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like, for everyone not rural
its expensive, now, too

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los angeles overhauled public transit, shit kind of rocks now
subway and deciated road high speed buses, commuter rail from the edges to downtown, you could actually get around
everyone loved MTA
then they totally blew their budget by hundreds of millions building a main office building
like, they were doin everything right
in like 10 years that shit is prob going to be functional enough you wont need a car so much

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theyre just amber character displays in los angeles
maybe 2x20
the LED bot dots they use by the bus roads are awesome tho
when those things are on you see them in the daytime

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heheh, i love that shit, if he said shit like that all the time id want hime to stay
but when he says shit like that, he gets embarassed and leaves =(
parking lot shades
i love parking lot panel installs
anyway, we already have digital signs, since the 90s in LA
that doesnt need to be in the road

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and then four hours later, hed be all insulted because i dont want to entertain his philosophy on bicycle grips
but its so sexy
actually its a mess right now, covered in rain debris
this never happened in southern california
on the ebay or what
timecop: seriously tho, the mfkr gets bent when i wont say where i worked because i say i have workplace experience with the machines were speaking of
fuck ohsix
timecop: but he acts like its his right to know and within the scope of the convo and perfectly reasonable
also he thinks roads are cleaned by the power of car wind

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timecop: agreed, exactly why i keep banning ohsix
but also very true
right because he gets along with everyone and wasnt being a troll
which should be sarcasm, but isnt
how was that funny, an attempt at a joke would be the opposite
i just described your position
fuck that, he would be complaining about the way i hold his cock isnt the way your supposed to hold a bicycle grip

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blackmoon: i was actually impressed nothing really happened
like, they didnt kb half the chan then deop themselves
almost like a pro irc channel
pretty soon were going to need a website with rules

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decent read

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heh @ enough of canuck because old
if its on your nerves its proof its not old yet

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vg tastes better

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tecan: i get 50/50 unflavored in the strength i want
i dont mix anymore

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ha thats a trip

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fusion360 cant set work boundaries on 2d paths
so like, drama, and had to fake it by using a worn 3/8" tool when i wanted to use a sharp 1/4" tool
so fucking thing stalls the y axis while cutting, stupid cam software

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