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fuck i need to get a second monitor

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they gotta be used
somethings wrong or those are fake
tho 5800mAH is nuts for 18650
heh, 5800 should prob feel heavier than lead
its an 18350 or some shit
2800 would prob be the newest shit
i have 2500mah ones

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08:00:15 < macegr> thanksgiving is: 1. Turkey. 2. Spending time with people in an unfulfilling way
whatever, it means hanging out with aunt ivy who is actually unrelated, and then drum n bass
but not this year

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i think kitkat was just a stupid K you could spin

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sculptor: i think they all do something when you tap alot on version

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if i do that i have to read my textbooks on my phone =(

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if they cant hit the deadline with both apps, i think that is a very good idea
honestly in terms of adoption, i think that is a very good idea anyway
how much time until deadline?
according to the buy page, they ship now
yeah they need to release with an api of some sort
yeah looks neat
if theyve already blown deadlines, they need to sideline android and get the ios app and api stable
and release
ios user and hackers are happy, non hacker android users are temp annoyed
looks neat, hope they dont piss everyone off

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'make it do this'
i think asking the group what to do isnt smart, theyll say to make the android app
which doesnt seem tobe the teams strong point so could delay all the things unless team changes
i think i am going to make baked black beans with andouille sausage
honestly i would just buy turkey breasts if i was ever in charge of turkey
boneless even
people woould be like I LIKE THE DARK MEAT and id have to be like THAT SUCKS

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why would he poll group
he would just stop ios dev to complete android and do both late or something?
or get help
if they can polish an ios app, they need to do that 100%
thats the best product spec they can give an android developer

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denkishi: theres a little table in the bottom right of the part editor
the actual part editor, in context of part/footprint/symbol editing
when you make a new package it shows up but i think you have to give it a unique name for it to show up as a selection in the change -> technologies dialog

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i upload a pic to img on my phone and copy url to chrome browser to check
in my desktop browser, i type out im and the imgur link pops up first

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change -> technology -> [select your ZIF package ID]
this is from memory but i think thats how it worked

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rab: okay if i was making from scratch, which i dont do often, home fries ftw
actually i think you can
you would just take the ZIF socket footprint and associate with the SID part
you have to give the footprint a unique identifier, i believe its the 'technology' parameter, and then use the change command in layout to change from the DIP to the ZIF

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so the edges wouldnt be vertical, they would rise at the equivalent rate of 20khz
and the flats wouldnt be flat, they would sag depending on high pass filtering, prob from ac coupling
or just you ability to hear if the shit was dc coupled
23:28:00 < Hingston> the guys who craft effects devicess do it by ear--just like violin varnishers.
yeah i bet those guys dont agree on much
so like, i bake my bacon now

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if a filter has two terminals its just some passive network that forms a filter with something else?
well, everything is sine tones
you hear a square wave with 20khz max edges
prob saws a bit due to AC coupling
star network is about isolating return paths, it has a lot to do with crosstalk and noise coupling besides hum
well i dont hear that, honestly
at all
maybe a 16khz square
i was explaining that a very square wave in the audio spectrum can only be as 'square' as your ability to hear

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when you compare to typical power amp THD
when you compare to speaker distortions, typical opamps in typical applications just dont distort
on the transistor base
100nF is too big
yeah i almost did the same thing
uF is 10^-6
nF is 10^-9
if you use a graphing calc for this shit, lock it into engineering notation
it locks into 10^(3*n)
im not sure what you mean

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well, right if youre trying for a specific freq without an order of magnitude of headroom
this is just like, keep the cellphone junk out the audio base
honestly for a one off, id buy an RRIO opamp and make the gain adjustable
if youve never done anything with opamps, its a good simple project to learn on
and yet the majority of the worlds audio runs on TL072 and NE5532
741 is so horrible =(
high speed opamps are pretty much transparent

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it all does once you get it
have fun trying to find a 10000 MegaF cap
anyway, 100pF cap should be safe, unless the SID has very, very high output impedance for an audio device
i doubt it does but if you shit sounds like mud, remove that cap to check quick
would have to have like 100k output impedance, which isnt even okay if youre an electric guitar

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make a star ground at you big power supply caps
try and bring diff parts of the circuit to that ground point in isolation
this will help with hum if you havent already done that
hard to do on a breadboard
so hungry
time to bust out the bacon eggs and hash browns
it can
one big plane may not
i wouldnt do it
best grounding is usually a plane that has been sliced up into a star ground
and had places where current can loop around cut off
for example, you can have a through hole resistor goung through a ground plane
and when it has current, it makes current spin around it, doing pretty much nothing, in the ground plane
if there is another resistor near the spinning currentin in the ground plane, the signal in one resistor can couple to another
not so much at low currents, but in audio small things can end up being audible
and problems add up

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that circuit has no feedback or grain its just a current buffer
i would put a capacitor from the output transistor base to gnd
it makes a filter with 10k R7, keep it away from audio spectrum
F = 1/2piRC
C = 1/2piRF
so you do like 2pi(10k)(200khz)
so like 100pF
well, you want those caps right at the chips irl
in the schematic, i would put a text note that says so by the caps

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reset pullup, like 10K
reset to VCC
there might be an internal one but those are usually high resistance
yeah itll work it can just be a bit better, more immune to noise and EM pulses and stuff
phones can put out some pretty crazy shit, make nearby circuits go nuts
also switch mode power supply, which are in pretty much everything now
dunno, probably
make sure there is 0.1uF (100nF) right at the chip vcc pins
right across the chip, close as possible to vcc to chip gnd

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wow sorry, google images for this is flooded with diy crap
its fine, it just looks like ground is switched
if you connect a 9v battery between PWR and GNDBREAK, itll power the circuit when a dc jack is removed
or you can put a pullup on it and use it as jack detect
its confusing tho because without a jack, both terminals are continuous, so its hard to figure out witch is the switch and which is gnd
er, without a plug inserted
yeah its fine if it works
if it doesnt work, usually connect to other ground lead does

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well, first make sure its not actually the power pin
then google 9v battery dc jack switch
and it prob makes more sense
usually you can leave it open
it depends a bit on your power input circuit
like, if groundbreak is grounding the power lead on disconnect, you might be shorting out a capacitor
worse case itll spark and weld the shit but it would have to be a very big capacitor

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im pretty okay with USA nicotine juice
but the flavors come from all over
and some are known bad to inhale
there was a recent test of a bunch of name brand ejuice
decent amount had diacytyl or a similar chemical which is as harmful
the vendors say they didnt know
they get the flavors from china
theyre greedy, they buy cheap shit, they prob dont care if they get lied too about flavor content
and besides that, the only discovered diacytl after it hurt a bunch of people
obviously long term effects of flavors are unknown because no one really been doing this long term
i just do 50/50 vg/pg unflavored
slightly sweet
is this about sucking on candy flavors all day or quitting smoking?
i think im using 12mg/ml right now
down from using 24mg and 18mg
at 24mg, cigarettes just dont exist
i would get jittery on long drives tho

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tecan: i would just get some $50 mech mod
less to go wrong
thats looks like a vamo with some sort of accelerometer UI
and friend just sent me two, and they wont run coils under 1.2R
so theres that
and if youre serious about vaping, you want multiple batteries
in case on gets lost or broke
especially at the beginning
tecan: yeah i have a vamo, does that, i cant use it for vape because my rebuildable ends up about 1.0R
i can use it for wax because my globe atomizer is 3.0R
i dont fuck with flavor

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