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toolpath taking forever...

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you are just jealous because it has ruined more lives than your game
that and FTL prob wasted most of my life

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i dunno i decided > whatever i scored was impossible so i could move on with life

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it goes more than 2048
i think ive only gotten to 4096
synth: omg just forget
sculptor: yes because prob goes moar
no 2048 is just the name =\

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uploaded a solidworks part to fusion360
its stuck at like 80%
fuck the cloud
not much, school shits

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heh, your characters are creepy

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zeeshan: that means 1000 diff things, at least specificy a platform and protocol

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that was the script?

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theyre selling them at radioshack?
its korg
its prob decent
dunno i kind of think the intro sounds neat
would totally buy for a kid, kind of want it just to play with

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that seams too much like a feature
efnet has no features!

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