and the metal sticks provided
well theres seems to be some confusion about whether its dead or not
how do you know

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blackmoon: cmon man, everyone designs with >100% safety factor
dot dot
you drew your vreg sideways

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heh no
its TiN coated or something?

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do you think the jaw width is also the jaw opening?
or the jaws go almost as wide as length
grooves on the bottom to hold a horizontal pin or something
maybe just a clamp in a groove, that would be nice
wouldnt hold as well but would be soooo much less annoying
i like that part
15 lbs
maybe i call and ask
tho for $45 i maybe just get it

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that looks kinda cool
pretty sure thats what i have
i want that shit just because it looks cool
it doesnt mean to be!
that sucks

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the system might need to be grounded externally
im just throwing guesses out
your schematic is big and ugly i havent looked at the whole thing
blackmoon: damn $430
i think its too big for my cnc anyway
looks about same size as the vise i have now

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if you cut the pins to close, chip away some of the ic plastic with an xacto
you want to solder your supply across input pin and gnd, and then put like 1k resistor or whatever from output to gnd
1M is dmm is maybe enough, shrug
its going to be $250 for their smallest shit?
ha they just have california, usa in contact info
im pretty sure this was the place you showed me before, tho
i have that vice
almost, it doesnt have the horizontal pin, it has grooves that a pin lifts into, sucks kinda

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did you measure it?
electrons are hard to see until its too late
blackmoon: small vise suggestion?
there was that one company in ventura
sick of smashing my little cnc with the big toolmakers vise
solder wires, use alligators after bending leads

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why did you need to change a vreg
how do you know this thing wasnt already burnt
well, 7812, so ya
you put it into low dropout mode
ground/earth lead should always be longest with best connection
like, your shit should dangle by its ground lead when all the other wires been ripped away
when you kill them they usually pop
dont flip it!

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your ground and power assumptions are backwards
would fix the upside down pnp issue, heh
im ordering ft of 1/4" x 3" delrin
its only $7!

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those sound fucked

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tecan: honestly if i was going to upgrade aluminum foil hats, i'd go with something ferrous
simple, prefabbed solution
that wont bounce off the xrays
not once

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