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ok shit just got weird
thinking of running some of those off like 18 li-ion 18650
naw, ghetto blaster
i have chipamps
def 3886, maybe 7294
i should find

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ha wtf @ negative

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going full depth and side milling prob best way to deal with that

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maybe, dunno
they have lots of everything
im pretty sure all acrylic and pc are a bitch to work with manual tools
you need lots of speed and rigidity or else you just ripping off shards
like, i used a drill to make the counterbores to mount the stock
after doing thr through drills, so its out outside edge of a large cutter
and like, it basically flys through ripping off like .05 chunks
you cant like, go light
it pulls in
and break through is always an issue

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i stopped it with like .01 left on the perimeter cut and snapped off, filed bottom edge
plain carbide 4 flute square endmills, mostly .250" diamater, mostly 30ipm
also im pretty sure i havent trammed the column, so was an ohshit moment when the motor stalled
i think ive cut pc but i cant remember for what
was like something in between delrin and acrylic
have an acrylic plate to make some parts from, we so excited
acetyl, delrin, not acrylic, acrylic not exciting just abundant
yeah most people dont realize because just deal with .125 and .1875 stuff
at .25" pc, acrylic and delrin all start getting pretty solid

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tewb clamp
first pic unrelated, i accidentlied
keep expecting the acylic to shatter, but its doing well
i clamped way harder than i need to and it didnt break, shrug
school project thing
battery feed tube
d cells

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oh fuck i have pizza in the fridge
sculptor: <3

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rab: http://imgur.com/1HsCICm
so yeah, cloud shit is annoying, but its free cam that works

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w00t, i has clamp
longcat is long

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hes going to ruin the gauges

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you dont watch f1
the cars are prob down to 12000 rpm and a lot of people are dissapointed at the sound
some track, i think melbourne, tried to sue bernie, because the cars sound so bad, said thats not what fans paid for
like, at 17k rpm they sounded like fighter jet flybys
after the hairpin on the way to eau rouge he hits 18k a few times
eau rouge is the giant uphill s turn

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go sleepz0r
like a sleeposaur
yes, no rest for the wicked

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rab: got fusion360 to post
cloud shit is annoying
like, you dont really import, you upload
had to strip out a couple gcodes and an mcode and a tool change block, using a tormach mach3 config (pretty typical when doing manual tool changes and no spindle control)
but yeah, codes good, timings seem pretty accurate

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readerror: nice
i wonder if same factory

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