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and people will probably complain about AGC or compression
its just bad during transistions
i think you can get creative with that and make it elegant
like a long fade in, attenuation period

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neutrik maybe makes one
kevtris: heh @ mixing bunch of fs digital audio
if you dont use compression you just have to divide by channels =(

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they sell them cheaper for quicker QA?
oh man
i missing andy c in LA

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its funno, im so careful on shrooms i pretty much kill a lot of the experience
but honestly being drunk is so much worse
like, thinking off all the extreme shroom stuff ive seen
if a drunk was doing same shit, itd almost be typical
well okay
drunks typically dont eat dirt
but they bite people!
kevtris: im surtprised your ear piercing doesnt stretch
you always got big ass rings
kevtris: because i seen other people pierce close to the edge like yours and theres a big gap
heheh @ girl next door purple
kevtris: haha wtf @ dont test all of it

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guys should i go to bass music
its prob all house and trap
prob mostly house
they have dnb as last in their list of genres and the live sets online are all tech house type shit
im broke tho
not completely but i should be acting like it anyway
they changed end time to 1:30am
i leave in 30min or something
fuck i wonder what cover is
these promoters are as good at distributing info as the LA types
i can just more shrooms
the bit i did earlier didnt do much
not rly?
im medical and shrooms are gone in 4 hours

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neighbor girl came through with some dope flowers
neighbor from santa barbara
shes from here, she broke up with my SB neighbor friend
who I'm spending thanksgiving with
its slightly complicated

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blackmoon: you should try it, can finish a game in one sitting, balancing is pretty good, bit of luck involved, but mostly its RTS anxiety stuff
pretty fun

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blackmoon: have you played ftl

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readerror: yeah safety glasses only so helpful
chip on forehead + sweat can fuck you up
i have bono style safety glasses, i keep em pushed close to my face

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if gain of transistor matters your circuit sucks =(
oh damn penn elcom makes knobs
rab: knurled knobs w/ index dot ^
wait damn this is steel
hair gonna rust

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thread screw engagement on these is a lot smoother than the le blondes at last school, made shit way easier

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youre not a typical japanese girl
i dont think youre the target market
heh, did a close to perfect 7/16 thread first try, havent been on a lathe in a few years
heh, so as more places adaopt bitcoin, prices are going down because the businesses arent holding
UNC pretty sure
or UNC is like a .1" pitch acme looking thing
hmm, maybe then
yeah i think it was that
felt like in between .05 and .1

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